PLAYING PROFESSIONS<br />Rolla Tyas Amalia<br />Grade 10<br />My brother’s school is the school, which really cares about ...
Contemporary realistic short story
Contemporary realistic short story
Contemporary realistic short story
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Contemporary realistic short story


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Contemporary realistic short story

  1. 1. PLAYING PROFESSIONS<br />Rolla Tyas Amalia<br />Grade 10<br />My brother’s school is the school, which really cares about making good family bounds. In that point, his school named “Prima School” held the family event where each student’s family members and of course the student itself, meet and doing an activity or an event together. This event had been held last Saturday. The event is about visiting Kidzania. <br />Kidzania is a place like Disneyland appearance where the objects are not like roller coaster or extreme ship, but it’s more to the recreation park where children can be pretend as any jobs profession that exist in real life. For example they could pretend to be a doctor, fireman, Broadway artist, newsreader, or even just a shoe cleaner. My brother, my sister, and I were really excited about joining this event. <br />On the Saturday morning three of us wake up very early and hurrying to prepare and do packing for joining that event, besides that my brother’s school group decided to go at 8.30 in the morning, because it will be very crowded in Kidzania’s registration place when it’s already in the afternoon. Our parent also joins this event, but they will not play inside the kidzania of course, they will have lunch in the restaurant near kidzania with the other parents.<br />As we arrived at 10.00 A.M. at Kidzania, we must to line up to get our entrance ticket. It can be said it’s quite a long line, even though there’s only one group in front of us, but their group members are many. After we waited for around 30 minutes, finally all of our school’s group members could get the entrance ticket for playing 3 hours. Don’t have to wait, we all been hurried up to enter the playing park. <br />At the first time we saw the inside with quick looks, we made quick judgment. It was an amazing place like there’s a real life going on under the roof, in rooms. At the first time, we saw racer’s playing park, so we’ll pretend as a racer and do their job, my brother was the only one who got really excited to do this job. He’s only 6 years old, but he likes to do sport and racing. So, we play this job profession. After around15-20 minutes we play this game, over and over again, my sister and me decided to go to play another job profession, but my brother didn’t want to go. We have quite long discussion about this, but then we decided that my sister and I would be play another job profession and left my brother to play the racer profession, over and over again or he could go to another job profession, but near the racer profession, and then we left to tried another profession. <br />It was a brilliant theme park for kids. It shows the participant how the jobs in real life looks like. We played doctor profession, hairdresser profession, broadways profession, newsreader profession, and many more. The play park is also providing the bank for kids, so the money that we’ve got from our job profession would be save there (of course it’s a toy money). It also for saving our money, if next time we would come to Kidzania, we already had the money, so we don’t start from the beginning. We also can enjoy treatments like real foods and entertaining shows from the money that we’ve got from playing the job professions. We enjoyed playing there and we almost forgot if we’re only got time 3 hours for playing, and our time for playing only 15 minutes left. <br />We decided to meet our brother in the racer’s playing park. We go directly there after we save our money in the bank. We arrived there and we’re looking for our brother, but we did not found him anywhere in that playing area. We go to look for another playing job professions near the racer’s playing park. We didn’t found him anywhere there. We started to panic, because our playing time only left for 5 minutes and after that we should go out from there. We decided then, to go to the operator room to announce our lost brother. On our way to operator room, we heard voices of announcement. <br />“For who those named Laras and Rolla from Bekasi, your brother is looking for you in the operation room. Thank you.”<br />We look at one another and then laughed. He is clever enough to be a lost boy. We fasten our steps and enter the operator room. We see him there and thank the operator people. We get out from Kidzania and tell the parents what happened, they’re giggled and gives clap for our brother cleverness. That was our family unforgettable event. We look for another time to get back there and experiencing another experience.<br />