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Solution for Roku error code 014


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What is 014 error code?
This error arises in general mainly because the device is unable to access the IP address from the router or the device is not able to have proper and stable communication with the router. The actual error code of this error is 014.xx, where xx denotes a numeric pair representing why the Roku is not accessing the local IP address.

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Solution for Roku error code 014

  1. 1. ERROR CODE no. 014 A common error that occurs when the internet connection gets disabled for the router. Meaning the connection that was stable while you established, now stops flowing and shows error. This can cause the device that is tuned to pop a blank screen. Roku error code 014 Even in Roku streaming devices this errors show up, sign that the connection has been lost to your streaming stick. One way to resupply the internet will be to disconnection and restating the whole setup. HOW TO CLEAR THE ROKU ERROR CODE 014 The error might clear off on its own sometimes. But this happens only if the connection has been re-established. Try waiting it out for a few minutes and check, reload the app through your remote control. If it seems that it does not get cleared, then follow along with the mentioned tricks. 1. Power off your router’s electrical supply. 2. Let it wait for about 1 or 2 minutes. 3. Do the same with your Roku as well as TV. 4. Power back on all three devices. 5. Let the device get its internet connection (Router). 6. After which, check the TV’s connection. 7. By now the internet will be reestablished. 8. Reload the page and check. ESTABLISH WIFI TO THE ROKU If all of the mentioned hacks didn’t do the work, then something must be in way of the devices WiFi’s connectivity to the TV. The Roku Error Code 014 still might appear, if the problem remains unsolved. Try checking its pathway and see if there are objects obstructing the connectivity. Simple steps for clearing IP errors 1. Check the internet activity. 2. Verify the pathway of WiFi. 3. Take out the obstructing object/objects This will almost clear the issue, if it still pertains contact us to help you out.