microbiology immunology bacterial growth curve gram negative cocci sexually transmitted parasites parasitology bacterial growth requirements growth curve gram negative cell wall gram positive cell wall gram negative bacilli gram positive cocci mbbs microbiology practical lysogenic conversion transduction cultivation of bacteria growth of bacteria necessary requirements for growth of bacteria obligate anaerobic bacteria automation in bacteriology biology of anaphylaxis nematodes bacterial growth culture media normal flora ppt ppt replication of viruses mbbs dna introduction to virology viruses opportunistic parasite free living parasite overview of nematodes strogyloidiasis strogyloides stercolaris overview of helminths helminths culture methods anaerobic culture media romana’ sign south american trypanosomiasis west african sleeping sickness trypanosama parasite protozoalogy hemoflagellates parasitic infection tsetse fly trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense trypanosoma brucei gambiense african sleeping sickness chagas disease american trypanosomiasis sleeping sickness african trypanosomiasis trypanosoma pneumonia slideshare treatment of pneumonia ppt diagnosis of pneumonia ppt types of pneumonia ppt pneumonia pathogenesis ppt bacterial pneumonia pathogenesis of pneumonia pneumococcal disease clinical quellung reaction streptococcus pneumoniae pneumococci neisseria gonorrhoeae pathogen meningococcal septicemia n. meningitidis oxidase positive organism fastidious organism new-york city(nyc) medium thayer martin medium gram negative diplococci pyogenic menigitis neisseria ppt septicemia meningococcus gonorrhoea gonococcus meningitis neisseria meningitidis neisseria gonorrhoea neisseria ot sterilization disinfectant sterilization and disinfection testing of disinfectant disinfection chemical disinfectant growth & metabolism of bacteria serpent worm dracunculus medinensis national immunization schedule birth-18 years immunization schedule immunization schedule immunization ppt revised basic course workshop topics feedback communication principles of clinical ethics and their applicatio beneficence medical ethics medical ethics principles overview of medical ethics medical ethics definition what are patients rights aetcom in medical ethics confidentiality of patients medical ethics - the four pillars practical afb staining practical zn staining stains used in zn staining procedure of zn staining iehl neelsen acid-fast stain interpretation procedure ziehl–neelsen stain acid-fast stain- principle principle of zn staining why zn staining is performed zn staining ziehl-neelsen (acid fast) staining technique ziehl-neelsen technique-afb staining afb staining acid fast bacilli staining macintosh fildes anaerobic jar tuberculoid leprosy pathology topic microbiology t lepromatous leprosy leprosy cultivation leprosy history leprosy meaning leprosy 2022 who slogan for anti leprosy day unity for dignity world leprosy day 2022 hensen's disease tuberculous leprosy symptoms of leprosy morphology of leprosy pathogenesis of leprosy paucibacillary lepra bacilli multibacillary lepra leprosy weakly acid fast bacteria leprae bacilli mycobacterium leprae paramyxovirus measels paramyxovirus mumps orthomyxovirus and paramyxo single-stranded rna viruses paramyxoviridae paramyxovirus treatment rubella mumps measels paramyxovirus symptoms paramyxovirus meaning paramyxovirus morphology paramyxovirus classification intestinal flagellates vaccinia virus eradication of pox virus vaccinia largest virus brick shaped viruses molluscum contagiosum smallpox pox virus papillomaviruses parvoviruses other dna viruses microbial nutrition growth requirement of bacteria microbial growth and nutrition hsv 2 hsv 1 heterphile antigenicity paul burnell test epstein barr virus human herpes virus 8 human herpes virus 2 kaposi sarcoma burkitt's lymphoma infectious mononucleosis cytomegalovirus herpes simplex virus human herpes virus hsv1 cervical cancer lower genital tract cancers hpv-the carcinogen plantar warts genital warts symptoms of hpv in females human papilloma virus treatmen picornavirus in babies enteroviruses is picornavirus a polio? picornavirus in humans picornavirus structure picornavirus ppt picornavirus treatment picornavirus symptoms rna viruses live polio vaccine oral polio vaccine live attenuated virus polio virus polio virus lecture for mbbs antibiotic sensitivity testing culture media and its uses media for bacterial growth culture media and its constituents culture media ppt culture media in microbiology culture medias culture methods culture techniques può bacterial spores fimbriae types of flagella flagella capsule and slime layer cytoplasm cell membrane bacterial cell wall cell wall deficient bacteria shape of bacteria facultative anaerobes pour plate method characteristics of media nutritional requirements oxygen requirements of bacteri generation time of bacteria binary fission agar antony van leeuwenhoek robert hooke ancient history of microbiology importance of microbes branches of microbiology what is microbiology louis pastuer koch's postulates robert koch history of microbiology dpt vaccine bordetella pertussis bordetella parapertussis bordet and gengou (bg) medium castenada medium zoonotic disease mediterranean fever brucella abortus whooping cough malta fever brucella bordetella grams staining counter staining in gram stain gram positive bacilli use of gram staining decolorizer fixative moderant crystal violet reagents of gram staining method of gram staining procedure of gram staining gram staining use gram staining practical staining in microbiology differential staining method principles of microscopes fluoroscent microscopy microscopy shiga toxins shigella toxins bloody diarrohea blood stained mucopurulent sto diarrheal illness shigellosis bacillary dysentery shigella boydii. shigella sonnei shigella flexneri shigella dysenteriae viva questions on virology summery of viruses size of viruses general viruses\ symmetry of viruses non enveloped viruses structure of viruses enveloped viruses cultivation of viruses baceriophage virion trichomonas hominis ( caecum enteromonas hominis ( colon) dientamoeba fragilis( colon) trichomonas vaginalis trophozoite of trichomonas haemoflagellates giardia trophozoite giardia cyst exostyle racket shaped parasites clue cells cyst and trophozoites giardia falling leaf like motility intestinal flagellate protozoa flagellates trichomonas giardia lamblia candle jar dessicator methods of anaerobiosis morphology of bacteriophage bacteriophage therapy phage therapy bacteriophages in medicine phage typing synthesis of bacteriophage cycle of events bacteriophage tadpole-shaped virus application of bacteriophage viruses infecting bacteria lytic cells bacteriphage gene bacterial transformtion mutation extra chromosomal dna transfer of genetic material gene therapy episome bacteriophage transformation gene transfer conjugation plasmids microbial genetics resolution power magnification by microscope inverted microscopes phase contrast microscope numerical aperature dark ground microscopy light microscopes compound microscopes how microscopes work use of microscopes electron microscopes types of microscopes microscopes different methods of hand hygiene correct hand washing technique open needle needle exchange how to discard sharps proper disposal of sharps prevention from sharps needle stick injury ppt management of needle stick injury what is bigger risk of needle stick injury hazard of needle stick needle stick and sharp injury sharp stick injury needle stick injury sharps orientation class mbbs nsi viruses causing ocular infection adenoviruses double stranded dna viruses dna viruses culture and culture methods bact/alert sabaurd's dextrose agar mac conkey agar enriched media semi solid agar liquid medium lawn culture streak culture nmc guidelines for mbbs students rbc training feedback necessity pigments of pseudomonas cetrimide agar nosocomial infections hospital associated infection pseudomonas aeruginosa septicemic plague pneumonic plague bubonic plague bacteria rodent associated infections rats plague pathology lab saple collection technique microbiology samples collection of throat swab lumbar puncture syringe needle universal container collection of urine sample collection and transportation of csf collection of body fluids venipuncture blood collection technique the vitek 2 antimicrobial sestivitytesting automation in immunology recent advances in microbiology febrile illness fever ≥ 38.3°c (>101°f) on several occasions fever of unknown origin pyrexia of unknown origin (puo) animated lytic pathway anaphylaxis inflammation alternate pathway classical pathway medical students skin prick test tuberculin test delayed hypersenstivity test easy to learn animation type-i hypersensitivity allergen pathology anapylaxis hypersensitivity reactions global handwashing day hand hygiene techniques 70% alcohol based hand sanitizer health and medicine medical importance of hand washing how to clean hands clean hands hand hygiene hand washing steps epidemic typhus/brill-zinsser typhus rocky mountain spotted fever human body louse rickettsia prowazekii scrub typhus bacteriology rickettsiae flaviform larvae rabditiform larvae fertilized egg of ascaris lumbricoides nih swab stool examination round worm pin worm intestinal nematodes ascaris lumbricoides enterbius vermicularis tetanus toxoid tetanus bateriology anaerobic bacteria food poisioning clostridium tetani clostridium botulinum clostridia clotridium pour plate technique swab cuture anaerobic culture method of anaerobiosis streak culture technique fungal culture media general microbiology transport media selective media healthy bacteria commensal flora microbial flora normal microbial flora normal flora pyrase test gamma hemolysis entercoccus faecium enterococcus faecalis enterococci streptococcus agalactae camp test streptococcus second professional subject types of immunity introduction to immunity morphology of viruses second year subject rna virology epitope paratope igm igg immunoglobulins biological false positive test for non specific te levaditi staining flouroscent microscopy treponema mbbs students syphillis veneral diseases
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