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BABYBJORN Toilet Trainer - White/Black                                                                 Price :            ...
Toilet Trainer                                                                                                   At a Glan...
Another key design feature of the Toilet Trainer is its opening, which is wide enough for parents to help kidswipe, but sm...
Babybjorn toilet trainer   white black
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Babybjorn toilet trainer white black


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Babybjorn toilet trainer white black

  1. 1. BABYBJORN Toilet Trainer - White/Black Price : Check Price Average Customer Rating 4.7 out of 5 Product Feature q A comfortable toilet trainer that a child can sit on safely q Adjustable dial adapts to all types of toilet seats; adjusts easily and sits firmly in place q Angled splashguard makes sure nothing lands outside q Easy to remove and wipe clean q Convenient, built-in handle makes it easy to hang the trainer out of the way when not in use q Read moreProduct DescriptionLearning something new can sometimes take a while. The BABYBJÖRN Toilet Trainer makes learning to go tothe bathroom a little easier. Soft curves make the Toilet Trainer a comfortable place to sit, and it is easy toadjust to fit any toilet seat. Once the Toilet Trainer has been adjusted, children can easily put it on and removeit from the toilet seat by themselves. The BABYBJÖRN Toilet Trainer is easy to keep clean and has a built-inhandle so you can hang it up when its not in use. Read moreProduct DescriptionWhen your child is ready to transition from the potty chair to the full-size toilet, its time to introduce theBABYBJÖRN Toilet Trainer (White/Red). With its adjustable dial, this ergonomically designed trainer fits toiletseats of all sizes. Soft and comfortable, it allows children to sit for as long as they need to. A built-insplashguard minimizes messes and prevents little legs from getting pinched--a great relief to both kids andparents.
  2. 2. Toilet Trainer At a Glance: • Ages: 2 to 6 • Warranty: 2-Year Express Warranty Ideal for: • Who: Parents, grandparent, and caregivers. • What: Helps potty-training kids use a full-size toilet. • Where: Bathroom. Related Accessories: Safe Step An adjustable design allows the Toilet Trainer to fit toilets of all sizes. (Shown here in White/Blue.)Kid-friendly Seat for Easy Toilet TrainingA child is more likely to use a big-person toilet if he or she feels comfortable doing so, and the Toilet Trainer isdesigned to achieve this. Making kids feel safe and at ease, the trainers soft, ergonomic shape provides acomfortable seat without any sharp angles. However, always help your child climb on and off the toilet traineruntil it is safe for the child to do it on his or her own. The contoured curves also make it easy for kids to get onand off the toilet by themselves, helping them feel independent. To encourage this independence, a perfectaccompaniment to the Toilet Trainer is the BABYBJORN Safe Step.
  3. 3. Another key design feature of the Toilet Trainer is its opening, which is wide enough for parents to help kidswipe, but small enough to prevent a child from slipping through.Fits Toilets of all SizesNo matter how large or small the toilet is, the Toilet Trainer will fit. The trainer features an adjustable dial thatadapts it to toilets of all sizes. The bottom of the trainer has a soft rubber edge and adjustable wings, both ofwhich ensure that it stays in place securely and doesnt slide under little bottoms.Minimizes Messes with Built-in Splash GuardThe Toilet Trainer makes for hassle-free cleaning for parents and caregivers. An integrated, angled splashguard helps prevent kids from making messes outside of the toilet. This splash-proof feature translates to feweraccidents for kids, which in turn builds their confidence and makes them feel secure about using the full-sizetoilet again and again.Cleans Easily and Comes in Fun ColorsFor those family members who dont require the training seat, the Toilet Trainer has a convenient, built-inhandle that makes it easy to remove and replace. It is easily cleaned with hot water.Like all BABYBJÖRN-designed products, the Toilet Trainer has a distinctive style. Kids will enjoy the trainersrange of color combinations, which include: White with Red rim, White with Blue rim, White with Black rim, andPink with White rim.About BABYBJÖRN: Quality, Safety, and StyleWhats in the BoxBABYBJÖRN Toilet Trainer. (Shown here in White/Black.)Read moreYou May Also LikeBABYBJORN Safe Step, WhiteMom Invented Potty HookPotty (Leslie Patricelli board books)BABYBJORN Potty Chair, BlueThe Potty Stool for Toddler Toilet Training Step Stool