My favorite books


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Presentation about my favourite books.
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My favorite books

  1. 1. My favorite books Created by Buhtiarov Roman
  2. 2. Do you like reaDing books? Yes, we like reading very • If it has to do with games or is much. a good book that I already Yes, I like reading. I enjoy know of, I will more than likely reading at anytime of the day. read it. Yes, we love to read EVERYDAY! Some people • Sometimes we like to read, don’t like to read, because but we mostly don’t read. they don’t think it’s cool. • 50% of like to read and 50% Almost all our students like to of us don’t. read very much. We find it interesting, entertaining, educational, inspiring, and relaxing.
  3. 3. Do you like reaDing?Yes, I like reading books because itincreases our I.Q. level, Generalknowledge, etc. They tell us about what wedon’t know. They help us to solve thequestions and answers. Some books arecomedy. They help to pass our time.
  4. 4. What is your favourite genre? adventure  Mythology comedy  Fiction knowledge  Non-fiction action fiction  Horror non-fiction  Mystery Mystery  Action Humor  Adventure Fantasy  Horrors Science Fiction  Fantasy Non-fiction
  5. 5. Give a list of thinGs you like in order of their importance for you includinG readinG? Computer1. 1. Shopping2. Watching television3. Reading books 2. Texting friends4. Completing homework& 3. Hanging out with doing extra studies friends5. Outdoor games6. Indoor games like 4. Manicures and chess, carom, etc pedicures 5. Reading Magazines 6. Reading good books 7. Reading for school
  6. 6. importance list• Play games• Read  Play games• Draw  Watch T.V.• Read some more  Computer (internet)• Eat or watch T.V.  Eat• Sleep  Sleep  Watch more T.V. Reading  Read Math Writing Exercise
  7. 7. Write a short paraGraph onyour favourite character?My favourite character is Harry Potter. Heis the richest child under 25 years. Hehas done 7 movies. He is a good actor. Inhis movies there is a character named asVoldemort. In the movie he is a wizard &he is an orphan so he lives with his uncle& aunt.
  8. 8. character paraGraph Tripple H – His real name is Hunter Hearst Hamsely. He is a WWF wrestler and has accomplished so much such as winning the World Championship 10 times. His nickname is ‘King of Kings’. He is in the wrestling business for over 10 years also and he has trained some great wrestlers that are champions. And right now he looking for another spot at the world championship. I read about him online and in magazines.
  9. 9. CharaCter paragraph Peter – My favourite character is Peter from Chronicles of Narnia. He is the eldest of 4 siblings who defeats the White Witch and restores peace to Narnia. I like Peter because he is brave, strong, and shows a lot of love and caring for his bothers and sisters. Peter has most of the responsibility and everyone looks up to him. In the end he is crowned as King in Narnia.
  10. 10. CharaCter paragraph My favourite Character is Naruto. Naruto is a very cool character and is very inspiring. After such a horrible childhood he grew to be a success. And in a terrible accident, he was gifted with special abilities. I like that Naruto doesn’t let things get him down, he has had many things to be sad about, and many difficult trials, but in the end he keeps on going and tries to be the best he can.
  11. 11. WhiCh books Will you reCommend us to read?1. Goosebumps by 6. Lunch Money by Andrew R.Lstine Clements2. Scary Stories by Joan 7. Men and Gods Aiken. 8. Secret Seven written by Anid Blyton3. Halo First strike4. Quidditch Through the Ages5. Books by Judy Blume, a book called Judy Moody, and a book called Junie B. Jones (a series).
  12. 12. do you like harry-potter?
  13. 13. Do you like Harry-potter? Yes, I like Harry-Potter . Harry o Not no, but Potter is my favourite character. NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I like Harry Potter. I’ve read every Harry Potter book there is. o No, we don’t really like them. My brother loves them! He has all We love the movies, but the the books.(1-7) He can’t stop books are way too long for reading them. us to read them Yes, because we like wizards, o witches and magic tricks. No we do not like Harry I like Harry Potter because he was Potter.We don’t like him intelligent, marked as Voldemort’s equal. because we don’t believe I like him because he chose to do in witchcraft. If we had the right thing. He chose friends with good t o choose our favorite values. character it would be He played good quidditch. Hermione.