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The wisdom of the crowd (voor UVA Sociologie)


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Online adversary collaboration and crowd-sourcing: designing from a social context model.

Published in: Technology
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The wisdom of the crowd (voor UVA Sociologie)

  1. 1. The wisdom of the crowd (And how to tap into it.) Rolf Kleef @rolfkleef
  2. 2. Online collaboration
  3. 3. sites Map Kibera: Ushahidi: Crowdmap: Crisis Mappers:
  4. 4. Adversary collaboration Ushahidi SwiftRiver: Ushahidi WikiSweeper: Wikipedia Protection Policy:
  5. 5. Authoring as Discussion Process GRASS freeText group reports on research questions report of group discussion report structure (research problem, sections, conclusion, issues, positions, arguments) concept text and annotations conflict assessment group collaborative editing
  6. 6. Social Context Model Elements Motivation Outcome Support Interaction Actions Change
  7. 7. Tools Google Docs:
  8. 8. Designing a “solution” Simple tools, loosely connected
  9. 9. Purpose Magic Happens! Technology
  10. 10. “Core” “Periphery” Purpose Community Process Engagement Technology “World”
  11. 11. site Service Design Tools:
  12. 12. “Core” “Periphery” Purpose Community Process Engagement Technology “World”