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Justification report


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Justification report

  1. 1. WritingJustifications
  2. 2. Justification ReportsOften are initiated by the writer ratherthan requested by the readers.Often written to justify changes in policyor procedures.Can be written as a proposal, but makethe recommendation “obvious.”
  3. 3. Justification Reports MustAnswer:“ Why Should We?”
  4. 4. State the Purpose orthe ProblemIn One or Two Sentences, MakeYour Recommendation and StatePossible Benefits.
  5. 5. Advantages:Point out savings or advantages here,but save your explanation for thediscussion section.
  6. 6. Methods or Procedures:Explain how your suggestion can beimplemented.Show how many people will beinvolved, how much time it will take,what the costs would be, etc.
  7. 7. ConclusionsList your conclusions, but save thedetails for the discussion.
  8. 8. DiscussionThis is the lengthiest portion.Provide details,(numbers, amounts,names etc).Provide explanations.Describe how you arrived at yourconclusion.Be precise, impartial, and organized.
  9. 9. Sample Format:Subject:Purpose:Cost and savings:Procedure:Description of project:Possible disadvantages:Conclusions:Discussion of conclusions:
  10. 10. The AssignmentWrite a justification for either your bossat work, the administration of yourschool, or your parents to justifychanges in policy or procedure you feelshould be made.