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An introduction to terraform


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An inroduction to Terraform, a tool that helps you deploy and change your infrastructure as code. Given at Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel libre (RMLL) 2017

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An introduction to terraform

  1. 1. An introduction to Terraform Julien Pivotto (@roidelapluie) RMLL, Saint-Étienne July 4th, 2017
  2. 2. whoami Julien Pivotto @roidelapluie Sysadmin at inuits Automation, monitoring, HA RMLL 2013 org team
  3. 3. inuits
  4. 4. Building infrastructure Cloud age Baremtal: talking to your automation tool (cobbler, foreman) PaaS: Talking to your infrastructure provider Cloud: Talking to your cloud provider Talk = Use the WebUI / API
  5. 5. Challenges of current infra Planning changes Executing changes Working together Keeping up to date (usable) inventories
  6. 6. DevOps
  7. 7. The DevOps principles: CAMS (a definition of DevOps) Culture Automation Measurement Sharing (Damon Edwards and John Willis, 2010
  8. 8. Automation Automate all the things Version Control Continuous Integration and Deployment Infrastructure as Code
  9. 9. Terraform
  10. 10. Terraform Open Source Mozilla Public License 2.0 Created by Hashicorp (vagrant, consul, packer, vault) Started in 2014 Written in Go Pluggable
  11. 11. What is terraform?
  12. 12. Terraform original goal Terraform is a tool to Build, Change, and Version Control your infrastructure.
  13. 13. Building infrastructure Talk to multiple cloud/infrasctucture providers Ensure creation and consistency Express in an API-Agnostic DSL
  14. 14. Change infrastructure Apply incremental changes Destroy when needed Preview changes Scale easily
  15. 15. Version control HCL language State file (don't store it in your git repo)
  16. 16. Terraform concepts
  17. 17. Variables Terraform takes variables as input Typed variables JSON, HCL or CLI
  18. 18. Output Output specific text, ip addresses, ... Console or JSON
  19. 19. Providers Configuration of a resource provider e.g.: cloud, dns provider, ... Often require URL, API Key, ...
  20. 20. Modules Group of resources Takes parameters Returns output
  21. 21. Plan terraform plan Creates a plan of changes required Does nothing to the infra
  22. 22. Apply terraform apply Applies a plan, make all the changes Can make the plan before if needed
  23. 23. Statefile Current know state of the infra Stored in file or externally Locking
  24. 24. Destroy terraform destroy Delete all the resources resources can be "protected" in config
  25. 25. Enough talking! Demo!
  26. 26. More! terraform's cousins: packer, consul, vagrant, vault, ...
  27. 27. Julien Pivotto roidelapluie Inuits Contact