What You Need To Succeed In Live!


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Roker Media recently had the pleasure of participating in a recent Cynopsis Media event on live
streaming. We are delighted to share with you our presentation and thoughts regarding recent developments in this new, quickly accelerating category. Please reach out to us with your questions and comments: Marketing@rokermedia.LIVE. Follow us: @RKRmedia and @RokerLabs

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What You Need To Succeed In Live!

  2. 2. LIVE is a new categoryThe missing link between television and social media is live streaming video.
  3. 3. Why go live? Live streaming video is the new must-have for publishers, brands, and marketers. •  The ultimate convergence of social and video •  An easy way to engage & enhance loyalty •  Highly effective at growing audiences •  Effortlessly shareable & easily viral •  Natively mobile and ubiquitous •  Immune to ad-blocking •  Infinitely scalable •  Cost effective
  4. 4. LIVE is global
  5. 5. Facebook vs the world
  6. 6. Planned, reoccurring, consistent, high-quality productions with TV-like characteristics Live formats programs Sports, concerts, rallies, parades, and other real-life, large-scale gatherings events First-on-the-scene, eye witness, breaking news, and trending topics NEWS & BREAKING Video selfies that connect broadcasters with audiences in meaningful 2-way conversations personal Lightning in a bottle; Buzzfeed’s Watermelon, the Trump Tower climber, Chewbacca Mom One-OFFs & VIRAL
  7. 7. Who’s There: All interests & demographics 1.79B Monthly Active Users What Works: •  Personal •  Programs •  News •  Events •  One-Offs Production Level: Simple to Pro Data & Insights: In Depth Broadcast Statistics Viewer Demographics Who’s There: All interests & demographics Periscope •  10M Users (8/15) •  2M Daily Active (8/15) Twitter •  317M Users (10/16) •  120M Unique Visitors Per Month (11/15) What Works: •  Personal •  News •  Events •  One-Offs Production Level: Simple to Pro Data & Insights: Basic Broadcast Statistics Who’s There: Young community, predominantly teenaged Live.ly •  105M Registered Users via Musical.ly •  4.6M Monthly Active est. What Works: •  Personal Production Level: Simple Data & Insights: Limited to none Who’s There: Gaming-centric community, Skews male, aged 13-34 •  100M+ Monthly Uniques •  2.1M+ Broadcasters What Works: •  Personal (Live Gaming) •  Programs (Creative & Talk) •  Events (Tournaments) Production Level: Simple to Pro Data & Insights: In Depth Broadcast Statistics
  8. 8. Personalitydriven Publisherdriven Highly Produced Simple production Platform opportunities
  9. 9. What can Live do for You? 8 $ ij Build your brand monetize endorsements Drive to action •  Enhance brand visibility & raise awareness •  Market your brand and promote your initiatives •  Grow loyal followings •  Engage your customers •  Target new customers •  Sponsorship opportunities •  Expand ad unit inventory •  Monetize social followings •  Compliment existing social campaigns with premium Live content •  Align with influencers authentically •  Encourage organic sharing •  Associate your brand with the right people & publishers •  Identify brand evangelists from your followings •  Drive to owned platforms, websites, destinations •  Offer promotional codes, limited offers, and unique incentives •  Use Live to offer previews of products, events, or content
  10. 10. 10 October 25, 2016 – New York City A first of its kind, one-day event dedicated to the live streaming eco-system. This invitation-only event featured a mix of panels, keynotes & case studies centered around everything from content creation to measurement and beyond. Key leaders from across the media, platform, brand & entertainment landscape came together for an immersive look at how live streaming is driving demand (and disruption) in the wide marketplace and in the personal lives of consumers. For more information : TheLiveFronts.com
  11. 11. 11 A shockingly real, shockingly interactive, and shockingly delicious cooking show in which host Justin Warner, prepares a full meal from ingredient to table in real-time. Viewers are invited to cook along at home, ask questions, and chill with Justin in a LIVE 2-hour, participatory experience tailored to Twitch’s community. •  Food Network Star season 8 winner •  Author of The Laws of Cooking: And How to Break Them •  Former owner of Michelin-rated restaurant Do or Dine •  Frequent judge on Food Network’s Guy’s Grocery Games •  Mentored and Inspired by Alton Brown •  Digital Native and Gamer
  12. 12. An uplifting, inspirational, and interactive talk show Equipped by: Distributed by: Brand partnerships
  13. 13. A weekly politics & business morning show hosted by political expert and Forbes contributor Carrie Sheffield, alongside singer, activist, and former Congressional candidate Clay Aiken. Bold smashes the echo chamber and gives both sides a place to be heard. •  Interactive Debate Segments •  Hosts Carrie Sheffield & Clay Aiken •  Diverse correspondents & guests •  Weekly Morning Show
  14. 14. A weekly, half hour, live streaming show on Facebook LIVE, featuring Jenny Hutt, covering top trending conversations on a range of topics from Celebrities to News, Health and Fitness, or even Politics. Jenny currently hosts a daily all-in show on Sirius XM radio’s the Stars channel.
  15. 15. Host Arthur Kade gives an exclusive VIP pass to the hottest red carpets and biggest events in entertainment.  Roker Media partnered with Behind the Velvet Rope to produce a weekly show on Facebook Live and Periscope. After 20 episodes we formed a strategic partnership with Celebrity Page, the nightly entertainment news program distributed to 70M homes through Reelz and syndicated to local affiliates including KCAL in Los Angeles and WABC in New York. We now co-produce Celebrity Page Now, the live companion to the linear program which we are also contributing to. 16
  16. 16. Promote •  Stream frequently •  Stick to consistent days/times •  Build audience habits and become part of their routines Be consistent Amplify •  Promote close to Live time •  Share to other platforms & profiles while Live •  Re-share stream and/or clips before the next stream •  Collaborate with influencers who have large followings •  Coordinate sharing from entities that have interest and audience overlaps •  Encourage viewers to share Best Practices
  17. 17. Thank you Rokerlabs.com