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Ungagged 2015 Las Vegas 17 SEO, Conversion & Monetization Templates


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This is my presentation from Ungagged 2015 live event in Las Vegas. It provides 17 proven templates that we used to add millions of dollars in revenue to our businesses in 2015.

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Ungagged 2015 Las Vegas 17 SEO, Conversion & Monetization Templates

  1. 1. 17 SEO, Conversion, Optimization & Monetization Templates We Used To Add $25 Million In Online Sales In The Past 9 Months Roland Frasier Digital Marketer / Native Commerce Principal @RolandFrasier
  2. 2. Strategies Driving Millions Of Website Visits Per Month 4,554,552 Monthly Website Visits From 3 Of 26 Sites
  3. 3. 12 Day Old Crafts Industry Blog From 0 To 4,934 New Users In 12 Days
  4. 4. 12 Day Old Gun Industry Blog From 0 To 41,234 New Users In 12 Days
  5. 5. TEMPLATE #1: Retargeting sequences replace opt-in + auto-responder sequences
  6. 6. Replace Opt-In Nurture With Retargeting Nurture
  7. 7. Conversion Kicker: Google “Smart Lists” For Remarketing Google Smart Lists beat our best human created custom audiences by $41.58 Revenue Per Click!
  8. 8. Conversion Kicker: Facebook Lead Ads Website conversion objective = 45% < CPL & 2x # of leads Website conversion objective = 16% < CPL & 8x # of leads
  9. 9. TEMPLATE #2: Build data-driven SEO friendly site structures
  10. 10. Data Driven Keyword Research
  11. 11. Templates 3 – 10: Create data-driven curated content quickly and easily
  12. 12. TEMPLATE #11 License content to leverage celebrity, build credibility and increase trust
  13. 13. Branded Columns Periodicals Comics News Audio & Video Public Domain Leverage Content: Content Licensing
  14. 14. Leverage Content: Branded Columns
  15. 15. Leverage Content: Branded Columns
  16. 16. Leverage Content: Periodicals
  17. 17. Leverage Content: Periodicals
  18. 18. Leverage Content: Comics
  19. 19. Leverage Content: News
  20. 20. Leverage Content: Audio & Video
  21. 21. Leverage Content: Public Domain
  22. 22. TEMPLATE #12: Outsource content creation to 3rd party sources to save time and money
  23. 23. Leverage Content: Outsourced Content 33% Increase In KW Rankings 72% Increase In Web Traffic From 0 To 51 Domain Rank in 3 Months Source: Case Studies
  24. 24. Leverage Content: Outsourced Content 4,000% Increase In Blog Traffic 100% Increase In Organic Search Traffic 200% Increase In Lead Magnet Downloads Source: Case Studies
  25. 25. Conversion Kicker: Template Videos Vs. Talking Head The template video outperformed the talking head video by 25% > conversions to interest targeted audiences, 20% to email & 15% to website audiences!
  26. 26. Tool Time: Use this tool to create Facebook and YouTube video ads without needing a degree in video editing or ever having to appear on camera.
  27. 27. Conversion Kicker: Dynamic Keyword Insertion Video Ads 1. Identify your best KWs 2. Categorize them 3. Create DKI Videos The Results: 116% > Conversions
  28. 28. Tool Time: Bulk FB ad creation Trigger ads based on weather, TV & other feeds Automate FB custom audiences Sync FB Lead ads with your CRM Dynamic keyword/image insertion ads
  29. 29. TEMPLATE #13: Create search query driven content for MASSIVE SEO benefits: 50% of total content
  30. 30. 487 Page 1 Keywords From A Single Post
  31. 31. Use SEMRush To Determine Search Intent
  32. 32. Use SEMRush To Determine Search Intent
  33. 33. What Search Driven Content To Create
  34. 34. Related Search & SERP Source To Find Content To Curate
  35. 35. What Search Driven Content To Create
  36. 36. Building A High Ranking Search Query Driven Post
  37. 37. Move Between “Web” “Videos” & “Images” To Find Content
  38. 38. “Create a list post based on 25 or more search queries for your topic. In the description for each list item include the search phrase, then link out to high authority sites with relevant content” Rank For Multiple Page 1 Keywords With 1 Post
  39. 39. Cool, But Does It Drive Traffic?
  40. 40. Summary of Template #13 Step 1: Do a Full Search for your keywords to discover your primary audience’s voice, sub-interests and niches. Step 2: Find “listicle” topics via Related Search Step 3: Create a listicle using data you discovered & link out to other people’s content on high authority domains.
  41. 41. TEMPLATE #14: Create event or trend driven content With Press Release support: 20% of total content
  42. 42. Holidays Movies Celebrities Sports Events Trendy Sayings, Phrases, Places
  43. 43. Holiday Research With SEMRush
  44. 44. Holiday Research With SEMRush
  45. 45. Export To Excel To Drill Down To Better Topics
  46. 46. Resource:
  47. 47. Use BuzzSumo To Amplify Your Viral Lift
  48. 48. Data-Driven Halloween Content Marketing Ideas Dog costumes (14,800 searches). Pet related things (products, vet services, grooming, etc.). Crafts (14,800 searches). Could apply to virtually any craft product. List of jokes (14,800 searches). Create a listicle for any niche. Masks (12,100 searches). Crafts to create masks, counseling/psychology (masks we wear). Dating (real person vs. their representative). Desserts (9,900 searches), cookies (9,900 searches) and snacks (6,600 searches) work if you do anything food related.
  49. 49. Data-Driven Holiday Content Marketing Ideas Do the same thing for EVERY holiday, sports events, movies, elections in advance Also… Celebrities… Trends
  50. 50. Use Google Trends To Find More Topics
  51. 51. Use Google Trends To Find More Topics
  52. 52. Then Use SEMRush To Find Data-Driven Topic Ideas
  53. 53. Now Tie The Data-Driven Topic To Your Niche
  54. 54. Viral Lift Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving
  55. 55. Case Study: Tie Current Events To Your Audience
  56. 56. Brainstorming + Data = Content To Create
  57. 57. Case Study: BuzzSumo Reveals Man Cave Trend
  58. 58. Case Study: Confirm Search Volume For Trend
  59. 59. Case Study: Use SEMRush To Pull Curated Content
  60. 60. Case Study: Use SEMRush To Pull Curated Content
  61. 61. Case Study: Check SERPs Until You Have Enough Content
  62. 62. Case Study: 44,884 Monthly Page Views
  63. 63. Template #14 Summary Step 1: Check calendar. Create a list of trends, holidays, sports events, celebs & industry events to create content around. Step 2: Check Google Trends/BuzzSumo for trending news/celebs/events. Step 3: Create a Google Doc for the ideas from steps 1 and 2. Step 4: Use SEMRush to find keywords/search volume & content to curate (using SERP Source). Step 5: Match your topic and theme ideas to the search data and greenlight the content ideas that best match up to the search data.
  64. 64. TEMPLATE #15: Find proven content winners and make them better: 20% of total content
  65. 65. Step 1: Find link-worthy content Step 2: Make something even better Step 3: Reach out to the right people to let them know about it.
  66. 66. Find Competitor Content With Lots Of Links
  67. 67. Find Competitor Content With Lots Of Links
  68. 68. Find Competitor Content With Lots Of Links
  69. 69. Find Competitor Content With Lots Of Links
  70. 70. Make it look better (improve design / photos / make an infographic Update it (it’s 6 years old) Increase length (make a 10 things list or 99 things) Make it more in depth (add video, more images, do’s & don’ts, etc.)
  71. 71. Now, Let’s Find The People Most Likely To Link To It
  72. 72. Paste The Article URL Into The Search Box
  73. 73. Click On The Backlinks To See The Full List
  74. 74. Export The List To A Spreadsheet To Refine It
  75. 75. We Use Excel, But CSV Will Also Work
  76. 76. Go Through The List To Find The Best Prospects
  77. 77. Send The Best Prospects An Email Like This Source:
  78. 78. Why We Want As Many Sharing Influencers As Possible
  79. 79. How do you find & persuade influencers to share your content?
  80. 80. Resource: Authority Spy
  81. 81. Use Authority Spy To Find & Content Influencers
  82. 82. Feature Them In A “Best Of” Post & Tell Them About It
  83. 83. Try Different Tools To Automate The Process
  84. 84. Case Study: DIYReady
  85. 85. Case Study: DIYReady
  86. 86. Template #15 Summary Step 1: Find high-ranking, high-search targeted keyword volume content with 100 or more quality backlinks. Step 2: Improve it. Step 3: Reach out to all the influencers who linked to the original content and let them know about your new and improved version.
  87. 87. TEMPLATE #16: Create content to acquire high value links: 10% of total content
  88. 88. TEMPLATE #17: Use BuzzSumo, Spike & the EMV calculator to “money-ball” content and ad shares
  89. 89. Use BuzzSumo To See What Content Gets Shared Most
  90. 90. Problem: Getting people to share is not easy
  91. 91. Huge SEO Benefits From Each Post
  92. 92. Fewer Posts Needed Because They Perform So Well
  93. 93. 241 Page 1 Keywords From A Single Post
  94. 94. Can a tool predict headline virality?
  95. 95. Resource: Emotional Value Calculator -
  96. 96. Resource: Emotional Value Calculator -
  97. 97. 241 Page 1 Keywords From A Single Post
  98. 98. Posts Most Shared On Facebook
  99. 99. you-be-called generator Viral Headline Generators To Cheat With
  100. 100. 1. Write at a 5th grade level 2. Keep headlines to 60 characters and ask a question 3. Use negative superlatives in headlines (“never,” “worst”) 4. Use 80 – 180 words per post 5. Use compelling photos 6. Use 5 – 8 hashtags per post 7. Post on Saturday or Sunday between 10PM – 12AM Eastern time 8. Tease but don’t give it away in share text, headline, excerpt & image 9. Don’t write anything your mom would hate
  101. 101. Video start frame action blur Big RED video play button (Wistia defaults to grey) Auto-play front-end offer / Click-to-play upsells Animated GIF (no iPhone auto-play) Don’t delay buy buttons D/L videos in iPhone format & re-upload as main video (Wistia) CTA after 10 seconds + multiple additional (like infomercials) Follow up and exit pops go to Amazon Show product and hands not people in videos 30 second “Billy Mays” style videos convert best 10 Best Practices From A TON Of Split Tests
  102. 102. THANK YOU