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Food rokia

  1. 1. Dear all,First please confirm (send me an email back) receiving this email.Attached is an examples of what to write under the part in the HELA form Topic: LondonObjectives: Students will be able to identify several landmarks (famous sites) inLondon.opening: the teacher writes on the board the word London and brainstorms studentsknowledge about London, by asking guided question she leads them to the topic Landmarks inLondonStudents watch a ppt " a tour in London"While viewing students are gven a list of sites inLondon and they are asked to tick the mentioned sites in the watched tourSumming up: theteacher gives the name of the landmark and elicits facts about the site from the students ashomework - you dont need to write about it in Tofs HELA 1.Open a word doc.2. Choose alandmark in London that you wish to visit in the future 3. go to google and find a picture of thechosen landmarkcut and paste the picture on the word doc4. write 4 facts about the chosenlandmark 5. write a sentence: why did you choose this landmarkSubjects:Health and PE, Language Arts and PhilanthropyKey Words/Concepts click to viewPurpose:The students learn about the issue of obesity through the educationalversion of the documentary "Super Size Me" and/or print information.They will understand the importance of eating healthfully and thebenefits to individuals as well as for the common good. Students willcreate a cookbook of healthy recipes to be donated to communityorganizations.
  2. 2. Duration:One 45 minute class periodObjectives:The learner will: understand the importance of healthy eating and its benefit to the common good. experience service by making and donating healthy cookbooks.Vocabulary:service: to provide a community or organization with something that it needsdonate: to give or present something, especially to a charitable organization or othergood causeobese: so overweight as to be at risk from several serious illnesses, includingdiabetes and heart disease, if action is not taken to control the weightcalorie: a unit of energy-producing potential in foodMaterials: the Eating Healthy, Eating Right LessonSummaryTo introduce the importance of eating healthy to students.Objectives• Students will get an introduction of what it means to eat healthy.• Students will learn why it?s important to eat right.• Students will learn ways they can start eating healthier foods.Suggested Grades4th Grade5th Grade6th GradeExcerpt1. In front of the class, lay out candy bars, soda cans, and any prepackaged foods such as donuts,cupcakes, or muffins.2. Now ask the class the following questions.a. How many of you eat at least one of these items each day?b. How many of you eat at least 2 of these items each day?
  3. 3. 3. Now ask, how many of you eat out at a fast food joint or restaurant at least once a day? How about 2times a week? More than 3 times?pic.http://www.an Sports EnglishTopic SportsDeveloped by English Inspectorate Development Team: Anat Goodman, Sigalit Arditi and Dr. Judy SteinerDate April 2011Grade 6Suggested Time 2 lessons Finding information online Copying and pasting pictures21st Century Skills Collaboration - working in groups Being actively involved in meaningful learning
  4. 4. Social InteractionDomains Access to Information from Written Texts PresentationPurpose of Activity Learn about different sports. Lesson 1 Teacher writes on the board the word sports and asks students to sit in groups of fo the sports they know. Teacher writes on the board the sports that each group listed Class discussion: Teacher shows pupils the first slide of the Power Point Presentatio Sports". Teacher asks the following questions: o What is your favorite sport? o How often do you practice? o Have you ever participated in a competition? Which? o What sports do you like to watch on T.V? (Instructions for Power Point Presentation: Click on the first question for other que appear.) Game: Pupils watch slides 2-13 in the Power Point Presentation and match the corrDescription of Activity sport to the animations. (Note: Click “ON” to start a game. Click on the yellow numb remote to move to the next slide. If a sport is clicked that does not match the anim word disappears. Moving from slide to slide is done by clicking on a number in the r Class survey - students find out which sport is the classs favorite. See: Sports Surve worksheet (first page). Teacher writes on the board the ranking of each group and c come to a decision about their favorite sport. Students work in groups and prepare a fact file on one sport according to guideline second page of “Sports Survey and activity 1" worksheet. Groups present their wor students present their work they can ask the class to guess which sport they wrote Lesson 2 Teacher reviews the different sports that were taught in the previous lesson. Teacher shows students the story Buzz and Bobs Big Adventure. Students work in groups and prepare a fact file on one of the sports that appeared and Bobs Big Adventure and do "Class Activity 2" worksheet. Groups present their Students are able to describe a sport in writing and orally.Students Outcomes Students make a fact file about a sport they like. Students write a fact file about a sport they would like to learn more about. They write factHomework paste pictures. See: Sports Homework worksheet.
  5. 5. Follow-Up Students present what they did for homework.Teachers Reflection Pair or Group Assignment A Country’s Identity Card 1. Click on: Internet Explorer. 2. Go into the following site ( ): Choose a country.4. Prepare an Identity Card for that country with the following information:
  6. 6. *Title-Name of country (Use WordArt)*Add the flag ( ) of the country.*Write an Introduction about thecountry.(Background)*Write about the Geography of the country: Location:________ ( ) Area: Total:_______ ( Land:________ Water:_________ Border countries:________ ( ) Climate:___________ ( )*Add a map of the country.*Write information about the Population ( )
  7. 7. Population: __________ Religion ( ):_________ Languages:________*Write information about the Government ( : Country name:________ Government type( ):__________ Capital:__________ Independence ( ):__________*Add information about yourselves. Prepared by:______ Class:____