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Congratulation on your 40 year’s anniverssary!


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Congratulation on your 40 year’s anniverssary!

  1. 1. Beloved Pastor Bose It is indeed a greatwe want to cease this privilege to know you opportunity to and to watch howcongratulate you on God has tremendously your 40 years worked and is working anniversary in and through you celebration. over these years. Your ability to endure and suffer long, to maintain your peace and focus in tribulation is a tremendous example that continues to motivate us.  You are a living testimony and an embodiment of what it means be adorned with  the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price. Thank you for your simple life style that makes it possible to approach always for practical advice and You a true and a help. Thank you for been so loving and caring . genius woman of God Your love for the truth and we celebrate youand passion for justice, on this great occasion. your God fearinglifestyle continue to be You have turned 40 a great a source of and that number  in inspiration for me and the bible speaks of a my family.  major change and preparation for destiny.