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Legal english #2.ppt


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Power Point de Legal English
State and Local Government

Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Legal english #2.ppt

  2. 2. Impartial with thePublic Ministry investigationGeneral Prosecutor Superior Public ProsecutorPublic Prosecutor FiscalAgent/ Personero/ Official
  3. 3. Judicial Power Supreme Court/ House CourtSuperior Tribunal Judicial District Judicial CourtMunicipal CourtsCorregidor/ Mayor
  4. 4. State State refers to well denined jurisdiction, with its own set of laws and courts. This jurisdiction may either be a sovereign independent State, or a part ( state, province, territory) of such a State, this meaning is acording private internationa law or conflict of laws. In public international, State most commonly refers to a sovereign state which is a direct subject of international law.
  5. 5. Local Government It refers collectively to administrative authorities over areas that are smaller than state. Local government only acts within power delegated to it by legislation or directives of the higher level of government and each country has some kind of local government which will differ from those of other countries
  6. 6. Common names for Local Government entities Province Town Region Borough Department Parish Country Municipality Prefecture Shire District Village City Township
  7. 7. Speech #1 Topics: Maintaining the Integrity and Competence of the Legal Profession Advertising, Solicitation and Legal Employment Unlawful Practice of Law and Confidence Conflicts of Interest and Mediation (group of 4) Competence and Diligence
  8. 8. Details to evaluate in your Speech Sentence Structure 10 pts Pronunciation 15 pts Master of the topic and Visuals 15 pts Eye contact and Body Movements 5 pts Tone of Voice 5 pts Total 50 pts