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Digital storytelling


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Published in: Art & Photos, Education
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Digital storytelling

  1. 1. What is digital storytelling? Digital storytelling is using technology and media to bring a story to life.
  2. 2. Reasons to use digitalstorytelling in your classroom Promote creative and higher-order thinking Increase information literacy Improve communication skills Foster teamwork and collaboration Acquire skills needed for the workforce
  3. 3. What makes up a digitalstory? computer-based images text recorded audio narration Picture from video clips and/or music. 8098/photostory.jpg
  4. 4. How long should a digitalstory be? Digital stories come in various lengths, however most of the stories used in education are generally between two and ten minutes in duration.
  5. 5. What can be the topic fora digital story? Personal tales Historical events Your community Any educational subject …basically anything your heart desires!
  6. 6. Watch this video on the evolution of storytelling: Click on link below picture to watch video: After
  7. 7. What are some programs that can be used to create a digital story?Microsoft Photo Story PhotosynthMixbook Image BlenderQuicktime iMoviePower Point MovieMaker
  8. 8. Photo used under Creative Commons from jessica mullenOriginal Photo: