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Phone gap solving mobile fragmentation problem


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Phone gap solving mobile fragmentation problem

  1. 1. PhoneGap – Solving Mobile Fragmentation Problems By Rohit Ghatol and Yogesh Patel Author of “Beginning PhoneGap”
  2. 2. 30 Minutes Presentation! Rest all Discussion! Then Quiz!!
  3. 3. Topics
  4. 4. Mobile Fragmentation
  5. 5. What is PhoneGap?
  6. 6. • What it is? Its an extensible JavaScript API Library?• What it is not? Not an UI Framework Not a Packaging Framework Not an IDE
  7. 7. Geo LocationContactsCapture Image And many more…
  8. 8. • But the catch is You still need to use - Android, - iPhone, - BlackBerry and etc Development Environment to build and package the final mobile application
  9. 9. Its available on 6 Mobile Platforms
  10. 10. Why PhoneGap?
  11. 11. Mobile Features Generic Features Coffee Coffee • HTML UI• GPS Coordinates • Login• Local Storage • Ajax Calls• Compass • Maps API• Camera PhoneGap.js PhoneGap.js PhoneGap.js PhoneGap.js . . . . . iPhone Android BlackBerry Windows . . .
  12. 12. How to use PhoneGap?
  13. 13. Heaven for Mashups
  14. 14. Understand JS Mashups• Understand Single Origin Policy• How this problem does not affect PhoneGap Apps?• Think about possibilities without the need of a server
  15. 15. Understand the Problem
  16. 16. Single Origin Policy restricts this
  17. 17. Traditional Solutions
  18. 18. Single Origin Policy JSONP makes cross domain request possible
  19. 19. PROXY MODEL Server Side Code Server is required
  20. 20. What’s different about PhoneGap?PhoneGap Apps don’t have any domain names.
  21. 21. Single Origin Policy Does not apply http://api.twitter.comPhoneGap Application HTML files have no domain name
  22. 22. Developing PhoneGap UI
  23. 23. jQueryMobileBest for Simpler only Smart Phone UI
  24. 24. Sencha TouchBest for Complex SmartPhone/Tablet UI
  25. 25. GWT• Best for CoBest Framework to build your own solutions on. Good for in house product development platform• GWT Library is available at phonegap/• mplex SmartPhone/Tablet UI
  26. 26. PhoneGap’s Plugin Platform
  27. 27. Some Exciting PhoneGap Plugin• Facebook Connect Plugin• Android C2DM Plugin• Apple Push Plugin
  28. 28. Ripple - PhoneGap Emulator
  29. 29. DEMO THIS
  30. 30. PhoneGap – Remote Debug
  31. 31. DEMO THIS
  32. 32. PhoneGap Build
  33. 33. Build on the Cloud
  34. 34. Quiz• What Mobile Platforms does PhoneGap Supports?• How many callbacks does a typical PhoneGap API required? What are these?• How do we debug a PhoneGap App deployed to mobile phone?• What is the first event fired by PhoneGap?• Can PhoneGap Apps do background processing?