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Promotion for Canada International Education in Korea

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Canada education marketing in korea

  1. 1. How to expand Canada Education in Korean Market Scott Lee author
  2. 2. Summary• Korean students have different motivation to decide study abroad from China. To understand Clients’ needs is the first step to build a strategy to increase the numbers in Canada education institutions.• Most of Korean students are dissatisfied with the performance of higher education. Many of them look for study abroad to find opportunity overseas.• Canada PSE can be alternative to Koreans but most of them enrol private ESL schools while Chinese selects universities and India for community colleges.• Canada education products should be packaged as Korean students partnership program to encourage clients satisfying their needs.• Partnership program can filtering successful candidate and transform them to useful human resource to Canada after graduation.
  3. 3. Canada’s Goal• More international students into Canada• Retain graduates with permanent residency Double the number of Korean students and increase the success rate up to 50%
  4. 4. Gap• Each country has own situation and client types• Education product must be packaged for client satisfaction• Understanding both supplier and consumer is the first step to build strategy
  5. 5. Perception Analysis on Canada ESL, high quality education Desired affordable cost safety, scenery Canada image to Koreans Discovered Client view D D D job not cheap immigration 2nd, 3rd choice
  6. 6. Perception Analysis on Korea quick ESL job finding Desired work and study immigration Korea image to CanadaDiscovered Canada view D Dhigh desire to leaving Koreaeducated resource D insufficient communication skill1 years expense absence of skill
  7. 7. Demand in Korea• High unemployment rate in young adult• Competition to higher ranking colleges• More concern on overseas jobs
  8. 8. Performance of Korean PSE• 80% to go postsecondary education• 50% of graduates are unemployed• $10,000 tuition per year
  9. 9. Korean Students in Canada• The 2nd largest int’l students in Canada• Every year, 15000 students into Canada• 70% for ESL, 10% for Secondary or less, 20% for Post-Secondary
  10. 10. How to increase Korean students in Canada?• Choose target client groups• Discover sales point• Package
  11. 11. Student type• Early students (age of 6 - 17)• University students• College students• ESL students !"#$%&()*+",,- .(&"- /%01"(,02)-• Visitor 324"(-56!+7-• Working holiday
  12. 12. ESL Students?• age of 18-35• middle class• not belong to top ranking universities• unemployed or partially employed
  13. 13. International Education Market in Korea• US is # 1 destination• Canada is one of choice as 3 or 4th with UK, Australia, NZ and China• Working holiday to Australia is popular
  14. 14. Canada, not competitive• Low living cost -> Higher CAD $ currency• Safe environment -> Similar to most western countries• Beautiful natural environment -> Students are not tourist• High quality of education -> Similar to others
  15. 15. Discover Canada• Employment - post-graduate work permit• Immigration - CEC & PNP• Next chance after Australia closed door
  16. 16. Obstacles• PSE• VISA• Culture
  17. 17. PSE barriers• Limited space for international students• High English requirement• Fewer ESL training in colleges• High English exam cost (IELTS)• Mostly long term program ( > 2 years )• No cross Canada education consultation
  18. 18. VISA• Strict exclusion on dual intention (Not allowing permanent Canadian Job after graduation)• Short internship visa available only in private ESL schools
  19. 19. Cultural barriers• Communication• Attitude• Mobility• Guardian/Mediator
  20. 20. Poor to buy education• Most Korean students (IELTS 5.5/$30,000)• Most college(IELTS 6.5/$60,000)
  21. 21. Idea• CLBA, CAEL and CanTest in Korea• Expand ESL training centre to Korea• More short term trade internship programs in community colleges• Student Partnership Program (like India & China)
  22. 22. New Goal• Double Korean students in Canada• High settlement rate• Faster study/immigration process• Place Canada as #1 destination in Korean market
  23. 23. Secure Process• Similar to student quota program• Managed Student Immigration Program• Eligibility checkup before study• Straight forward study and immigration process
  24. 24. Korean Student Partnership Program• Select potential students• Student aid program• Guide programs & college for job• Help cultural adaptation in student life• Support job search and immigration• Financial Aids
  25. 25. Financial Aids• Currently, Korean govt support $5000 each to 70,000 young adults to find oversea jobs• Canada govt can give small incentive by small amount of tuition fee off• Industry scholarship from Korean Canadian Joint Project• More short term coop or apprenticeship
  26. 26. Benefits• $ 300 million from 10,000 students• $ 4 million from English Test ($100 x 40,000 applicants per year)• $ 2 million from Program Application ($100 x 20,000 applicants per year)• $ 30 million from ESL program in Korea (20,000 students x 6 mo x $500)• 5,000 new skilled workers under 50% success rate
  27. 27. Cost• Human resource in Canada and Korea (coordinator, administrator, counsellor)• Satellite ESL schools from colleges
  28. 28. Concerns• Recruit 10,000 Korean students per year• College capacity• Program available from college• Employment support• Operating cost in Korea and Canada• Financial Aids• VISA and Immigration policy
  29. 29. Scott Lee• Career consultant / Education marketer• 416 316 3951•• Author of ‘A Hidden Card - a way to find job and study through Canadian Colleges’ (in Korean)