Escrow Professional Recruitment


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Premier Personnel Consulting is a National Executive Recruitment Agency serving our Real Estate, Title, and Escrow Clients and Candidates since 1998

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Escrow Professional Recruitment

  1. 1. Escrow Professional Recruitment National Executive Recruitment Agency ser ving ourReal Estate, Title and Escrow clients and candidates
  2. 2. Escrow Professional Recruitment
  3. 3. Escrow Professional RecruitmentHigh-Touch Approach We are available when you need us and we anticipate your needs generally before you call us  We have dedicated account managers that are committed to serving the needs of our clients  We have dedicated recruiters that are responsible for sourcing and identifying potential candidates for each position  Our representatives have chosen our firm and industry as a focus so we benefit from a high-level of dedication from each team member  Our professionals are available at flexible times when needed with email access on their smartphones for ultimate accessibility
  4. 4. Escrow Professional RecruitmentHigh-Tech Approach  We use state-of-the-art, enterprise level, cloud based recruitment software which give our client’s opportunities instant visibility across a wide network.  We utilize social media and several job boards to source qualified candidates.  We are building a network of escrow candidates before you call us with a need so we have the ability to fill your open slots faster than our competition with higher quality candidates
  5. 5. Escrow Professional RecruitmentFlexible approach  We make it easy to do business with us because we allow you ultimate flexibility in pricing depending on the scale of our business arrangement with your firm  We have sourcing services all the way to full service recruitment available
  6. 6. Escrow Professional RecruitmentOur full-service process 1. Business Development (BD) Professional receives your order 2. Account Manager (AM) analyzes the information and joins the BD professional and client on an intake session regarding the available positions 3. Account Manager and Business Development professional select one or more of our recruiters to identify and source candidates 4. Account Manager continues to communicate with client on a weekly basis including submitting interested candidates, setting up interviews and helping with the onboarding process as needed 5. Recruiter continues ongoing communication with the candidate until the candidate’s start date. Client and AM may also communicate with the candidate at their discretion
  7. 7. Escrow Professional RecruitmentYour Executive Recruitment Team Tammy Monk – Business Development  15 years of Business Development and Sales experience Deanna Ramaker – Account Manager  15 years of Recruitment and Account Management experience in Title/Escrow/Real Estate and 15 years at our Firm Priscilla Stricker – Account Manager  15 years of Recruitment and Account Management experience in Title/Escrow/Real Estate and 15 years at our Firm Rollis Fontenot III – Agency Director  20 years of Business Development and 8 years Recruitment experience We have 5 additional Recruiters on staff to help with identifying and sourcing the right candidate for your position
  8. 8. Escrow Professional RecruitmentLet’s continue the conversation: Tammy Monk @ 281-940-5484 Rollis Fontenot III @ 281-940-4562 Premier Personnel Consulting, Inc. 14405 Walters Rd Ste 1001 Houston TX 77014