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Huff Post College - FAQ

  1. 1. HuffPost College FAQ What's the benefit of a HuffPost College partnership to your paper? The Huffington Post is one of the most successful new media outlets today -- and it's a model for the future of news. With more than 30 million unique visitors per month, the site is a nexus for international, national and local news, in addition to arts, culture and commentary. A HuffPost College partnership will increase the visibility of your paper and, we hope, elevate your traffic. We also want HuffPost College to be a community for college newspapers around the country -- a place for conversation, networking and healthy competition. Further, HuffPost editors are some of the most social media-savvy in the business. At HuffPost, news is social. We're committed to helping student newspapers make the most of social media to heighten their status and have their voices heard. And here's perhaps the best part -- all the work is on HuffPost's end. You'll run your paper as per usual, but with the knowledge that your content may be linked on HuffPost. How will you handle our content? A team of HuffPost editors will read your paper and other papers with which we've partnered. That team includes college newspaper editor emeritus Leah Finnegan, who ran The Daily Texan at UT-Austin; Adam Clark Estes, a Harvard alumni and former Crimson editor who heads Eyes and Ears, HuffPost's citizen journalism program; and Jose Antonio Vargas, a San Francisco State graduate and former Washington Post reporter who's now the Technology and Innovations editor here at HuffPost. We'll choose a crop of stories from your paper and feature them on the site, linking back to you as per our general linking protocol. We usually excerpt anywhere from two sentences to two paragraphs from the article -- just to get enough flavor from the story -- followed by a link back to you. The frequency with which we link to you depends solely on your content, and we do not have a set rubric for choosing articles. When and how often will you link to our news content? Depends on your content. Who owns our news content once it's on HuffPost? You do. What's with the widget? The widget is mainly a way for you to tell your readers that you're part of this program. We're flexible on where it goes on your site, and it won't be too cumbersome. Can we put content from other HuffPost College papers in our paper? No. Bloggers vs. Columnists
  2. 2. We're assembling a diverse group of student columnists and bloggers for HuffPost College. Columnists will come from student papers, and their work will be highlighted on HuffPost in a similar manner to news articles. The work will be owned by the student paper, and the HuffPost posting will link back to that paper. HuffPost College will recruit student bloggers who will write original content for HuffPost -- like other HuffPost bloggers, student bloggers will be edited by HuffPost editors. Some bloggers may write for their student papers. Some may not. Others may not even be students. All HuffPost blog content is independent of the student paper, although may be printed in the student paper with permission from HuffPost. In addition, HuffPost College will also recruit citizen journalists through our Eyes and Ears program, headed by Adam Clark Estes. How Bloggers and Columnists Are Published on HuffPost Writers are either recruited to HuffPost or aggregated by HuffPost. In terms of HuffPost College, bloggers and citizen journalists will be recruited, while columnists will be aggregated. v 2.3 updated 01/10/2010