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Poetry Reading Response    Comparing two poems; “Time” by Allen    Curnow and “First Love” by John Clare                  ...
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Poetry reading resopnse


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Poetry reading resopnse

  1. 1. Poetry Reading Response Comparing two poems; “Time” by Allen Curnow and “First Love” by John Clare Rolla Tyas Amalia- Grade 11 Something I learned while reading these two poems is how simple thingslike time and love can affect people’s life and turn it complicated. This idea canbe seen in the poem “Time” by Allen Curnow. The poem talks about how time canaffects and control everything in the world, including people’s life. An example ofthis is when the time being stated as the Beginning and the End. It says in thepoem, “I am, you have heard it, the Beginning and the End”. This means that timestarted everything and by time everything has it ends. Time lets living things live,but it also kills them. Time creates any object, but it also destroys it. By timeeverything has a beginning and an end. Through time, everything can be morecomplicated when we’re racing with time. It’s not the time that is changing,because Curnow keeps explaining in the poem that time has no beginning norending, but it’s just there guiding us through life. The second poem, “First Love”by John Clare is about how someone had fallen in love but it’s been unrequited,and it affects their life. An example of that is when it says, “And when she looked,what could I ail? My life and all seemed turned to clay”. This means that he can’tresist her and his feeling when he was fallen in love with her. It also says, “Myheart has left its dwelling-place and can return no more”. This means that hislove had fallen apart but he couldn’t fix it. It indicates the loss of innocence in thesense that his passions and desires. This shows us how love could makesomeone’s life become complicated. Life isn’t a simple thing that can bedescribed easily. There are many things that could affect our ways of living. Timeand love could be the main things that affect people’s life. With love this worldcan make peace and with love also world can be destroy. Time is important,because everything is changing through the flowing of time. It always thereguiding us through life.