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Digital Future – where does digital radio stand today?


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Ford Ennals (CEO, Digital Radio UK, London, UK)
Marius Lillelien (Head of Radio, NRK, Oslo, Norway)
Michael Reichert (SWR, Baden-Baden, Germany)
Per Borga (Teracom, Stockholm, Sweden)

As the DAB+ standard for digital terrestrial broadcasting continues to roll out across Europe, what is the state of digital radio across the world today?
How is it being adopted in individual countries?
How is FM switch-off going? Is it realistic - and what is the general public thinking about it?
We’ll hear from countries who are taking digital radio forward, and debunk a few myths along the way.

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Digital Future – where does digital radio stand today?

  1. 1. #RDE13 #RDE13 Digital Future Where does digital radio stand today?MEASURE TARGET MONETIZE James Cridland Moderator Digital radio – future radio is real – not only a vision + Just digital radio is attractive state-of-the-art radio! + Digital Radio is a new product with new content + Digital radio is easy to use on a great number of attractive Digital Radio in Germany (and reasonable priced) devices ARD Project Office Digital Radio + Internet and broadcast technologies go hand in hand Michael Reichert Radiodays Europe + Goal: Hybrid strategy (i.e. seamless media experience) Berlin, Mar 18th 2013
  2. 2. Digital radio in Germany – status quo Digital radio in Germany – status quo + Great variety (football radio, culture, religion) + Great variety (football radio, culture, religion) + 13 national programmes + 13 national programmes Digital radio in Germany in brief: + More than 60 ARD-programmes + More than 60 ARD-programmes + More stations, more content, more variety + 27 regional commercial programmes + 27 regional commercial programmes + Simple (terrestrial) reception via aerial + 23 local commercial programmes + 23 local commercial programmes digital radio receivers available + More than 240 different (in Bavaria) (in Bavaria) Coverage: ARD-network (72.4% area / 83.7% population) + + Coverage: national programmes (63.4% area / 77.7% population) + Total coverage: (81.9% area / 90.1% population)Total coverage Total coverageRev: Apr/2013 State borders © Federal Agency for cartography and geodetics, Frankfurt on the Main Rev: Apr/2013 State borders © Federal Agency for cartography and geodetics, Frankfurt on the Main National programmes ARD-programmes
  3. 3. Interactive Slideshow - use cases ++++ latest news +++++ + More than 500,000 digital radio devices sold in 2011/2012 + Sales expected in 2013 around 650,000 devices (GFK panel research) + In Dec 2012 five percent of all radios sold were DAB+ radios (Compared to 0.5% in Jan 2011) + gfu: “Portable digital radios are a sales hit – bucking the trend!”++++ latest news +++++ Now it‘s all about marketing!+ Chip Industry: by 2014 multi-standard chipsets in devices + Marketing body: Initiative “Digitalradio Deutschland”:+ VW and Honda to offer first line-fit digital radio (Skoda/Civic) + Cooperation between ARD, Dradio, Media Broadcast & commercial broadcasters+ BMW to equip UK Mini with digital radio + Funded by all partners + Goal: Nationwide impact of all marketing activities+ ARD network to provide categorised slideshow by mid 2013+ ARD network and Media Broadcast to extend transmitter network
  4. 4. Now it’s all about marketing! Now it‘s all about marketing! + ARD project office digital radio + Retailer liaison office + Planning and accomplishment of events (e.g. expert forums) + Planning and accomplishment of B2B events + Handling, coordination and realisation of B2C campaigns + Maintaining contacts at point-of-sale + Maintenance of mutual website ( + Presentation on b2b-tradeshows (e.g. Expert, Conrad, EP, Opico) + Coordination, development and support for ARD-campaigns + Presentation on B2C tradeshows (e.g. IFA, IAA) + Being involved (e.g. EBU, EU, WorldDMB, RadioDNS)Marketing strategy – KISS Central platform - Different broadcasters, but consistent outbound appearance + Coverage tool with postcode checker+ Easy to use marketing tools ( Mandatory use of basic elements + Online device configurator (More than 240 devices available)+ Free use of additional elements + News, Events, Newsletter+ Free to use – no costs for all + Promotional leaflets etc. for download + Trading and Repeater area+ Reference for all: Website with all essential details (Marketing materials and repeater order for use at POS)
  5. 5. EXAMPLE Genre Marketing – basic elements EXAMPLE Genre Marketing – basic elements + claim + Logo “Digitalradio – Radio der Zukunft” + Campaigns + URL + Tradeshows + Blue background and checkered grid + Point-of-sale + Special eventsEXAMPLE Genre Marketing – basic elements + claim + motif EXAMPLE Genre Marketing + Motifs from tool-box + Motifs shapeable
  6. 6. EXAMPLE Genre Marketing – online teaser (static/animated) EXAMPLE Genre Marketing – online teaser (clips)EXAMPLE Programme Marketing – online teaser Mobile booth equipment (e.g. for tradeshows)
  7. 7. Digital Radio in Germany – indicators and core messages + More and more devices – 240 different models + 1,000,000 devices sold in 2013 + Digital radio in cars – standard and optional equipment + Support from government – working groups + European overall support – initiatives ongoing Digital Radio in Germany + More countries to launch digital radio in Europe ARD Project Office Digital Radio Radiodays Europe Berlin, Mar 18th 2013 DIGITAL FUTURE Where does digital radio stand in Norway?
  8. 8. This is Norway Population : 5 million Language: Norwegian, SamiPopulation, area and DAB transmitters Timeline Population density/km² Area in 1000 km² 765 DAB transmitters Measurement: Launch new DAB distribution Delayed FM switch off content Car solutions FM switch off 50% reach 385 357 230 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2012 2019 2018 128 130 92 43 13 We are here: Germany Denmark Norway
  9. 9. Digital reach 2012 Digital vs FM Digital FM Listeners via digital radio 50% 30.9% 75% 69% 100% 100% LAUNCH NEW CONTENT 50% 50% 25% 25% 31% 31% Listeners ONLY via FM receivers 69% 0% 0% 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 We need to move fasterNational radio stations in Norway National radio stations in Norway NRK NRK NRK NRK NRK Other NRK NRK NRK Other NRK NRK NRK NRK Local Local MTG Local SBS Other Local MTG SBS MTG MTG SBS SBS Local MTG Local
  10. 10. Do you have access to a DAB Digital Radio? 57%Is FM switch off in 2017 realistic? 26% 6% 2% No Yes, one Yes, more than one Dont know
  11. 11. If FM broadcasts are switched off, howlikely is it that you would replace the FMradio with a digital radio? 47% 13% 9% 5% 5% 9% 7% DIGITAL FUTURE Very unlikely 2 3 4 5 Very likely Dont know Agenda Digital Radio Status Digital Radio Future in the UK Ford Ennals • Communications CEO, Digital Radio UK • Coverage 18th March 2013 • Content • Cars • Collaboration 1
  12. 12. Digital Radio UK Spreading the love for Digital RadioCompositionBBC and UK Commercial RadioCar and Radio ManufacturersWork with Government and OfcomObjectivesAccelerating the growth of digital radioGetting digital radio in carsPlanning a future digital radio switchover Communications • D Love – digital radio evangelist • Unique collaboration • BBC TV and radio airtime • Commercial radio airtime • Retailer point of sale • Consistent campaign approach
  13. 13. D Love Campaign Digital Radio Progress in UK Coverage Government Digital Radio Plan• Expanding National and Local DAB • Analogue status quo not sustainable• National BBC expanding to 97% • FM is full - capacity to extend and launch stations• 100% coverage to all motorways, and primary roads • Maintain radio as a dynamic growth medium• National commercial expanding to 90% • Government Digital Radio Action Plan 2010• Plan to extend Local commercial from 70% • Government switchover announcement 2013 – expanding to 90% • Government criteria: - 50% digital listening• Local coverage expansion underway: - 90% local coverage – City boosts -London and Manchester 2012 • Criteria to be achieved by end 2015 – Local launches - 8 new Local DAB multiplexes to be launched in 2013
  14. 14. Digital listening will be 50% by Q1 2016 Digital Radio online and apps Station Apps DAB Digital Radio DAB Consumer Benefits
  15. 15. Content Success of digital only stations digital digital-onlyForeignlanguagestations Cars 33% of new cars have digital radio as standard End 2012 33% of all new cars End 2013 Majority of new cars End of 2015 All new cars
  16. 16. 100% of new BMW models Audi Announcement Today have Digital RadioAudi Digital Radio announcement The conversion of existing cars to Digital Radio
  17. 17. Conversion Solutions Integrated adapters Fitted adapters Self-fit adapters Radio app integration Collaboration Thank you• Importance of European standards• EBU Euro–chip campaign• UK minimum specification includes DAB+• Coordinated approach to vehicle and mobile industry• Working together: #spreadthelove - Securing future of radio sector - Delivering better radio @digitalradiouk
  18. 18. Terrestrial broadcasting offers advantages • Robust and reliable • A true mass market delivery system Digital radio across the world • Everyone, everywhere: also cross borders Per G Borga, Teracom Group • No need for costly 17th March 2013 subscriptions • Your integrity is safeBut - FM spectrum is full Digital radio offers the solution • Difficult for radio to • More choice innovate • More cost efficient • No significant growth • Greener • Younger audiences are • New features: text, listening less images, interactivity • Interference and bad • Better reception reception
  19. 19. IP is a complement but no substitution Digital Radio is being adopted across Europe Established • Not a sustainable business case to markets New substitute terrestrial with IP on market nationwide scales • Who will pay for the data? • What about scenarios and listeners that cannot be reached behind a SIM card? Potential • Bottomline: It is a question of markets democracyEBU recommendation 138 United Kingdom • 42% of households have DAB • EBU has made it clear that DAB/ • 80% of new portable radios DAB+ is the technology that is are digital ready and recommends its immediate deployment • 33% of new cars have digital tuners • FM switchoff decision expected for 2013
  20. 20. Norway Germany • 29% of households have DAB • Re-launched DAB+ in August 2011 • DAB coverage: 84% of population • DAB coverage: 88% of population • 70% of most popular cars offers DAB • Obliged to reach 99% by end of 2014 • FM switch-off in 2017 or 2019 • DAB+ supported by automotive industryDenmark Switzerland • 41% of households have DAB • 34% of households have DAB/ DAB+ • DAB coverage: 100% of population • 99% network coverage • DAB listening 3 times bigger • Over 1m receivers sold than via IP • FM switch-off proposed for 2019
  21. 21. Italy Netherlands • Has adopted DAB+ • NPO will extend its existing DAB-coverage from 70% to 95% • Regular DAB+ services launched in the coming next years in Q4-2012 • NPO and private broadcasters • Trial broadcasts cover 60% of the in strong collaboration population • DAB+ re-launch planned for Sept 2013Belgium Sweden • Proposal from government that SR • 100% DAB network coverage shall expand DAB+ coverage from 35% to 95%. • All motorways and main roads are covered • DAB+ licensing process for private broadcasters ongoing. Decision in • RTBF and commercial 2013. broadcasters in strong collaboration to launch DAB+ • SR and private broadcasters in strong collaboration
  22. 22. France Asia • Licenses for DAB+ recently • Australia: One of the most successful DAB+ issued to 106 radiostations launches worldwide. Coverage 80%. Over one million DAB+ receivers sold. Listening via DAB+ • 60% network coverage more than twice that of Internet • Obligation to start DAB+ • South Korea: The biggest market so far with more broadcasts in 2013 than 60 million receivers sold – most of them mobile phones. • Radio France, RTL, NRJ and Lagardère pausing • Regular services in China and Hong Kong • DAB+ demonstrations and trials are being carried out in the entire region: Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, New Zealand...Devices available from €20 and more than Support from all major automakers80 million devices sold on a global scale
  23. 23. Sales Network coverage continues to grow % of population (mobile coverage)Conclusion Thanks!• Terrestrial broadcasting has Questions or Answers? advantages but FM spectrum is full Contact Per G Borga:• IP is complementary but cannot be a substitute @pgborga• DAB+ is the fastest growing, most popular digital radio standard Looking to become a Member or run a Workshop?• Get involved and shape the future; Contact WorldDMB: join your national digital radio organisation and the global forum WorldDMB