Empatetic task


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Empatetic task

  1. 1. Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard: Empathetic Task Language B- Rolla Tyas Amalia Grade 11 I’m sick of all these things. I’m sick of my life, I’m sick of all people that come to me asking for stupidadvices, I’m sick of my father that taking economical advantages from me, and most of all…..even though I likethe monkeys, they are beautiful living things, but these monkeys had threatened me literally to leave the mostpeaceful place in this world, this guava orchard. They had been hanging around my guava tree for quite a longtime with their ‘drunk attitude’. If these monkeys do not leave, my father will threaten me to come down fromthis guava orchard. I don’t want to leave this tree. This is my only home. I can only been sleeping here, without any noisesthat I heard everyday from my resentment family when they are sleeping. They are all sleep like a ‘vibratedgiant’. How can they expect me to have a nice rest while they roared like a vibrated giant that sleeping in a cave?Every night I’ve always went up to the roof to find peaceful and watched Shahkot through the nights. I can’tbare them, they do not think of anyone else when they are sleeping, even my mother, whom I love the most, hadforgotten me in sleep. My mother and I, we are often to have the same perspective. That is why I love her themost. She told me that she had been struggling from strange and strong hunger when she was pregnant of me,which makes me love her even more. She cooks well too. She is a creative person when it comes to cooking.Lately, she crossed the thresholds into an obsession, scouring the hills and mountains for herbs, vegetation andanimals to cook. She’s not like my stupid father who only cares about money for living. I’m tired of him askingme to find another job for living when I lost my job at the post office as a stupid clerk. Well, it’s not stupidthough. From that, I can ‘learned’ each of Shahkot’s people’s life that helps me through these entireconsultations with Shahkot’s people who thought me as a holistic man in a tree. They all were calling me ‘baba’.I don’t really like Shahkot’s people. Before, they always concerned about me how to life my live and put a lowexpectation on me to be a successful man, but now they are coming to my tree almost everyday asking me forwise advices for their problems. There is this one man that often come to my tree to asked questions that most of them are hard toanswer. I’ve tried to avoid him but he always found ways to met me ‘face to face’. This man told me that he’sdoing research on something, but he did not tell me what it is. I don’t care about that, but he charmed me themost from all of the visitors that ever came to my tree by his rare questions. I know that sometimes my answersmake sense and some dont, but they have the ring of truth, so the pilgrims are might be satisfied of myanswers. The point is I don’t want to leave this tree and live a normal boring life, like my father expected me to.These monkeys need to get rid of my tree. The CMO, DC, and my father (he doesn’t care about me, he caresabout the wealth that might be lost when a time that I might should come down from my tree) are trying to getrid of these monkeys and I hope they could be successful on that.