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An introduction to Ansible


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Automation is at the heart of modern infrastructure. Ansible is a great tool to automate your routing workflows and your infrastructure.

This talk will present you the best of Ansible - how you can quickly get started and start automating your infrastructure with it.

Published in: Technology
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An introduction to Ansible

  1. 1. Ansible 101 Julien Pivotto (@roidelapluie) CentOS Dojo February 2018
  2. 2. whoami Julien "roidelapluie" Pivotto @roidelapluie Sysadmin at inuits Automation, monitoring, HA Puppet User Ansible User
  3. 3. inuits
  4. 4. The DevOps principles: CAMS (a definition of DevOps) Culture Automation Measurement Sharing (Damon Edwards and John Willis, 2010
  5. 5. Automation Automate all the things Version Control Continuous Integration and Deployment Infrastructure as Code
  6. 6. Ansible Open Source Infra as Code by Red Hat
  7. 7. Ansible concepts Inventory List of hosts Variables
  8. 8. Playbook List of plays Play List of things to do on some servers
  9. 9. Role Tasks, templates, variables,... Task List of modules to apply Module What ansible can manage and how
  10. 10. Demo: Inventory Inventory file List of hosts Groups Variables Variables outside of inventory
  11. 11. Demo: Modules Stop a service with ansibe cli (ntp) Install / remove a package with ansible cli (ntp)
  12. 12. Demo: Playbook Simple play with tasks Install ntp and start the service
  13. 13. Demo: role Role that installs ntp Starts the service
  14. 14. Demo: role Create a role with ansible galaxy Start httpd Variable to start and stop Override var in inventory
  15. 15. Demo: other features Take the httpd Add a template Restart with a template
  16. 16. Demo: other features Take the httpd Add a template Restart with a template
  17. 17. Demo: Ansible vault Create a vault password Put it in a file Encrypt/Decrypt secrets
  18. 18. How to organize your ansible tree "Best practices" in the ansible documentation Do not pout everything in one play - no fun and slow
  19. 19. Ansible is not enough Using ansible alone from a server is not reliable No knowledge sharing High risk of errors
  20. 20. Git Using SCM enables you to code review Test accross multiple env Have consistency across environments
  21. 21. Jenkins Using CI tools enable you to secure ansible Make it more accessible Consistent ansible runs
  22. 22. Demo: git and jenkins
  23. 23. Conclusion Ansible is powerful It is simple and easy to learn Better used with SCM and CI tools
  24. 24. Julien Pivotto roidelapluie Inuits Contact