7 Must Read Social Media Stories


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7 social media stories about your favourite social media networks via Mashable. How will this affect how you use social media in the future?

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7 Must Read Social Media Stories

  1. 10 Facebook-Coined Terms That Changed the English Language - Mashable POKE Facebook Official wall Friend Pro Pic unfriend Like unlike Stalk tag
  2. 6 Comedians Nominate the Best Videos of the Year - Mashable
  3. in Animated Glory - Mashable “All Pinterest users can now play and pause GIFs within pinboards”
  4. for Android Updated with New Photo-Editing Features - Mashable
  5. Names Photographer of the Year - Mashable @dguttenfelder “Associated Press post allows him unprecedented access to North Korea”
  6. why Snapchat CEO rejected Facebook’s $3 Billion Offer - Mashable “Snapchat founders sensed weakness and opportunity”
  7. Complete Guide to Etiquette - Mashable are YOU PR Professionals Job Seekers Recruiters