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Mirah Hospitality Brand Profile


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Mirah Hospitality Brand Profile

  1. 1. Mirah Hospitality is a comprehensive, end-to-end service provider & Leading player in the Indian f & B and Hospitality sectors. The Brand is the synonymous with trust, quality & Consistency. From a sports bar, cafe, healthy Lebanese & an authentic India thali to lifestyle resorts, gourmet Italian & epicurean desserts – Mirah Hospitality covers the entire spectrum, making it a unique & unparalled brand
  2. 2. •Mirah has grown from a single brand to an empire of over 100 outlets across 20 Indian cities in such a short time. •Mirah is enriching the socio-cultural fabric of the nation by raising the standards of the culinary and nightlife experiences. •Whether it’s the food on your plate or the pillow of your choice in your hotel room, there’s thought behind every Mirah brand.
  3. 3. Gaurav joined Mirah Group in 2005 And almost immediately, he began treading his own path and founded the hospitality division of the Mirah Group. Gaurav took over a hotel property in Lonavla after seeing immense potential in it and rebranded it Citrus, making it the first significant acquisition for the group, after Rajdhani. From here began a landmark journey that saw, in a matter of just a decade, Mirah grow into becoming one of India’s largest hospitality brands under Gaurav’s able leadership. His aggressive approach to growth, keenness in investing in human resources and breeding a positive work environment is the reason why the group is one of the most sought-after employers. Gaurav Goenka Managing Director
  4. 4. •Amit brings with him almost 2 decades of dedicated hospitality experience. He has worked with some of the leading brands in the past, in India and overseas, making his experience well rounded and global. Amit, VP – FB Division at Mirah, envisions every aspect of the brands and gets them executed with flair. His education in Hotel Management and Catering Technology, followed up with a Diploma in Sales and Marketing Management from Cambridge (UK) gave him a great platform to start with, which he rapidly built on with his work experience. An avid biker, Amit enriches his work with his world travels. Amit Jambotkar VP F&B Division
  5. 5. The United Sports Bar and Grill
  6. 6. The United Sports Bar and Grill  A High Energy Youth Bar.  The coolest hangout place in the city, with the best offers and game viewing experience!  The United Sports Bar is beyond just a sports bar. It’s a versatile watering hole where you can have a drink, catch up with friends, have a good meal and generally unwind. There are giant screens that help you make the most of a game night. The vibrant food and drinks menu ensures that there’s never a dearth of options to choose from. The lively environment warrants that you’re always in good company. And the well-trained staff will make sure you are always comfortable. At United, the focus is firmly on an exciting experience. Whether it's a game night or just another weeknight, there are always exciting offers, great vibes and swooning music to lighten up the mood. In cities that are constantly craving for spaces where one can unwind after a long day, United is a versatile, much-needed modern hangout place. No matter whom you choose to celebrate a meal with, United is where you want to be for a good time!
  7. 7. The United Sports Bar and Grill •Thane-Viviana Mall: 108 Covers. •Ghatkopar-R-City : 128 Covers
  8. 8. The United Sports Bar and Grill
  9. 9. The United Sports Bar and Grill
  10. 10. The United Sports Bar and Grill
  11. 11. The United Sports Bar and Grill
  12. 12. The United Sports Bar and Grill
  13. 13. The United Sports Bar and Grill
  14. 14. The United Sports Bar and Grill
  15. 15. The United Sports Bar and Grill
  16. 16. - Current Offers. The United Sports Bar and Grill
  17. 17. - Current Offers. The United Sports Bar and Grill • 12 to 8 pm. • Buy One Get one on all products. Not valid on 90 ml, buckets, Towers & Cocktail Pitchers Happy Hours • Mon - Thurs: 299 + taxes , Fri - Sun: 399 + taxes. • Add starters (1veg. & 1 non-veg.) at Rs. 100 + taxes Lunch Buffet. • Every Friday, 9.30pm onwards.Bollywood Nights.
  18. 18. - One Time Exclusive Seasonal Offers. The United Sports Bar and Grill Special Sizzlers • Sizzler Festival from 27th June to 25Tth Aug 2016 . • A special Sizzler Menu with 8 varieties of Sizzlers Salsa Workshop. • 1 Hour Fee Salsa Workshop . • 9.30 pm onwards • 14th July @Ghatkopar R city. • 25th July @ Thane Viviana Mall. Mitti Band. • Drummers & Rock Show during evening
  19. 19. - One Time Exclusive Seasonal Offers. The United Sports Bar and Grill Home Delivery Now Available. (No Discounts Avaible on Home Delivery)
  20. 20. - One Time Exclusive Seasonal Offers. The United Sports Bar and Grill Home Delivery Now Available. (No Discounts Avaible on Home Delivery)
  21. 21. - One Time Exclusive Seasonal Offers. The United Sports Bar and Grill Exclusive Corporate Discounts: • Either Discount @ 15% Flat between Mon –Thus. • Or An Unbelievable Exclusive Discount @ 50 % Flat. • Applicable On All F&B’s. Choose a day between Mon-Thus to avail this special offer. • * T&C Apply.
  22. 22. Exclusive Party Packages Corporate Offer. The United Sports Bar and Grill Exclusive Corporate Party Packages: • Come in a small group (Min 20) • Come in a Large Group for Casual Conference / Inductions /Training (Max 150 Pax for Seating) • Come Party Hard with us in Huge Crowd. (Max 300-350 Pax standing crowd.) • * T&C Apply.
  23. 23. Café Mangii
  24. 24.  A chic gourmet Italian all-day diner that’s everyone’s favorite!  The wonders of gourmet European cuisine are recreated for you right in the heart of your city at Café Mangii. Authentic, delightful European cuisine is paired with the most exotic wines, scrumptious appetizers and lip-smacking desserts. The ambience has been creating with painstaking efforts, keeping the focus on a warm, intimate environment where you can enjoy cozy meals with those who matter. A casual all-day diner that offers handpicked gourmet delicacies; Café Mangii is a versatile place to celebrate any occasion or even a casual meal-out. The food-fired pizzas are a must-have, being so authentic that you’ll be pardoned to think that you’re sitting in Rome! Your server is always happy to pair the best wines with your food order. It’s strongly recommended that you do not leave without having the café’s extremely popular coffee that is sure to top up an ideal meal on a high. Café Mangii
  25. 25. Café Mangii •Powai: 112 Covers. •Khar: 44 Covers. •Orion: 96 Covers •Bangalore - UB City: 44 Covers.
  26. 26. Café Mangii
  27. 27. Café Mangii
  28. 28. Café Mangii
  29. 29. Café Mangii -Break Fast
  30. 30. Café Mangii -Food.
  31. 31. Café Mangii -Food
  32. 32. Café Mangii - Current Offers.. • Come in a bunch and avail our exclusive kitty party packages . Kitty Party • 1+1 Sangria Wines. Wednesday Women • Everyday between Morning 8am- 11am. Break Fast.
  33. 33. Café Mangii - Current Offers.- One Time Exclusive Seasonal Offers. Special Sizzlers • From 4th July – 4th Sep. Wine & Dine . • Chef Nikhil Agarwal’s Wine Tasting @ Rs 1499 / + Taxes. On 20th July. • *T&C Apply. Corporate Discounts. • 15% flat discount Mon- Thus. • *T&C Apply.
  34. 34. Thank You