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We've been teaching guitar online for over 6 years. Our comprehensive approach to teaching beginners to master the guitar has made us one of the most popular guitar courses of all time!

Today we are recommended by thousands of guitar related sites all over the internet. In fact, we currently receive visitors from a whopping 368,194 sources.
83% recommended

In a recent customer satisfaction survey, 83% of Jamorama students surveyed said they would recommend Jamorama to their friends, family, and colleagues.

Read what our customers have to say about Jamorama.

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Free guitar lessons online

  1. 1. The Original No Subscription Guitar Course forBeginnersExperience the Satisfaction of Masteringthe Guitar in the Comfort of Your OwnHome.What Will Jamorama Do For You?Master The Guitar in The Comfort of YourOwn HomeWith Jamorama you get all your guitar lessonson your computer in our easy to use digital
  2. 2. book format so you can master the guitarwithout leaving home.Our lessons download to your computer inseconds so you can start learning to masterthe guitar immediately. Even if its 3am.Every one of our lessons comes with highquality video lessons and professionallyrecorded jam tracks that get you playing alongwith REAL music on your own computerspeakers. You get to feel what its like to playalong with REAL musicians.With Jamorama you can relax about takingyour lessons because you never have toleave the comfort of your den. (Just makesure you come out once in a while, or peoplemay wonder what happened to you).
  3. 3. Maximize Your Time With Step-By-StepLessonsHaving a learning plan is absolutelynecessary if you want your learning time to beeffective and efficient. Without it you will findyourself wading through piles and piles ofinformation, both good and bad, wastinghours and hours of valuable learning time.With Jamorama you know where you areheaded and how you are going to get there,so its not a problem when you need to endyour learning session, because you can comeback to it at any time and resume where youleft off. It is especially important when time isshort and you can only spare a few minuteseach day - thats when you need the focusthat Jamorama gives you.
  4. 4. If you have 15 minutes a day, you CAN learnguitar with Jamorama.Impress your friends with tricky guitar skillsWho doesnt want to sound impressive onguitar?The Jamorama course covers all of the majorimpressive guitar techniques that will makeyou the life of the party.Alternate PickingBendingFinger PickingHammer-onsLegatoPalm MutingPull-offsSlide
  5. 5. StrummingVibratoArpeggiosAnd More...Our easy to follow, step-by-step approachmakes learning and mastering these skillseasy.Review All
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