Itinerary for jakarta tour


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Itinerary for jakarta tour

  1. 1. Itinerary for Jakarta Tour<br />Rolla Tyas Amalia- Grade 10<br />Day 1- 25th March 2011<br />Arrival at 7 PM in Soekarno-Hatta Airport. After a long flight it’s better for you to take a rest at the Sheraton Airport Hotel, near the airport. Tomorrow we will start our tour in Jakarta.<br />Day 2- 26th March 2011<br />In the morning you will have breakfast at the hotel. After that you should check out from the hotel, because it’s better for you to stay at the hotel in Jakarta, so it would be easier for you to do the tour in Jakarta. Sheraton Airport Hotel is in Cengkareng, outside of Jakarta. <br />After the check out, I will bring you to Monument Nasional (Monas) of Indonesia at Central of Jakarta. I bring you to this place, because it’s a must visit place to go when you do tour in Jakarta, it’s the statue symbol which only exist in Jakarta. At 1 PM we will have lunch in a restaurant named Sate Senayan in Salemba, at Central Jakarta. In this place the foods are originally Indonesian most famous traditional foods. After we finish the lunch, I will bring you to do tour in Universitas Indonesia (UI), the best collage in Indonesia. You could see the best Indonesian education in this place. <br />Then we will go to Kampong China, the Forbidden City at Central Jakarta. It is also the famous place for tourist to go when they’re doing tour in Jakarta. We will have dinner after that at Satoo Restaurant in Central Jakarta. We will head directly to Borobudur Hotel and do check in, after we have dinner. <br />Day 3- 27th March 2011<br />In the morning you will have breakfast at the hotel. After you’ve done your breakfast, we will go to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). This place consists of many Indonesian traditional buildings, arts, objects sample, and even some fauna of Indonesia. Touring this place will like touring half of Indonesia; the wahana inside is like acknowledging us about the culture and things in Indonesia. We will also have lunch in this place. Around 3 PM, we will go out from TMII to go to Gedung Kesenian Jakarta in Central Jakarta, where we can see many types of Indonesian traditional arts. We can also watch a traditional show there. At 5 PM we will head to Café Paladian Park in Central Jakarta for dinner and we will go back to the hotel at 7.30 PM and rest for tomorrow’s tour.<br />Day 4- 28th March 2011<br />After having breakfast at the hotel, we will go to Ragunan Park around 10 AM in the morning. In there we could see many types of Indonesian flora and fauna, especially Orangutan. After that we will have lunch at Waroeng Telor Ceplox restaurant in South Jakarta. Then when we finish the lunch, we will head directly to Ancol in North Jakarta. At 6 PM we will have dinner at Dapur Semarang restaurant in West Jakarta. Most of the foods in this restaurant are Semarang traditional foods. At 8 PM we will go back to the hotel.<br />Day 5- 29th March 2011<br />After all the days touring places which related to Indonesian traditional culture and things, today I will bring you to Dufan to have some extreme fun. Dufan is a famous place in Jakarta, which consists of wahana like roller coaster and other extreme things to play.<br />At 5.30 PM we will have dinner at Mad Dogs restaurant in Cilandak, South Jakarta. We will go back to the hotel around 8 PM.<br />Day 6- 30th March 2011<br />Today’s tour will all be related Indonesian history’s object. After having breakfast at the hotel, we will go to Museum Taman Prasasti. Prasasti is one of the most important objects in Indonesian history. They help the archeology and scientist to known and predict what happened in Indonesian history. This place will be there are many kind of Indonesian Prasasti, some of them are real prasasti, some of them are just the sample of prasasti. <br />After that, we will go to Museum Seni Rupa dan Keramik. In this place will be there are so many Indonesian traditional arts can we see. We will have lunch after that at Rumah Makan Aceh Sulewah, the restaurant that serves most of Aceh traditional foods. After lunch, we will go to Museum Kebangkitan Nasional at Central Jakarta. In there we could learn most of the Indonesian history. We will have dinner at Bakmi Sentosa restaurant at 6 PM and go back to the hotel. <br />Day 7- 31st March 2011<br /> As usual, you will have breakfast at the hotel. After you have your breakfast, I will bring you to Setu Babakan. It’s the place of original Jakarta Culture (Betawi) still exists. <br />After we do tour at that place, the next hours will be use for buying souvenirs. First we will go to Rumah Nusa Indah, where any kind of Indonesian souvenir been sell there, like Indonesian chips and cookies, clothes, statues, and many more. Then we will go to Kaos The Jampang store to buy souvenir like Indonesian T-Shirt and other clothes. <br />We will have dinner at Tofu House in Darmawangsa Square and at 8 PM we will go back to the hotel and rest. <br />Day 8- 1st April 2011<br />After all the days doing tour in Jakarta, you don’t have any moment to enjoy the hotel’s treatment. This day, you will stay at the hotel and enjoy the treatment and do whatever you want.<br />At 5 PM I will bring you to Mall Kelapa Gading (MKG) to have dinner at Eat&Eat and then we could hang out after that at the mall. We will go back to the hotel at 8 PM.<br />Day 9- 2nd April 2011<br />Today is the last day for you in Jakarta. In the morning you will have breakfast at the hotel and do cleaning up until lunchtime. You will also have lunch at the hotel and after the lunch you will do the check out. At 3 PM we will head to Soekarno-Hatta Airport, and you’ll be departure at 7.45 PM. <br />