Natural remedies for bacterial vaginosi1


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Natural remedies for bacterial vaginosi1

  1. 1. HYPERLINK "" Natural Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis - 13 And Having Chronic BV! How to Treat It?<br />Does anyone knows any effective natural, or at home remedies for BV? I am only 13 and I refuse to use a prescription treatment from a doctor or anyone, I don't want anything like that in my body, and it makes it worse anyway. Does tea tree oil work, and if so, how do I use it? Also, how do I get rid of the fishy smell? It’s absolutely disgusting and very annoying to have it.<br />This is only one of the thousands of sad recurrent BV stories you will read on the internet when you browse around the web, finding a cure for this condition. This one was asked by this very young girl who already is having BV and it seems to be taking down her self-esteem. I have had this condition too, and treated it! So I know how it feels. In this short article, I will try to give you some few recommendations that I used and you can also use to try treating your recurrent bacterial vaginosis. I will also provide links to some great internet sites where you can find even advanced help for your recurrent BV condition and hopefully treat it once and for all.<br />One of the best things that is going to cure a bacterial infection is an antibiotic. No, tea tree oil will not cure it. You could risk leaving the infection and getting Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, which could then make you infertile (meaning you'll never be able to have kids due to the severe scarring the infection will leave behind) and cause severe pain. Get a prescription for Metrogel or another antibiotic from your doctor. It's not going to get better without it, only worse.<br />You should really be putting on antibiotics for it. I know, antibiotics aren't fun, but they will kill the infection. I've heard that there's a one-day clindesse (cleocin or clindamycin) that you can get and it works. It also depends on how long you've had it; if you did for a while, you might need a repeated round of antibiotics. If so, just take lots of probiotics and eat yogurt. Not by the truckloads, but not a little bit either.<br />You can also use neem leaf paste. Apply it there. Works just fine but antibiotics are quite necessary!<br />There is also this very great bacterial vaginosis cure guide which helped me a lot when I was struggling with my recurrent BV. The guide I am talking about is called: Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom written by Elena Peterson. I have recommended this guide to so many friends, family members and loved ones who had problems with recurrent BV, and most of them totally cured their condition just by following the recommendations in this guide. I will advise any woman who is struggling with persistent, chronic and recurrent BV to get a copy of the Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom guide and follow the recommendations in it.<br />Click here ==> Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom, to read more about this guide and see how it has been helping thousands of women all over the world in curing their recurrent bacterial vaginosis.<br />