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Rojomorgan branding design espectaculos flamencos de andalucia


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This is the summary of our Drupal project work to design the catalog Andalusian Flamenco Shows, focused on brand development (creativity and design).

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Rojomorgan branding design espectaculos flamencos de andalucia

  1. 1. Brand design for the catalog of Andalusian flamenco shows
  2. 2. Abstract ● A global project of the regional government of Andalusia ● A visual identity for use in web and documents ● A new branding for flamenco
  3. 3. Briefing ● A new identity for itself ● Without falling into common topics ● Playing with simple shapes ● Elegant, modern and classic at the same time.
  4. 4. First Iteration
  5. 5. Second Iteration
  6. 6. Third Iteration (selected)
  7. 7. Versions
  8. 8. Versions
  9. 9. Finally selected:
  10. 10. Web sketch
  11. 11. web prototype (Application)
  12. 12. And that's all !!! Contact us at