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How to write lyrics to a song


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How to write lyrics to a song

  1. 1. How To Write Lyrics To A Song<br />As you might already know, many people can write song lyrics. That is usually easy, but the problem is that I many people never know how to start the writing process. They need someone to start it so they can finish it. How can you start writing lyrics to a good song? How can you put music to your song? In this short article, I will explain to you how to do all these.<br />Tips on How To Write Lyrics To A Song<br />There are so many ways you can use to write good lyrics. However one true common thing among all successful song writers is that creative aspect in them. Something that might help you, if you're not particularly introspective or poetic, is to put yourself in the place of someone else and think about the feelings they might have/ had.<br />Make bullet points or sentences. Think about questions they might ask, if they want/ed help, or that kind of thing. Think about advice they might have been given. Once you've got a fair amount of notes, try to organize them into lines - don't worry yet if they rhyme. Once you're happy with the content, check how the words flow. If you repeat some words too often, use a thesaurus to get synonyms. If you want your lyrics to rhyme, use an online rhyming dictionary to change the words a little.<br />How To Put In Music To Your Newly Written Song Lyrics<br />A good song lyric is never complete if you don’t have good music to accompany those lyrics. So as for the music, the easiest way to start is with a bassline. Pick up a bass guitar or a keyboard, and play around with it until you find a riff that you like and will remember. Record it with a tape recorder or something. Once you've done that, keep playing it over and over until the tune is stuck in your head.<br />After that you can use a guitar/keyboard to make chords that fit the bassline. It's easier to do this if you play your recording of the bassline over and over, and you can hear if the two sounds work together well. Now you have a tune.<br />How Do You Want Your Song To Be Driven?<br />The next part depends on whether you want the song to be musically driven or vocally driven. If you favor the vocal emphasis, use the tune you've created and fit the lyrics around the music. Once you've got that sorted out, you can then think about the percussion and any other effects, synth work and so forth. If you want the music to be the focus, then do the percussion and synth first and leave the vocal arrangements until last.<br />Do you want to actually learn how to write outstanding song lyrics and uncover the best professional secrets to writing songs? Do you want to quickly master the art of songwriting and discover some really powerful insides to capturing your thoughts and opinions in the art of a song? If yes, then you need a copy of the Superior Song Writing Book!<br />Click here: “Superior Song Writing” to instantly download a copy of this guide.<br />