Radiation in Crimes and Medical World<br />Rolla Tyas Amalia<br />Grade 10<br />3886200974090Radiation is a process when a...
Radiation in crimes and medical world
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Radiation in crimes and medical world


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Radiation in crimes and medical world

  1. 1. Radiation in Crimes and Medical World<br />Rolla Tyas Amalia<br />Grade 10<br />3886200974090Radiation is a process when an energetic particles or waves travel through a medium or space. In our daily live radiation has 85 percent naturally sources (like radiation of sun) and 15 percent man-made sources. There are two types of radiation, which are; ionizing and non-ionizing. Ionizing radiation happen when they having enough energy to ionize an atom, while non-ionizing radiation occurs on radio waves or visible light. Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation can be harmful to organisms and the natural environment if it is too much. <br />Other than become harmful, radiation could also be useful for human life. Radiation could be use in medical world, science world, technology, nuclear, and also it helps to solve crimes mystery. What I want to describe here is about the use of radiation in crimes and medical world. <br />0461645In medical world radiation and radioactive substances are used for diagnosis, treatment, and research. For example is x-ray, it pass through the muscles and other soft tissue but they stopped by the dense materials, like bones. This use could help doctor to locate the broken bones of their patient or locate cancers that might be growing in the body. <br />Doctors also use radiation to radiate certain diseases by injecting a radioactive substance and monitoring the radiation given off as the substance moves through the body. There are many terminology for medical object which use radiation, that been grouping by their used, but the main terminology are only three. The use of x-rays, which investigate the patients’ problems, is called diagnostic radiology. The use of pharmaceuticals labeled with radionuclide for diagnosis or therapy is called nuclear medicine. When radiation beams are used to treat patients, the procedure is called radiotherapy.<br />Other than radiation could be useful in medical world, they also could be help for solving crimes. How is radiation used to solve crimes? As we know radiation, famous could help medical world, science world, nuclear, and technology. Radiation in solving crimes used for help the investigation. I am sure that you already know that detectives often investigates traces of paint, glass, hair, gunpowder, or blood before making their analysis. But you may not know that after such evidence is collected, it is often showing to radiation and then analyzed to find out its exact structure.<br />If material is exposed to streams of neutrons, some of the neutrons can be absorbed into the nucleus of the exposed material. This makes the materials that been investigate a little radioactive because they are unstable and decay with time. Scientists then able to read the exact chemical marks of these substances. This laboratory process, called activation analysis, it is specific enough to tell if a single hair found at a crime scene came from a certain person.<br />Activation analysis is also used to find out the chemical composition of materials when scientists only have small samples, as well as to prove that older works of art are not made of modern materials.<br />Radiation found everywhere, but we can’t see it by our eyes or feel it by our feeling sense, but it’s useful for the things in our daily life. <br />