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My Interactive Powerpoint on teaching a Gym Class and helping young kids know some good drills on baseball.

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Baseball Ppt

  1. 1. Baseball Drills! Interactive Powerpoint Brad Raj ED 205 Section 2
  2. 2. Baseball Drills! • Author’s Slide • Hitting Off a Tee • Batting Practice Rounds • Bunting • Soft Toss • Taking Ground Balls • Taking Fly Balls • Long Toss • Conditioning • Resource Slide End
  3. 3. Brad Raj I am Brad Raj, I am a junior at Grand Valley State University. I am currently in my third year with the GVSU Baseball team. I am going in to Finance as far as school goes. I am from Southgate, Michigan, which is located on the east side approximately fifteen minutes south of Detroit. Today I am going to show you some tips about baseball. Some of the things that helped me grow into the player I am today. If you have any questions you can email me at End
  4. 4. Hitting Off a Tee • The first thing I do every day, whether it be at the beginning of practice or before a game, is hit off a tee. • Hitting off a tee helps you level out your swing before you get in the cage and take some live pitches. • It also helps out with your hand-eye coordination. Click the picture to see • Another thing you should do is work how to hit off a tee! on hitting outside and inside pitches as well, every pitch in the game isn’t going to be right down the middle. End
  5. 5. Batting Practice Rounds • 1st round: • There is nothing better than just ▫ 5 swings up the middle or opposite field. getting a bat and having someone • 2nd round: throw you some balls. ▫ Situation Round – • But what you need to know is that  1 hit and run you shouldn’t be up there just  2 move the runner to second base swinging for the fence or just  2 score the runner from third base trying to pull everything down the • 3rd round: line. ▫ 3-1 counts – Work on hitting “Your” pitch. • So here is what we do at Grand Valley as far as our Batting • After that you should be ready for any Practice rounds go before every pitch or any situation that comes your game. way! End
  6. 6. Bunting • You may be your team’s 3 or 4 hitter in the middle of the lineup, but you need to know how to bunt as well. • Our entire roster knows how to bunt the ball and is ready to be called on to do so at any time. • So don’t neglect working on your bunting, the longer you play Click on the picture to baseball, the more and more you see a video on bunting. will have to bunt. End
  7. 7. Soft Toss • Another cool drill that I did a lot when I was younger was soft toss. • It is so easy to do that I had my dad toss me balls in my basement. • Soft toss is a drill where someone sits at a 45 degree angle from the hitter and tosses him or her balls and lets them swing away. • The main purpose of soft tossing Click the picture to see a is to get your timing down and video on how to soft toss. work on driving the ball up the middle of the ball diamond. End
  8. 8. Ground Balls • If I had a penny for every ground ball I have taken in my life I would have more money than Bill Gates. • The best way to become the best fielder that you possibly can is by taking as many ground balls as you can. • Get a bucket of balls and a partner and go to a ball field and take ground balls as much as possible. Click the picture to see a video on • It is the only way to get used to bad the proper groundball technique. hops and the unexpected things a baseball can do. End
  9. 9. Fly Balls • Other than ground balls another good drill is to take fly balls. • Taking fly balls as an outfielder is a key to success just as much as taking ground balls as an infielder. • Taking fly ball repetitions is good to do so that when it comes Click the picture to see how to to game time you can get good do proper fly ball technique. jumps and read on the ball. End
  10. 10. Long Toss • A good exercise to do in order to gain some arm strength is to do some long toss. • Long toss is pretty much just like playing catch, but a little more intense. • What you want to do is back up as far as you can to where you can still make the ball to your partner on a line, and throw about 15 times as hard as you can. • As soon as your done ice your arm and do only 2x a week at the most, if you are This picture is a good example of a pitcher, you should do it 2 days after two professional ball players playing you pitch. long toss. End
  11. 11. Conditioning • Although baseball is not a very tiring sport, you need to be in good athletic shape to play. • Conditioning is a big part of baseball whether you are a pitcher or a position player. • As a pitcher you want to do a lot of long distance running and as a position player you want to do more sprints so that you can have that quickness and explosiveness on the bases. End
  12. 12. Resources • Hitting off a Tee ▫ (Picture and Video) • Bunting ▫ (Video) ▫ (Picture) • Soft Toss ▫ (Picture) ▫ index=6 (Video) • Ground Balls ▫ (Video) ▫ (Picture) • Fly Balls ▫ (Picture) ▫ (Video) • Long Toss ▫ (Picture) • Conditioning ▫ (Picture) End