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Developing History of Shredder Machine


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Developing History of Shredder Machine

  1. 1. Developing History of Shredder MachineThe first generation of shreddersMost of the first generation of the transmission mechanism is driven by a belt with low noise,but the belt may be pulled and deformed after long working hours, even the breakingphenomenon, and the surface of the belt teeth is easily worn and the machine running mayslip.The second generation of shreddersPlastic gear rolls, because it is difficult to master injection and shrinking process accurately ofthe shredder machine, resulting in the low accuracy of the gear itself. And running at highspeed, the noise is large. Due to the brittle plastic parts, poor toughness, it is prone to appearthe phenomenon of broken teeth.The third generation shreddersMetal sprocket: quiet operation, low energy loss, efficient cutting, and the perfectcoordination of the various components of the system achieve the compelling features.The fourth generation of shredder machineThe drive mechanism of shredder machine is the metal gear, although the metal gearsovercome the above drawbacks, it is difficult to avoid the impact of the metal gear and frictionsound. Due to the mounting accuracy of the metal bodies, the lubrication conditions of thegear meshing, technical and maintenance of the lubrication effect and uncontrollable long-term operation, there will be a lot of noise at high-speed operation.The fifth generation of shredder machineDiamond snug movement, it takes use of alloy steel materials, quenching process of metaltool, completely CNC machining technology, and the workmanship guarantee transmissioninstallation accuracy, so the wear is reduced to a minimum to ensure the stability of productquality and reduce noise. We can assurance the quality of single shaft shredder with thesuper full rigid all-metal gear which is made of steel roller knife, high quality powerful motor.The sixth generation of shredders (modern)Currently, the high-tech multimedia high series grinder has the high technology content whichcan be used to broken CD-ROM, floppy disk, tape, video, etc. and the embedded buttonpanel with a protective film ensure the function of the way forward, rewind, stop, and full stop.In the modern world, we pay attention to care for the quality of life, we have higher
  2. 2. requirements for the environmental protection of the product functionality, performance,security, therefore, the functions, such as carton storage partitions, motor overheatingprotection, load automatic shutdown function, storage carton not closed the automatic power-off are be more and more used in the room.www.3e-recycling.comAs the subsidiary of Guangzhou Lianguan Machinery Co., Ltd., Guangzhou 3E MachineryCo., Ltd. specialized in developing and producing a series of environmental protectionrecycling machines, such as tire recycling machines, cable recycling machines, circuit boardrecycling machines, timber recycling machines, aluminum and plastic packing recyclingmachines, plastic recycling line,shredder machine,and so on.This article is come from: