Are You Thinking ABout Live Streaming?


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It seems like everyone is Live Streaming these days! Whether it's Meerkat, Periscope or others, the latest wave in mobile-first engagement is live streaming.

So what is this thing? Is it social media? What platform/s do we use? Who else is doing it? Competitors? Other companies? Who knows how to do this internally? Are there any experts to call?

Yes. Roker Labs is pioneering live streaming for brands and content creators.

Want to learn more? Read the attached presentation and then reach out to us @rokerlabs and

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Are You Thinking ABout Live Streaming?

  1. 1. Are You Thinking about Live Streaming? 2015 Discussion Document from @RokerLabs Confidential and Proprietary
  3. 3. SO WHAT ARE PEOPLE ASKING ABOUT LIVE STREAMING NOW? 3 Confidential and Proprietary
  4. 4. 4 Confidential and Proprietary @RokerLabs Live Streaming Index @RokerLabs published the first-ever live streaming Index in July 2015. This comprehensive report quantified and ranked the influencers and talent currently using the Periscope streaming app within select verticals.
  5. 5.  What is this thing? Is it social media? Which platform is best?  Can I download the app and watch it on my Mac?  Who’s on it? How many people? Any shows? Any ads?  What kind of search functionality does it have? How do I find things to watch? How do I follow others?  Is it tied to my other social platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook?  Can I save my favorite shows? Share them with friends? Can I buy anything? If so, how?  Will shows be made specifically for this? Who’s doing that? 5 Confidential and Proprietary What Is the Consumer Asking Right Now? Wait. You mean this is live? I can watch and broadcast to anyone, now?
  6. 6.  I missed the YouTube wave. And this live streaming is immediate, easy and connects me directly with fans OR I want to become a BIG star in this new live channel.  How do I get started and what do I say? Which platform should I be on? All of them?  It seems like an entirely new way to monetize my fame. How can I judge my success?  How is live streaming different than other social media?  Couldn’t I just do my own show, sell my own stuff, and better dictate when and how I want to be on the air unlike TV home shopping?  I’ve seen others dabbling with Meerkat and Periscope and now Facebook. Who can I call to help? 6 Confidential and Proprietary What Is Talent Asking Right Now? I can connect live with all of my fans. That’s awesome, and scary.
  7. 7.  This Periscope/Meerkat thing is really taking off. Tons of press and social buzz.  It’s all live? Quality isn’t the best. But it might be soon.  Any numbers, demos or analytics on usage?  Any good shows yet? Big advertisers joining in? Can viewers buy stuff on it?  Are we using it yet? Any competitors other than newsrooms?  Should we develop our own programming?  This is a game changer.  What do we do next? 7 Confidential and Proprietary What Is a Network Exec Asking Right Now? Live? What? Uh oh. We better do something.
  8. 8.  What is this thing? Is it social media?  It’s live? What? How do we do that?  What platform/s do we use?  Who else is doing it? Competitors? Other companies?  Who’s our audience? Can we do shows for our customers?  Are there any numbers or analytics?  Who knows how to do this internally?  Are there any experts to call?  What’s our plan? 8 Confidential and Proprietary What Is a CMO Asking Right Now? Solving the Problem: You mean another platform we need to have?
  9. 9. 9 Confidential and Proprietary Possible Production Scenarios Practice makes Perfect. Baseline Pro Studio API FeedApp Feed Multi Site: Studio & On Location API Feed Master Control
  10. 10. 10 Confidential and Proprietary Recent Projects Testing Categories and Talent: Vine, Meerkat and Periscope Essential TV Vintage Highway Roker Labs Live From Vidcon Over 19,000,000 views! Over 19,000,000 views!
  11. 11. 11 Confidential and Proprietary Recent Programs Live Streaming on Meerkat and Periscope @Rokerlabs launched food-oriented programs in late July and August with Meerkat, featuring cooking mavens with robust audiences In The Kitchen With Plated Dining Al Fresco Cooking With Raiza Kees To Chocolate
  12. 12. 12 Confidential and Proprietary In The News
  13. 13. About @RokerLabs Thank you for your interest. @RokerLabs is located in the heart of Manhattan and is a full post-production studio. We partner with the best, brightest, and most industrious individuals and companies seeking to learn more about live streaming. We’ve pioneered innovative live shows on both Meerkat and Periscope, the two leading live streaming platforms, and we’re exploring opportunities with others. The results and response from brands and viewers have been terrific. We’re on to something. And now our goal is to rapidly expand our programming offerings with leading brands and key influencers. If you’d like to speak with us about testing the waters in this new vibrant world of live streaming, please contact: Confidential - Not for distribution13