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Ovulation days For Pregnancy


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Ovulation days For Pregnancy

  1. 1. HYPERLINK "" Ovulation Days, When Am I Most Fertile? - Could I Have Become Pregnant?<br />I was just wondering as i am hoping to get pregnant. I have regular periods normally; my last one was on 22nd august. I had unprotected sex; 29th august 2008. I am not pregnant, took 3 tests all negative, could please someone tell me my most fertile days, to make sure I could highly increase my chances of getting pregnant on those days. I and my partner had unprotected sex October 3rd, night and October 4th morning (noonish). Could I be fertile then? Please help, thanks<br />This is a question that gets asked allover on the internet by women who are trying to get pregnant. As you might already know, getting pregnant usually boils down to timing. If you wrongly time intercourse, no matter what else you do in trying to conceive, you will not get it right. In this article, I will talk more on how to correctly time your intercourse so you have the best chances of getting pregnant. I will also provide links to more advanced recourses you can use to naturally increase your chances of getting pregnant.<br />Women with a regular 28 day cycle are most fertile on days 13, 14, and 15 of their cycle. So Count the first day of your period as day #1, then count forward. I would suggest having sex on days 12, 14, 16. The Dr. in my office also suggests propping your hinny afterword’s for 15-20 minutes. Sound goofy, but for kids, it might well worth the efforts. Remember, sex all the time is less effective, that’s why you should go with the every other day method, let your man's sperm rejuvenate.<br />You normally ovulate on approximately day 14 of your cycle. You can also use an ovulation calculator to calculate your most fertile periods. If you are trying to fall pregnant, it is good to start learning your cycle to see when you are ovulating. Just remember that it is not an exact science and everyone is different even though they say you should ovulate on approximate day 14, it does not always happen that way. I have regular 28 day cycles but started charting and found out I was actually ovulating normally between days 7-9. Some people ovulate later in their cycles.<br />There is this great infertility cure guide that has some very effective tips and tricks for enhancing fertility in women. I have recommended this guide to so many people and most, if not all of them, ended up getting pregnant within few months of trying out the recommendations in this guide. The guide I am talking about is called the: pregnancy miracle guide by Lisa Olson.<br />Click here ==> Pregnancy Miracle Review, to read more about this guide and see how it has been helping thousands of women all over the world, enabling them to naturally get pregnant, not matter what was causing their infertility.<br />