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Cross platform-mobile-applications-webinar


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1. Nature of mobile application and their comparison with traditional web applications

2. Various ways of developing Mobile Application and when and why to choose on of them
1. Native
2. Cross Platform
3. Hybrid
3. Explains strategies of Cross Platform
1. Common Platform (ie, webkit phonegap)
2. Mapping Common Language to Native (i,e Titanium)
4. Talk about PhoneGap and its reach on 6 platforms
5. Talk about UI development stratergies
1. jQueryMobile
2. jQueryTouch (something like this)
3. couple of other mobile ui framework
4. GWT as an approach

6. Show application development using PhoneGap on all 6 platforms
7. Show an sample application (fairly complex) using PhoneGap
8. Talk about When PhoneGap is not sufficient, how to extend PhoneGap to build hybrid applications (part cross, part native). Take an example of an Application using jQuery as UI, PhoneGap for native calls, and PhoneGap extensions as a way of doing heavy weight lifting (think about Sync Tools like Dropbox, doing background file sync using native code and being exposed to html/css phonegap application using phonegap extension)

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  • Thanks for this representation @rohitsghatol. I'm very interested in creating cross plateform mobile app and I red in the 38th page that developper must have an experience with HTML/JS or GWT.
    Have you an application as an example of building cross applications using PhoneGap and GWT?
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