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Air pressure


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Air pressure

  1. 1. Air Pressure<br /><ul><li>Air pressure refers to the weight of the Earth’s atmosphere that pressing down on everything at the surface.
  2. 2. Air pressure also known as atmospheric pressure.
  3. 3. The average air pressure at sea level is 1,013 x 105 Pa, that referred as 1 atmosphere.
  4. 4. We could survive on the earth, from this atmosphere pressure, because the natural pressure within our bodies is also about 1 atmosphere. It helps us to balance out the atmospheric pressure.
  5. 5. We may suffer injuries or altitude sickness if there is a great amount of atmospheric pressure.
  6. 6. We can measure air pressure by using barometer. The most common barometers to be used are mercury barometer and aneroid barometer.
  7. 7. 423862554610The right picture showing us that atmospheric pressure acts on the surface of the mercury in through. The pressure on the surface is equal to the atmospheric pressure.
  8. 8. By measurement finding, the maximum height of mercury is found to be 760 mm. above that; there will be just vacuum space.
  9. 9. 304800525780To find pressure on the existing height in the liquid is by applying this formula; height x density of water x gravity (hpg)
  10. 10. Manometer is used to measure differences in pressure of gasses or liquid.
  11. 11. It consists of U-tube shape column, contain of liquid (mercury, water, or oil). The height differences will help us to measure the pressure difference between the two sides.
  12. 12. To calculate the atmospheric pressure of gas supply:
  13. 13. Original atmospheric pressure (760 mm) +hpg