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  1. 1. English Learning Pakistan 7 Formulas for English learning of ELPWhat Are These Formulas?How To Learn Vocabulary Faster. Learning vocabulary by studying word lists is a very slow method. ELP teaches you a fasterway to learn vocabulary.What To Avoid.The second lesson teaches you what to avoid. Some old study methods will actually hurt your speaking ability. Don’t use them.How To Think In English And Avoid Translation. Translating from your language to English is slow. ELP teaches you how to teachyourself to think in English.How Does This Work? What Do I Get?7 Powerful New Learning Methods. You will get 7 lesson from us in this e-book. Each lesson teaches you a new English studymethod. Together, all 7 lessons give you a completely new way to learn English.Do I Need To Pay?No. This is a completely free program. As payment, we ask only that you link to our website and tell other people about our course. www.EnglishLearningPakistan.com
  2. 2. English Learning Pakistan Formula number 1**Formula 1: Dont Study GrammarStudying English by learning and memorizing grammar rules is not the right way. Most of the people, almost everyone thinks thatthe only way to learn English is to learn grammar. But did you know that every child in America speaks English since theirchildhood? Without learning grammar? They learn grammar when they go to university. And that grammar is for written English.Not for speaking English.When you learn grammar, then you never speak English fluently. You think grammar rules all the time while speaking English.You first make a sentence in you mother-language, then translate it in English by useless grammar rules. And after a long timeyou say that little sentence. However, you never think when you speak your mother-language. Because you learned thegrammar of your language unconsciously-- Without studying grammar book-- You learned that grammar by LISTENING.By the environment of that language. Learning grammar is not the way that one should learn English to speak with fluency.Every English learner wants fluency in speaking. However, you can not speak fast if there are hundreds of grammar rules in yourmind while speaking. Your brain keeps on thinking about Grammar rules and as a result you do not speak English fluently. Youcant even speak it properly just because Grammar rules disturb you every time. In ELPs lessons, the stories and questions andarticles teach you to speak English, without studying grammar rules. "I started the lessons 4 months ago. I am working in an international company as an accountant. I went to U.S.A last July on an officially tour. I was very surprised because I felt that the ELPs lessons really taught me grammar deeply. When I talked to Americans in restaurants, on streets and in meetings. I was very confident while speaking English like Its my First language. I am really thankful to ELP for this method for learning English. --Shahid Javeed, Pakistan **Formula 1: Dont Study Grammar ELPs student quickly improved speaking-- when they stopped studying grammar. This is your first Formula. Stop studying grammar. Stop studying grammar. Stop studying grammar. Stop studying grammar. Dont study Grammar if you want to speak English fluently. PLEASE. Right now. Stop it. Put away your grammar books . Grammar rules make you to think about English, you want to speak automatically-- without thinking! www.EnglishLearningPakistan.com
  3. 3. English Learning Pakistan Formula number 1With ELP, you learn English without grammar study. Your speaking improves quickly. You succeed. You speak Englishnaturally.Formula 1 is: Dont Study Grammar! "Before I knew you I looked for a lot programs and courses to improve my English, especially in speaking, but they didnt work. It was a waste of time and money. Now I feel confident while speaking" --M.Saboor , IranDont go to Formula number 2 until you have a basic understanding of Formula number 1 www.EnglishLearningPakistan.com
  4. 4. English Learning Pakistan Formula number 2***Hope that youve studied Formula number 1. So here is the Formula number 2 for learning English automaticallyImagine speaking English automatically... without thinking. The words come out of your mouth easily, and fast. You understandimmediately.To continue with ELPs system, you have to or you must change the way you study English. Your first action is to stop studyingEnglish words.Dont get confused. YES you have to stop studying English words.Do not learn words. Native English speakers do not learn English by remembering single words. Native speakers Learn phrases.A phrase is group of words that naturally go together.For example: (1) You shouldve informed me before. (2) She must be sleeping. (3) He would never tell you. (4) I would like to join them. (5) If it had been me, then I wouldve yelled even louder (6) He evaded my matter instead of guiding me."I really want to thank ELP. Ive finally achieved English fluency with your methods ....You helped a lot!!!Thank You for every lesson!!"--Mehmood Elahi, Pakistan Learn phrasesLearning with phrases is 4-5 times faster than studying individual words.Every student learns vocabulary and tries to put many words together to create a proper sentence. Many students know a lot ofwords, but they cant create a proper or grammatically correct sentence. You know the reason? The reason is because they didnot study phrases. When children learn their language, they learn both phrases and words together. So you also need to studyand learn phrases.For instance, If you know 10000 words, you might not be able to say one correct sentence. But if you know 1 phrase, you cantbelieve that you can make hundreds of correct sentences with that one phrase. If you know 50 or 100 phrases, you will be surprisedat how many correct sentences you will be able to say. Finally, when you know only a 1000 phrases, you will be a fluent Englishspeaker.A Research by Dr. James Asher proves that learning with phrases is 4-5 times faster than studying individual words. It isproved that students who learn phrases have much better grammar. So do not waste your time to learn many different words. Usethat time to study phrases instead and you will become a superb English speaker. www.EnglishLearningPakistan.com
  5. 5. 1 English Learning Pakistan Formula number 2 FORMULA 2: DO NOT Study and Review words, Always learn PhrasesRemember!!! Never study a single, individual word. Never.When you find a new word, always learn The Phrase it is in. Always.When you review, always review all of the phrase... Not the word.Learn phrases.Your grammar and speaking will improve 4-5 times faster. Always write the complete phrase.Never again study a single word. Never write a single word in your notebook,Learn Phrases Only.**Please review this formula as many times you want. Then move to next one . www.EnglishLearningPakistan.com
  6. 6. English Learning Pakistan Formula number 3Now we have reached to formula number 3 and this is the most important formula.Almost all language institutes, schools and colleges ignore it."Im really enjoying this new technique for learning English, by just listening and not learning grammar. Its very easy to listenaudio lessons and learn English without any grammar rule. I feel very confident while speaking English"--Atteequr Rahman, Pakistan**Formula 3: A SurveyAll English learners study English for many years, in school, college, and in university-- mostly grammar. They learn all the timeEnglish with their eyes- by reading textbooks, by studying grammar books, by remembering word lists. They think their English isgood & they can speak. But when they travel abroad and talk with native English speakers, they get surprised and shocked-- theycouldnt-- they couldnt understand anyone! after that bad experience they think that their English needs more improvement andthen they join a language institute. What do those teachers teach them in that language institute? same old traditonal way! moretextbooks, more grammar books, more word lists! After a 12 months course in an English institute, they still cant speak English. After learning English for many years, do you know that why ESL learners cant speak English?I joined an English language institute when Id finished my university. In that institute my teachers told me that I will be able to speakEnglish after completing an 8 months course, I was really excited about that. But I couldnt believe that after 8 months I still couldntspeak English. I got more confused while speaking English. They taught me a lot of grammar rules-- so whenever I tried to speak asingle sentence in English, those grammar rules made me think and I couldnt speak English. I was really very upset.I searched on Google that I cant remember all grammar rules and they always confuse me, how can I improve my English.I foundELPs blog. I started listening their lessons and I got excited because I really improve just in a month. Now I can speak English. Iunderstand native speakers. I talk to native speakers every day on calls because I work in an international company which trades inU.S.A . I feel confident. I really want to thank you very much for this great method. It works very well. I used to think that learninggrammar is the only way to speak English. However, now I hate grammar and I can speak English without learning it.Thanks to ELP... Thanks a lot:) --Raheel Behrooz, Pakistan**Formula 3: The Most Important-- Listen FirstRaheel improved his English and became a great speaker just by listening English.Listening, listening, listening.You must listen to UNDERSTANDABLE English. You must listen to English EVERYDAY. Dont read textbooks. Listen to English.Its simple. That is the key to your English success. Stop reading textbooks. Start listening everyday. www.EnglishLearningPakistan.com
  7. 7. English Learning Pakistan Formula number 3**Learn With Your Ears, Not Your EyesIn most schools, you learn English with your eyes. You read textbooks. You study grammar rules.ELP is a listening system. You learn English with your ears, not your eyes. You listen 1-3 hours every day.Your speaking improves quickly. You speak English easily--Spend most of your study time in listening- that is the key to great speaking."I bought your English lessons 3 months ago. They are really working and not only me but all my family enjoys them My English is improving very quickly! I never thought that learning English is this much easy:)."--Amit Rakesh, IndiaThis is the best Formula to improve your English speaking, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and accent.Read this formula as many time as you can, to motivate yourself then go to the next one. www.EnglishLearningPakistan.com
  8. 8. English Learning Pakistan Formula number 4We hope that you are enjoying learning English with ELP, so here is the formula number 4English language learner are very concious about their vocabulary. They remember thousands of words with meanings in their ownTheir problem is---They cant USE those words.They cant speak correct sentences using those words. They dont know how to use those words in their conversations."I always pushed myself to memorize lots of new English words and finally I reached to 3000 words. However, I couldnt speakEnglish fluently with those words. I knew the meanings of every word but I couldnt use all of the words while talking to someonein English. Instead speaking fluently everytime I got confused-- in using new words in my conversation because I knew theirmeaning in my mother language. I really want to thank ELP to teach me how to learn English in English. How to learn a wordsmeaning in English, so at the time of speaking I can easily use new words and speak English fluently."--Samia Mohsin, Pakistan**RULE 4: Slow, Deep Learning Is BestMost of the students learn a lot of words in a short time. Their learning is short and shallow.Thats why they quickly forget the words. Thats why they could not use them.The secret to speaking easily is to learn every word & phrase DEEPLY.Its not enough to know a definition. Its not enough to remember for a test. You must put the word deep into your brain.To speak English easily, you must repeat each lesson many times.You must learn English deeply.Learn deeply, speak easily.Learn deeply, speak easily.How do you learn deeply? Easy-- just repeat all lessons or listening many times. For example, if you have an audio book, listento the first chapter 30 times before you go to the second chapter. You could listen to the first chapter 3 times each day, for 10 days.For deep learning, ELPs every lesson is designed to be listened for a week. 1 lesson for 1 week. Thats deep learning."My English is now much improved because of you, and also my understanding of native speakers is much better than before. So I would like to say thank you very very much!"--Abeel Islam, Afghanistan**Deep Learning Of GrammarWhat about grammar? How do you learn it deeply, without studying grammar rules?Well tell you in the next formula. www.EnglishLearningPakistan.com
  9. 9. English Learning Pakistan Formula number 5In Formula number 2, we told you never to study grammar rules. But, of course, you want to use correct English grammar.Maybe you are thinking, "How can I learn English grammar if I dont study English grammar rules?"Well, today we will tell you.We will teach you a way to learn grammar naturally. Use this method and your grammar will improve automatically. You willautomatically use the correct verb tense. You wont think. You wont try."I am glad to tell you that I have improved my English after listening to your Lessons. I think your system is great."--Aleister Yu, Singapore**Formula number 5: Listen to understandable English.Many English students focus on grammar. Sometimes to pass a test and most of them think that learning grammar is the only wayto learn English. They want to speak fast but they use the wrong tool. They read, read, and read from books. However, reading isan input and its output is writing. Good writing comes from reading and good speaking comes from good listening. What is Good Listening?It means listen to that English, those audio lessons which are easily understandable. A research has proved that if the input is sowhen youre learning a language, then you cannot learn but you will get frustrated. You will feel nervous because most of the timeyou dont understand that what a speaker is saying, you feel that you are weak or youre not able enough to understand it.Thats why you should listen to those audio lessons which are very easy and you at least understand 90% of the conversation.Unfortunately, you can find audio lessons on internet but they are not of your level. They are not easy and understandable.When making ELPs audio lessons, the teachers of ELP were very concious about making those lessons which a learner caneasily understand and can also enjoy. Thats why we recieve hundreds of emails daily from our consumers, they say thatthey have completed their course but they still listen to our lessons because they are very interesting. They write us that they arevery happy because they can finally speak English fluently and confidently. They tell us about their achievments, We also feelvery happy after reading our consumers emails."Thanks A Lot. I Cant Believe I Found The Solution To My Problems. Thanks From The Bottom Of My Heart!"--Mehmood Ilabadi, India***Formula number 5: Use Point Of View Mini-StoriesWe call these stories "Point Of View Mini-Stories". They are the most powerful way to learn and use English grammar automatically. www.EnglishLearningPakistan.com
  10. 10. English Learning Pakistan Formula number 5Use Point of View Stories for Automatic GrammarUse Point of View Stories for Automatic GrammarYou must learn grammar by listening to real English. The best way is to listen to stories... told in different times(points of view): Past, Perfect, Present, Future.How do you do this? Easy! Find a story or article in the present tense. Then ask your native speaker tutor to write it again in thePast, with Perfect tenses, and in the Future. Finally, ask him to read and record these stories for you.Then you can listen to stories with many different kinds of grammar. You dont need to know the grammar rules. Just listento the Point of View stories and you will improve grammar automatically!ELPs lessons focus each and every tense. By the time you complete your lessons, you will have command of each and everytense. Which means you can speak English fluently without stopping.This is the secret to English grammar."Hi. I want to tell you that I really really benefited from your lessons. Everyday I meet my American teacher and I can reallycommunicate with him. I really dont know how to thank you!!!!"--Alyshan Lalani, Pakistan**How To Learn Real EnglishIn the next rule, we will tell you how to avoid textbooks and learn only real English.We guarantee you will succeed. Dont quit. You can do it :)Formula number 6 is waiting for you. www.EnglishLearningPakistan.com
  11. 11. English Learning Pakistan Formula number 6In formula number 6, you will read about the most important way to speak English fast.**Formula number 6 Listening Produces FAST Speech, not Reading All English learners focus their study on reading. Reading real English novels and books is a great way to improve your reading and writing. BUT it doesnt improve your SPEAKING. If you want to SPEAK faster, you must focus on listening Great speech comes from great listening. The more you listen to English the faster you will speak. By listening to understandable English lesson, your spoken grammar improves and you understand native speakers faster. Your pronunciaiton gets better because when you listen to an English word, you copy the voice and then speak. However, when you read an English word, you dont improve your pronunciation because you listen it in your own voice.We talk about listening in our books and reports. We talk about listening on our blogs and our podcasts. We talk about listeningbecause this is the tool by which you can fix your grammar mistakes in your speaking, you can improve your pronunciation, andyou get better accent. Vocabulary has been a big problem for ESL learners. Memorizing words is easy but to use them in yourdaily conversation is pretty much difficult. However, you can also increase your vocabulary by listening to audio lessons and plusyou also learn that how to use those words in your conversation, when you listen to them getting used in those lessons.**You Must Learn Casual Conversational EnglishYou know listening is most important-- but what should you listen to?Well, first lets talk about what you should not listen to. Dont listen to textbook conversations. They are not real English.They are formal.The pronunciation is strange and unnatural. There is no emotion in them.So no textbook tapes or CDs. What should you listen to?If you want to understand native speakers, you must stop learning English from textbook tapes and CDs.To learn real English, you must listen to real English conversations... not to actors reading. You listen to native speakers speaking real English. You must study real conversations.Obviously, we provide real English conversations. You can order it right now! visit www.EnglishLearningPakistan.comListen only to English conversationsListen only to English conversationsListen only to English conversations www.EnglishLearningPakistan.com
  12. 12. English Learning Pakistan Formula number 6How do you learn casual English? Its easy. Stop using textbooks. Instead, listen only to English conversations, moviesTV shows, audio books, audio articles, stories, and talk radio shows. Use real English conversations."Im very glad to get your Lessons. I was like other students who pass their test easily but cant speak English fluently. I thankyou for this great method for learning English. Its easy and 100% working.--Madhav Vishnu, IndiaYou learn casual conversational English if you want to understand native speakers and speak easily. Use real conversationsmagazines, audio articles, TV shows, movies, radio talk shows, and audio books.Learn Real English, Not Textbook EnglishLearn Real English, Not Textbook English**The last formulaIn the next formula, well teach you how to speak 2-3 times faster.Apply formula number 6 in your English learning then move to the last one. www.EnglishLearningPakistan.com
  13. 13. English Learning Pakistan Formula number 7**Formula number 7: Listen and Answer, not Listen and RepeatThis is the last formula, and it is the easiest:Most English CDs use "listen and repeat". The speaker says something in English, and you repeat exactly what they said.This method is a failure."Thanks very much! I am studying English according to your methods and its really helping me in improving my accent and now I can speak English fluently just after 2 months..."--Yusra Mehmood, UAEMost English students have a problem-- their English sounds unnatural. Of course, everyone has problems with some Englishwords and its easy to change if you listen correct pronunciation of every word.The reason many students cannot understand native speakers is that students dont understand common pronunciation andespecially contractions. Of course, you learned basic contractions. For example, you know that "Im" means "I am", and you knowthat "youre" means you are".You may know these contractions, but we use many more that you probably dont know-- especially when you are listening to anative speaker. For example, when native speakers speak FAST, they always use words like "outta", "gettn", "till", "havta", and"gonna". When you hear these, do you understand them? Do you understand them INSTANTLY?"Outta" means "out of"... ex. "Im gettn outta here" (I am getting out of here = I am leaving).ELPs lessons provide you Mini-Story with every lesson, by which you learn how to understand native speakers, how to understandinstantly and how to answer quickly without thinking.**Formula number 7: Listen and Answer, not Listen and RepeatUse Listen & Answer Mini-Story LessonsUse Listen & Answer Mini-Story LessonsIn each Mini-Story Lesson, a speaker tells a short simple story. He also asks a lot of easy questions. Every time you hear aquestion, you pause and answer it.You learn to answer questions quickly-- without thinking. Your English becomes automatic.How can you use Listen & Answer Stories? Easy! Find a native speaker tutor. Ask him to use this method: Ask him to tell a story...and to constantly ask you easy questions about it. This will teach you to think quickly in English! or you can get lessons DVD ofELP from www.EnglishLearningPakistan.com in which you will get Mini-Stories with every single lesson"Your technique is really mind blowing and working for me nicely. Fantastic! Once more thanks a lot!"--Sajid Ansari www.EnglishLearningPakistan.com
  14. 14. English Learning Pakistan **Whats Next?That was the last formula! How can you continue?A great way to use the 7 formulas is to buy our lessons. When you use our lessons, you speak EnglishOur lessons use all of the 7 formulas.Get our Real English Conversation lessons DVD now. It is a 6 months course for just 2170 Pakistani RupeesOrdering procedure is simple! no credit cards required, by just submitting an order now form you can order ELPs Lessons DVD1. Visit http://www.EnglishLearningPakistan.com2. Submit the Order Now form by providing your name, address and phone number etc.3. Get your Lessons DVD within 3-days , Payment will be made through bank transfer. Well send you ELPs account information after confirmation of your order.You can also order on call. Call +92-300-3627567International Buyers:If youre living out of Pakistan, then you will get the downloading links for all the lessons. You can check the price and the paymentprocedure for International buyer here. Visit http://www.EnglishLearningPakistan.com/payment.html Thank you for chosing ELP and allowing us to be your English Languge teacher:) Best of luck in your English learning journey. www.EnglishLearningPakistan.com