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How to store school classroom headphones


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How to store school classroom headphones

Published in: Education
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How to store school classroom headphones

  1. 1. How to store school classroom headphones Childrenuse school headphonesonadailybasis.Teacherspurchase andstore theirownstudent headphonesathome ina classroom.Butwhat if youhave trouble gettingyourstudentstowearthe rightheadphones? I knowthis,because manysmall kidsdonotlike totake off theirheadphoneswhentheyare doing somethingfunlike watchingtelevision.If theyare the onlyoneswearingtheirheadphones,the entire classwill be forcedtoparticipate. Nowthat's not to sayyour childwon'tenjoydoingwhattheywantto do,but havingtheirown headphonesgivesthemthe feelingof being"in"the learningenvironment.Theycaneventrythe extra benefitof tryingnewthingsif theycan'tseemtofindthe headphones.Thisis agreat time foryour child to expandtheirlisteningskills. Havingyour ownstudentsathome can alsobe a problem, asmanystudentsmaynot feel comfortable wearingyourbrandof headphonesbecausetheyfeel theyare beingtargetedbybullies.If yourstudent has to wearany headphonesatall,itshouldbe acheap pairof genericearbudsthatyoucouldgetyour childat any local store. Cheapearbudsare easiertoinstall,buttheydon'tlastlong.You will have toreplace themsoonenough, as theywill eventuallygetruined. Your studentshouldbe wearingearplugseveryday,evenduringclassroomactivities,asmostteachers will have astudentmonitorthem.Fora studenttofeel confident,theyneedtobe able tokeeptheir ears safe andclear. If you have small childreninyourclass,thenthisissue canevenmake ithardto be quietinquietclasses. Because the soundwill travel fromclassroomtoclassroom, andthere are dozensof studentsineach class,it can be extremelydifficulttofindaquietspace that the teacherdoesnot have toshout to get the attentionof all the students. You have twooptionswhenyouhave topick headphonesforyourstudent.The firstistotell themto use theiroldearbuds,orthe secondisto buybrand new studentheadphones. If your studentshave neverusedheadphonesbefore,youwill have toteachthemhow to use them.You shouldhave a fewpairsineachpair of earbudssothat yourstudentcan try themout until theylearn howto use themproperly. As fornew school headphones,whichare inexpensive,youcaneasilypurchase several new pairsof cheapearbudsand letyourstudenttrythemout intheiroldschool headsets.Thisissomethingthatcan be done withheadphones,aslongastheywere notmeantforsports or otherloudsituations. Evenif you have oldschool headsetsandyoujustneedtogetrid of them, youcan easilybringyourold headphonestothe local electronicsstore tobuya new pair.It is alsoa great ideato keepafew setsof classroom headphonesinthe same room where youkeepyourchild'soldearbuds.
  2. 2. Since manystudentshate wearingtheir school classroomheadphones,theyare quicklygettingtiredof beingsingledoutforwearingthe wrongheadphones.If youthinkaboutit,theycan wearthe old earbudsthat are no longergood,or theycan have a new pair putin.