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Getting the most out of guild leveling


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Getting the most out of guild leveling

  1. 1. Getting The Most Out Of Guild Leveling<br />Guilds have been part of the World of Warcraft experience since the start of the game years ago, back in the misty days prior to Patch 1.1. Whether they are casual guilds where people come to talk and occasionally get one or two extra people to help with an instance, PvP guilds centered on the battleground, or raiding guilds with a chain of command that would make the 18th century Prussian army relaxed and rather flabby, guilds can now earn experience and levels as well.<br />Basically, helping your guild now gives you an edge in the game as well, because it ultimately lets you access gear and other items, ranging from heirloom items to unique recipes to PvP battle standards to special mounts. Undoubtedly, more items will also be added as the expansion continues to evolve.<br />As the guild levels up, Guild Perks will also be received. For example, at level 2, the perk is Fast Track, which gives you 5% increased experience from monster kills and quest completion. When your guild reaches level 14, you will get Working Overtime, which increases the skill-up chance on trade skills by 10%. At level 25, the highest level for Guilds currently in game, Mass Resurrection becomes available, allowing you to resurrect an entire party or raid with one spell.<br />To level up your guild, you will need to help out – and since a high level guild gives you an edge over those stuck with a low level guild, it is in your interest to do so. Leveling a guild is accomplished in several ways. The guild earns experience from killing dungeon bosses and raid bosses with a party that consists of guild members; winning a rated battleground with a guild group; earning a guild achievement; and completing quests or dailies that give guild experience.<br />The items become available at the Guild Vendor when you finish specific Guild Achievements – you also need to have the correct level of “guild reputation” and pay a steep price in gold to obtain them. Once an item is unlocked through a guild achievement, it is available to all members of the guild who meet the reputation requirement and have the gold to buy it.<br />You gain reputation with your guild by the same four methods that the guild earns experience and levels up. So, there is a strong incentive for you to help your guild level up as directly and often as possible. You can get ahead of other players in several ways by contributing to the development of your guild, ranging from various experience boosts (up to 10%) to mass resurrection and increased honor or justice points. You can learn even more in the Cataclysmic WoW Blueprint guide, one of the most thorough and powerful Cataclysm guides available today.<br />Do you want to discover the most effective WoW Cataclysm's secret, and the fastest path trough to level 85? If yes, then I suggest you get a copy of the: Cataclysmic WOW Blueprint Guide!<br />Click here ==> Cataclysmic WOW Blueprint, to read more about this guide and start uncovering the secrets to fast leveling in Cataclysmic WoW.<br />