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  1. 1. FLAMINGO DREAMS CHAPTER 5An Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge. If you need a reminder of what has already happened, you’ll want to read the previous chapters. No summary is offered because quite frankly – even I don’t remember! On with the show then ……..
  2. 2. I swear…. It feels like we’ve been left here in limbo for ages….. Doesn’t anybody out there care anymore?It has been a long time, this is Brittany, at least I remember that much. She is the wife of Scary Dream,the final heir of this challenge. Together they have produced generation 4 which will end this challenge when they all reach adulthood.
  3. 3. “And so girls that is why we eat grilled cheese morning noon and night.”
  4. 4. Crickets chirping.
  5. 5. But uncle, the question was – why haven’t any ghosts been made during our generation?
  6. 6. Well, trying to kill off three people a generation was no party. It was a battle destined to be lost. So, the Cowforbrains ghost hunt mini-challenge was scrapped.
  7. 7. Our oldest four boys were sent off to university. Lto R: Peculiar, Crazy, Weird and Ominous. (I think)
  8. 8. Hey bro – check out the naked girl over there! Mwahahahaha………
  9. 9. She’s alright, but not as fine as the one behind you!
  10. 10. Our UniGnome still guards the uni-flamingos. 12 birds for 4 Dreams.
  11. 11. Oh cheerleader…. You’re so hot when you invite yourself in and cheer over grilled cheese sammies……
  12. 12. Boooo! Random Uni townie in a bikini – you suck!
  13. 13. First love blossoms…….. Once…….
  14. 14. Twice……..
  15. 15. Three times a lady?
  16. 16. Peculiar satisfies a want that’s been locked into his panel since teenhood and gives me “monster” number two.
  17. 17. Love watching him head to class ;)
  18. 18. .Meanwhile, back at the main house the twins became teens.
  19. 19. And synchronized ballet is the favorite pastime.
  20. 20. And another long locked want satisfied. Plus another “monster” which gives me my three! W00t!
  21. 21. Brittany is the first fun vampire I’ve had; these two crack me up when they’re together.
  22. 22. Scary then entered his twilight years.
  23. 23. Four graduations but seemingly only 3 pics. My Bad.If I recall correctly, this is Peculiar, Crazy and Weird. I believe Ominous is the one whose picture was missed.
  24. 24. I had moved in Scary’s brother to hopefully get my alien baby for generation 4 but while he wasabducted once, no lullabies when he returned with no further luck. So I turned to a different spare thatwas able to provide me with moar aliens! (Apologies, do not recall name or even gender. I think it was a boy). I don’t think it mattered that it was a spare that fulfilled this. So that’s all I got for now. Need to fire up the game and get the two girls into adulthood so I can call this done already!
  25. 25. MROW!