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Huff Post College Edition - Offering

  1. 1. College on
  2. 2. The Huffington Post Is an online newspaper that combines the best news and features content from around the web with original commentary “People believe this model may fundamentally change the news business” - Time, March 2009
  3. 3. By the numbers The Huffington Post was founded nearly 5 years ago Since then, it has accumulated an audience of 28 million unique visitors per month and an active readership, who contribute 2 million comments per month (September 2009)
  4. 4. Verticals The Huffington Post already has 18 “verticals,” which function as newspaper sections They are: Politics, Media, Entertainment, Living, Technology, Style, Green, World, Comedy, New York, Chicago, Denver, etc. College will be the 19th vertical
  5. 5. The College Vertical will be A collection of the best collegiate news and feature stories from around the Web A destination for insightful, provocative blogs about college life and higher education A platform for students to voice their opinions in a respected forum
  6. 6. Why we want a College Vertical Nowhere else is the content of disparate college newspapers brought together to form a cohesive collegiate narrative People care about what happens on college campuses – their own, and those of their friends and family
  7. 7. How the vertical would work Only part of the story would be on our site, so if someone wants to read the whole story they are directed back to your newspaper’s page In return, your site will display a “Widget” listing the top five picks from the College Vertical
  8. 8. Where your content will appear Across our site In our feeds In search results across the web
  9. 9. Bloggers In addition to aggregating content from your newspaper’s site, we would be interested in having your paper’s columnists and reporters contribute to the College Vertical as bloggers They can opine on politics, fashion, campus life, what it’s like to be 22… pretty much anything on their minds
  10. 10. Eyes and Ears ears/ A network of people who respond to HuffPost’s reporting requests Covers larger areas more efficiently than one reporter could and provides access to areas far from campus
  11. 11. Summary HuffPost is creating a College Vertical, and we want you to be a part of it! If you want to, you can choose to be a part of our Eyes and Ears program and/or have your bloggers contribute directly to The Huffington Post We hope you’ll join us!