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Report on Market, Sale and Retail Division of Whirlpool

Published in: Marketing
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  1. 1. KIIT School Of Management 1 | P a g e Project report On “Market, Sale and Retail Division” Submitted by Rohit Ranjan Roll no: 1021022 Under the Industrial guidance of: Mr. Ashish Kumar Mohanta Deputy Area Manager Whirlpool Bhubaneswar
  2. 2. KIIT School Of Management 2 | P a g e ACKNOWLEDGEMENT My first experience of Internship Project on MARKETING, SALES AND RETAIL DIVISION of WHIRLPOOL OF INDIA LTD has been successfully done, thanks to the support of everyone. I would like to acknowledge all the people who have helped us in this project. However, I wish to make special mention of the following. First of all I am thankful to our Prof. Surya Mishra under whose guideline I am able to complete our project. Throughout my project he gave through instruction regarding the project and different sources. And of curse Mr. Ashish Kumar Mohanta being a company mentor he provided me all the essential information, holds the same space of honor. I am wholeheartedly thankful to them for giving me their valuable time & attention and for providing me a systematic way for completing my project in time.
  3. 3. KIIT School Of Management 3 | P a g e MENTOR’S APPROVAL Date: To whom So Ever It May Concern Subject: CERTIFICATE OF PROJECT COMPLITION Management Trainee’s Name: Rohit Ranjan Project Title: MARKETING, SALES & RETAIL DIVISION OF WHIRLPOOL OF INDIA LTD. Dear Sir, This is to certify that Mr.Rohit Ranjan was enrolled in Whirlpool of India ltd. for his Internship Project at Bhubaneswar. His project duration was from 7th of October to 15th November. His learning ability, Discipline, Punctuality, and Behavior was good. He has successfully completed the project. His overall conduct was very good. He abided by the Norms & Rules of the company. Sumanta Tiwari Business Manager
  4. 4. KIIT School Of Management 4 | P a g e DECLARATION I, Mr. ROHIT RANJAN, student of KIIT SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT, Bhubaneswar hereby declare that this project report entitled “MARKETING, SALES AND RETAIL DIVISION OF WHIRLPOOL INDIA” is written and submitted by me under the guidance of Mr. ASHISH KUMAR MOHANTA (Deputy Manager) is my original work. The findings in this report are based on the data collected by me during the course of the project. Finally, I am very thankful to Prof. Surya Mishra for his valuable academic guidance in my project work. I understand that any coping is liable to be punished in a way that the university authorities deem fit. Date:- Signature of Candidates Rohit Ranjan
  5. 5. KIIT School Of Management 5 | P a g e Table of Contents Executive Summary 5-7 Introduction 8 Scope of project 9 Objective 9 Limitation of project 10 Industry Overview 11 Performance 12 Challenges 12-13 Future in India 13-14 Growth Factors 14 Company profile 15-21 Refrigerator 23-30 Washing Machine 31-42 Microwave 43-46 Water purifier 47-49 Air conditioner 50-53 Market Analysis 54-65  4p Approach 56-57  BCG Analysis 58-59  Porter‟s Five Forces Model 60-61  Swot Analysis 63  STP Analysis 64-67
  6. 6. KIIT School Of Management 6 | P a g e Project Analysis 68-74 Conclusion 75 Recommendations 76
  7. 7. KIIT School Of Management 7 | P a g e Executive summary Whirlpool, right from its inception in 1911 as first commercial manufacturer of motorized washers to the current market position of being world‟s number one manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances, has always set industry milestones and benchmarks. The parent company headquartered at Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA with a global presence in over 170 countries and manufacturing operation in 13 countries with 11 major brand names such as whirlpool, kitchenAid, Roper, Laden etc. Whirlpool initiated its international expansion in 1958 by entering Brazil .However; it emerged as truly global leader in the 1980‟s. This encouraging trend brought the company to India in the late 1980s. It forayed into the market under a joint venture with TVS group and established the first Whirlpool manufacturing facility in Pondicherry. Soon Whirlpool acquired Kelvinator India Limited in 1995 and marked an entry into Indian refrigerator market as well. The same year also saw acquisition of major share in TVS joint venture and later in 1996, Kelvinator and TVS acquisitions were merged to create Indian Home appliance leader of the future, Whirlpool India. This expanded the company‟s portfolio in the Indian subcontinent to washing machines, refrigerator, microwave ovens and air conditioners. Today, whirlpool is the most recognized brand in home appliances in India and holds a market share of over 25%. The company owns three state of the art manufacturing facilities at Faridabad, Pondicherry and Pune. Each of these manufacturing set-ups features an infrastructure that is witness of whirlpool‟s commitment to consumer interests and advanced technology.
  8. 8. KIIT School Of Management 8 | P a g e In the year ending in March 09, the annual turnover of the company for its Indian enterprise was Rs.1,719 Crores. The company‟s brand and image speaks of its commitment to the homemakers from every aspect of its functioning. It has derived its functioning principles out of an undaunted partnership with the homemakers and thus a Slogan of “You and Whirlpool, the world’s best homemaker” dots its promotional campaigns. The products are engineered to suit the requirement of „smart, confident and in-control‟ homemaker who knows what she wants. The product range is designed in a way that it employs unique technology in a way that it employs unique technology and offers consumer relevant solutions. The basic concept of the project is on “Marketing, Sales and Retail Division.” For this I had got a training of product knowledge of wide range of the product series of refrigerators and washing machine. In doing so, it was possible to examine the consumer behavior while purchasing a product of whirlpool and its competitors. During this course of this project, I was fortunate enough to study market behavior and customer trends. My complete focus was promoting the festival offer on shop floor at Hindustan Electronics and Patra Electronics at patia .I have demonstrated the various series of refrigerators and washing machine present in the outlet and handled various queries regarding the products. I tried my best to curb over MOP violation at counter.
  9. 9. KIIT School Of Management 9 | P a g e Introduction In the present competitive world if any business organization has to survive it needs to keep an eye on various forces operating in the market. More over competitors constantly try to win over others. In the scenario, every business organization needs to monitor the changes taking place in the market so that they are not caught. Company‟s ability to maintain satisfying customer relationships requires an understanding of consumer needs. Consumer has limited time, energy and financial resources. Within the available resources, they make purchase and consumption choices as they wish. Consumer purchasing decisions take place over a period of time. The overall goal during this decision process is to evaluate various alternatives and choose the product that satisfies the consumer in the optimal way. Similarly when customers make their purchase decision they get influenced by several major factors. These factors are:  Selective retention  Selective attention  Promotion and offers  Retail executive The consumer‟s degree of interest in a production and the importance he/she places on this product determines the consumer‟s level of involvement. When customer comes for the purpose of purchasing a refrigerator, they consider many things in their mind such as capacity, storage, star rating, features, money etc. Because they know that they are purchasing a durable product and they are not going to purchase in frequently basis. .
  10. 10. KIIT School Of Management 10 | P a g e Scope of the Project  This report will help to understand the broad range of the product mix of whirlpool.  It will also explain the product line and product depth of the Refrigerator and washing machine.  This report provides a basic idea of the technology used in our product comparison to other.  It will explain “How to control the Mop violation.”  The main purpose of this internship is too aware the customers about the festival offer.  Find out the problem faced by the dealer in sales and distribution. Objective The purpose of the project is to understand the various key, external and internal variables which influence various market segments while purchasing the Refrigerators and washing machine. However the main objective of the project is:-  To get exposed the practical situations of the business.  To know how things work practically in shop floor.  To know the effect of brand value of whirlpool.  To make the people aware about the Diwali offer.  To know the various strategies used by different companies to attract consumers.  To know the consumer preferences.  To analyze the awareness among public about Whirlpool product.
  11. 11. KIIT School Of Management 11 | P a g e  To create special retention among people at shop floor through proper display.  To analyze the product features and function. Limitation of this project There is some limitation while working on this project:  The promotional activates are done only at showroom and specified dealer outlet.  Due to typical mind concept, some customer preferred low price product goods without going to their features.  Interpretation done by other Retail executive.
  12. 12. KIIT School Of Management 12 | P a g e Industry overview Durable goods are those which don‟t perish so quickly, yielding utility over time rather than at once. Examples of durable goods include electronic equipment, home furnishing and fixtures, photographic equipment and kitchen appliances. They can be further classified as either white goods, such as refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners and brown good such as blenders, cooking ranges microwaves or consumer electronics such as televisions, DVD players etc. such big-ticket items typically continue to be serviceable for three years at least and are characterized by long inter-purchase times. The Indian consumer durables segment can be divided into 3 groups: White Goods Kitchen appliances/Brown goods Consumer Electronics machines appliances fans
  13. 13. KIIT School Of Management 13 | P a g e Performance India‟s consumer durables market is riding the crest of the country‟s economic boon. Driven by young population with access to disposable incomes and easy finance options, the consumer market has been throwing up staggering figures. The Indian durables market, with a market size of US$ 37.38 billion in 2012-13, has grown by 6.1% over the previous year. In the past 10 years, global market has witnessed a surge in demand as economics such as Brazil, Mexico, India and china have opened up and begun rapid development, welcoming globalization and privatization. The consumer durables industry has always exhibited impressive growth despite strong competition and constant price cutting. Given the strong correlation between demand for durable goods and income, the industry naturally suffered at the time of global melt down. However, projection of current year going forward is very optimistic, as consumers resume spending and producers lunches the affordable products to grab the new customers. Challenges The biggest threats to local industry going forward are supply –related issues pertaining to distribution and infrastructure , as well as demand issues due to hard competition form imported goods. The lack of well- developed distribution can create a challenge for the industry. In addition, regular power cuts and poor linkages make systematic production, assembly and delivery problematic. On another side demand for a brand can fluctuate due to the entrance of various MNC‟s in the same industry. Customers have increasing choice from both domestically problematic. On
  14. 14. KIIT School Of Management 14 | P a g e another side demand for a brand can fluctuate due to the entrance of various MNCs in the same industry. Customers have increasing choice from both domestically produced and imported goods, with similar features. This homogeneity makes it difficult for players to remain ahead of competition. The largest home appliances MNCs incorporated in India are Whirlpool India, LG India and Samsung India and home grown brands are Videocon, Godrej industries and IFB. Future In India India is set to undergo a major transform over the next two decades with sustained growth resulting in dramatic poverty reduction. India‟s consumer market is set to explode the next decades with total private consumption growing from $370 billion to over $1,500 billion by 2025. Contrary to popular belief, this growth will not be driven by population growth or by dramatic changes in household savings behavior, but rather almost entirely by rising incomes. The size of India‟s market will, however, still is tied closely to its large population, with average per capita consumption growing to only about $1,000 by 2025. Overall, the industry‟s future remains robust, and interested applicants will benefit from a holistic learning experience.
  15. 15. KIIT School Of Management 15 | P a g e Growth Factors Key growth drivers include:  Continued economic growth demonstrated through 8.4% CAGR growth in GDP over last 5 years.  Favorable demographics; 64% of the population in working age category.  Increasing Urbanization, nuclear families.  Increase in disposable incomes; which drives consumption.  Increasing affordability coupled with declining prices of products.  Lower consumer product penetration.  Availability of new products and technologies.  Easy financing schemes.  Increase in organized retail. 16,896 23,840 34,089 48,677 69,503 2005 2010 2015 2020 2025 Indian 's consumer market will quadruple over the next two decades Total household consumption, billion Indian rupees
  16. 16. KIIT School Of Management 16 | P a g e Company profile
  17. 17. KIIT School Of Management 17 | P a g e Our Vision: Every Home, everywhere, with pride, passion and performance. Our vision rests on the pillars of innovation, operational excellence, customer-centric approach and diversified talent. These are embedded within our business goals, strategy, processes and work culture. Pride….. In our work and each other. Passion….. For creating unmatched customer loyalty for our Brands. Performance….. That excited and rewards globally investors with superior returns Our Mission: Everyone, passionately Creating Loyal Customers for Life Our mission defines our focus and what we do differently to create value. We are a company of people captivated with creating loyal customers. From every job, across every contact, we will build unmatched customer loyalty. One customer at a time. Our Values: Respect: Great results can be achieved through relationships built on trust, encouraging diversity and making the most of every individual‟s potential
  18. 18. KIIT School Of Management 18 | P a g e and contribution. Work is only one of the elements of a fulfilling and rewarding life. Integrity: Working in a correct, responsible way is important. There is no right way of doing the wrong thing. Maintaining the highest possible standards of personal, professional and legal conduct, whilst treating the others with the utmost respect, is of fundamental importance. Diversity and Inclusion: Diversity creates value, multiple diverse points of view is the soul of innovation and the basis for whirlpool Corporation‟s success in Europe. A culture that can embrace and value diversity and inclusion motivates every individual to excel, stimulating passion and free expression of ideas. Teamwork: Working together brings pride and frees up the potential of every individual. Through collaboration and the confrontation of ideas, great results can be achieved. Spirit of winning: The awareness of being a leader generates pride and motivation to face the new challenges of the market. Our goal is to be recognized and respected as one of the world‟s best companies to work for. Slogan: “You and whirlpool, the world’s best homemaker”.
  19. 19. KIIT School Of Management 19 | P a g e The Indian Story  1987 Whirlpool and Sundaram Clayton of India enter into a joint venture to form TVS Whirlpool Limited.  1995 A majority control is acquired in TVS Whirlpool ltd. & Kelvinator of India is acquired.  1996 Kelvinator of India and whirlpool Washing Machines Ltd. Is combined to form Whirlpool of India.  1999 Whirlpool of India crosses the milestone of 1 million in sale of appliances.  2005 Registered profit & sold 1.4 Million appliances.  2009 Whirlpool 2nd largest brand in the country for refrigerators & washing machines combined.  2010 Whirlpool launches 1st 3-Door fully automatic frost free refrigerator.
  20. 20. KIIT School Of Management 20 | P a g e Product of Whirlpool India There are various products of whirlpool that influence the home appliance market or consumer durable market of India. Those products are:  Refrigerator  Washing machines  Micro Waves  Air Conditioners  Water Purifiers  Home Ups.  And various Accessories Our Competencies Understanding and meeting the customers‟ requirements and needs is a constant endeavor at whirlpool of India Ltd. By understanding the valued customers, they have a clear picture on how to serve them better by recommending the right products to them. They are also able to customize our range of Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, etc. as per their specifications. In order to fulfill all their requirements, they follow five elements of their core competence, which describes their business strategy in the best possible way. By following these elements, they have grown from strength to strength as a business enterprise. These are as follows:
  21. 21. KIIT School Of Management 21 | P a g e  Innovation  Operational excellence (OPEX)  Customer excellence  Market leadership through customer loyalty  Diversity with inclusion and core competencies. Customer Satisfaction They have a customer support Centre, which was developed to cater to the after sales needs of our clients. Through this, they can ensure their customers that even after their appliances‟ warranty period expire; they will continue to enjoy the same benefits as before. They provide them benefits such as:  Safeguarding against uncertainty and inconvenience  Safeguarding against local untrained mechanics  Safety from unexpected high repair cost  Provision of genuine spare parts  Benefit of transferable facility  Maintenance bonus  Reliability  Convenience  Assured and unlimited service  Fabulous up gradation offers  Guaranteed satisfaction.
  22. 22. KIIT School Of Management 22 | P a g e Awards and Recognition  2008 NDTV Profit Business and Leadership Award 2008 “ the best consumer Durables Company.”  2009 1. Top 20 Best Companies to work in India 2. Product of the year 2009 Frost Free Refrigerators with sixth sense and best innovative product in Refrigerator category.  2010 1. Product of the year 2010, 1-2-3 washing machine best innovative product in Washing machine category. 2. 1st India‟s best Company for leadership Development by Great Place to work. 3. Best consumer Durable Company.
  23. 23. KIIT School Of Management 23 | P a g e  2011 1. Reader Digest Trusted Brand Gold Award For Refrigerator and washing machine. 2. Whirlpool Pondicherry Washer Facility Gold Award in Economics Times Frost & Sullivan manufacturing Excellence Award.  2012 1. ICWAI National Award for Excellence In cost Management- Silver 2. Trophy for Export Excellence in EPO Service for Outstanding export performance.
  24. 24. KIIT School Of Management 24 | P a g e Chapter 1 Refrigerator
  25. 25. KIIT School Of Management 25 | P a g e Types of Refrigerator Refrigerator can be classified into three segments while keeping the needs and wants of the customer.  Direct Cool  Frost Free Direct cool : It is the basic segment. The most basic product under this segment covers almost all the features of this segment except for modular shelves, all metal door and single metallic sheet body The capacity of the refrigerators in this segment ranges from 180 Lts to 230 Lts. Refrigerators form this segment can serve a small family, small shops and can be used in offices where not much stuff is required to be stored. The basic product lie under this segment is  Masterpiece  Genius  Fusion  Ice magic Before going deep in Direct cool model, we have to understand some prefix term which is used to distinguish them: G -> Glass shelves W-> Wire shelves Q-> Quick Cool A-> Automatic P-> Power cool D-> Drawer
  26. 26. KIIT School Of Management 26 | P a g e Single Door Refrigerator Masterpiece (MP)  Available in 180 lts.  Toughened Glass shelves with extra endurance to store large containers with ease.  Jumbo Bottle Rack  Unique Health guard Door with a special anti-fungal gasket.  Stabilizer Free operation.  Extra Durable freezer Available in different colours:  Red  Grey  Wine Duet  Blue Duet
  27. 27. KIIT School Of Management 27 | P a g e  Genius (GEN)  Available in 180lts / 230lts  6th sense Technology make ice 30% quicker than any other refrigerator.  Unique Utility Drawer.  Jumbo Bottle Rack  Toughened Glass Shelves  Unique Health Guard Door with anti-fungal gasket.  6th sense Door Open Alarm  No stabilizer is required. Available in different colours:  Titanium (TTM)  Silver Oleander  Wine Orchid  Silver Orchid  Wine Exotica
  28. 28. KIIT School Of Management 28 | P a g e Icemagic (I-magic)  Available in 190Lt / 215 Lts.  Power cool zone which keeps the drinks chilled up to 12hrs without power.  6th sense technology which makes ice 40% quicker than other.  Advanced Air flow System at the back which keep the vegetable and fruits remain fresh. Sunday to Sunday.  Unique utility Door.  Toughened Glass shelves.  Twin crisper Help in stock and acsess vegetables. Available in different colours:  Red/ Grey (FIN)  Titanium (TTM)  Wine Exotica  Wine Orchid
  29. 29. KIIT School Of Management 29 | P a g e Fusion (FUS)  Available in 190Lt215Lt230Lt310Lt  6th sense technology Frost control technology defrost Itself  Twin crisper Dedicated zone for storing soft and Hard vegetables.  Unique Health Guard Door.  6th sense Door open Alarm  Wire shelves with trim.  30% less electricity consumption  Stabilizer free operation. Available in different colours:  Titanium (TTM)  Wine Orchid  Wine Exotica  Silver Orchid
  30. 30. KIIT School Of Management 30 | P a g e Double Door Refrigerator (Frost Free) Master Mind (MM)  Available in 220Lt  30:70 Freezer to Refrigerator Ratio  Toughened Glass Shelf  Chiller Keep the Dairy products  Ice Twister Store Ice and take it our easy twist Action.  Freshlock Crisper Which keep the vegetable fresh more than 40%. Available in different colours:  Cubic wine  Graphite
  31. 31. KIIT School Of Management 31 | P a g e Neo i-chill (Neo IC)  Available in 242 Lt  Deep freeze technology which controls the cold Air movement in the refrigerator. It increases the speed of the cold air and full Circulation of cold Air. 40% Faster Bottle cooling. 50% Faster Ice Making. 3times better cooling retention. 10 years warranty.  4 star energy rating. Tower cool Uniform cooling across Shelves Available in different colour:  Wine orchid  Titanium (TTM)  Blueberry  Graphite
  32. 32. KIIT School Of Management 32 | P a g e Chapter 2 Washing Machine
  33. 33. KIIT School Of Management 33 | P a g e Types of Washing Machine Washing machine can be classified into two segments while keeping the needs and wants of the customer.  Semi-Automatic  Fully-Automatic Semi –Automatic: This basic segment having two plastic drums. Different model under this segment are:  SUPERWASH  ACE  SPIN Fully –Automatic:  Front load  Top load  Fully Automatic 360* Machine Acronyms: WM-> White Magic AGIRT -> Agitator WH -> White
  34. 34. KIIT School Of Management 34 | P a g e  Ace Model (Semi-Automatic  Available in 6.5kg, 7kg and 8kg.  Stylish Aesthesis & easy of use smooth edge and curvaceous body.  Multi Utility Tray  3 wash programs: convenience to wash different kinds of load according to fabric type i.e delicate, normal or heavy.  Work Surface  Impeller removing the dirt effectively and keeping the cloth as new as ever.  Buzzer  Available in different colours: Royal Purple, Tulip Pink, Blue, Coral Red.
  35. 35. KIIT School Of Management 35 | P a g e  Spin (Semi –automatic model)  Available in 6.2kg, 6.5kg, 8kg.  Hi fibre body : shock resistant, easy to move and lasts longer.  2 wash Programs (Heavy and Normal)  Buzzer  Castors, smooth wheels that ensure easy mobility.  Easy to use control Panel  Impeller  Colour: Wine_75
  36. 36. KIIT School Of Management 36 | P a g e  SUPERWASH (Semi-automatic)  Available in 6.5kg , 6.8 kg, 7.2kg  Buzzer  Castors, smooth wheels that ensure easy mobility.  Easy to use control Panel  Impeller  Colour: Greyish Blue
  37. 37. KIIT School Of Management 37 | P a g e Fully Automatic (Top Load)  Stainwash  Available in 6.2kg, 7.2kg  Stainwash system designed to fight the most tenacious stains like tea, coffee, ketchup, ink, shoe-polish, lipstick, Wine and many more.  In-built heater  6th sense technology Adjust water level and detergent quatity.  25 wash program  Water Reuse  Speedy cycle  4 water level selection  Delicate spin  Agitronic wash system  Available in different colours:  Sparkling wine  Frosted grey
  38. 38. KIIT School Of Management 38 | P a g e  Agitronic (652SD/702SD,653H/703H)  Available in 6.5kg/7kg, 6.5kg/ 7kg.  Agitronic wash system.  6th sense technology.  Whitest white program.  21 wash program.  Steel Drum.  Water Re-use  Auto tub Clean  Delicate Spin  In built Soak  5 water level Selection  Speedy cycle  Digital Display  Magiclean Filter Available in different colours:  Wine Chrome  Grey chrome  Black chrome
  39. 39. KIIT School Of Management 39 | P a g e  Whitemagic 1-2-3nxt (622D/652D, 651S)  Available in 6.2kg/6.5kg, 6.5kg  Agipeller wash System  6th Sense technology  Aqua store  Extra Rinse  Auto –Restart  Plastic Drum  MAgiclean Filter  Water Re-use  Digital Display  Speedy Cycle  Delicate Spin  5 water level Selection  Delicate spin Available in different colours:  Frosted grey  Roseberry Diva
  40. 40. KIIT School Of Management 40 | P a g e  White Magic pro (800H, 720H, 720S)  Available in 8kg, 7.2kg  Agitator wash System  6th sense Technology  8 wash program  Extra Rinse  Auto-Restart  Steel Drum  Water Re-use  Digital Display  Speedy cycle  Delicate spin  5 Water Level Selection  Delay restart  Castor Wheel Available in different colours:  Cherry Red  White  Dark grey
  41. 41. KIIT School Of Management 41 | P a g e  360 Bloom wash  Available in 8 kg and 7.2kg  6th Sense technology Which enables the machine to sense, control And automatically adapt to everyday Washing needs.  Hot catalytic Soak Use 1/3rd of water as compared To other fully automatic Washing machines  H2 Low shower Strong hydro-shower to loosen The dirt particles  In-built Heater  Various Wash System  26 wash system Available in different colours:  Silver  Graphite
  42. 42. KIIT School Of Management 42 | P a g e Fully Automatic (Front Load) Washing machine  Sport 1072CB/1072 CW/1273 CS  Available in 7kg  6th sense Adjust, sense, control and automatically Adapt to everyday needs. Water level and detergent quantity and wash Timing and load  1000 RPM Spin Speed.  Anti-Bacterial cycle  Quick Wash  Eco Ball: this feature stops the Detergent water from entering the Pump area during the wash cycle.  Stainless Steel Drum  Wool mark  Display  Foam control  Door open indicator/Pump clean Indicator. Available in different colours:  Blue  White  Steel silver
  43. 43. KIIT School Of Management 43 | P a g e  Explore 855 LEW,1055 LCSLCW  Available in 5.5kg  800/1000 RPM Spin Speed  Large LCD Display.  Express Wash  Easy Ironing  2years of warranty  Various temperature selction  12 wash program  Anti-allergy wash: Allergy prevention Available in different colours:  Steel silver  White
  44. 44. KIIT School Of Management 44 | P a g e Chapter 3 Microwave
  45. 45. KIIT School Of Management 45 | P a g e A high-quality microwave is a multipurpose appliance addition to any eventful kitchen, allowing you to heat up the food, cook ready meals and whole dishes in a little bit of time in a usual oven. Different Category of the Microwave are:  Solo  Grill  Convention  Solo : Different Models under this are Magicook 20 BS(ELEC) 20ltr  Power levels- 400w, 550w, 700w to have more control over the speed of cooking  Express cooking- convenience for cooking /reheating  2years warranty on magnetron. Magic 20 SW(20 ltr)  Power levels- 400w, 550w, 700w to have more control over the speed of cooking.  Express cooking- convenience for cooking /reheating.  2years warranty on magnetron.
  46. 46. KIIT School Of Management 46 | P a g e  Grill model : VT 265 (Grill+crisp) 25ltr  25L Capacity with 280 mm Rescued Turntable.  3D Reflector System- DES Patent model  Crisp mode It ensures uniform top and bottom crisping.  Jet Defrost Defrost the food 7 times faster than other.  Concealed Quatz Grill MAGICOOK 20G(ELEC) 1-2-3 (20 LTR)  6TH Sense  1-2-3 functionality: press1 to choose menu from 9 categories, 2 to choose from 64 recipes, 3 to choose weight for utensils.  Unique Starter Kit  64 Auto Cook menus  2 years warranty on Magnetron.
  47. 47. KIIT School Of Management 47 | P a g e  Convection JET CHEF JT 368(31 LTR)  31L capacity with 360mm Turntable  Dual emission System :uniform heating at top and bottom.  Crisp Function: combination of Microtawa and Grill  Microtawa : Tawa that can heat up to 210 degree in just 2 minutes.  Forced Air  Jet Defrost FAMILY CHEF FT 338(27 LTR)  27L Capacity with 325 turntable  Dual emission System  Crisp Function  Forced Air  Jet Start  Jet Defrost
  48. 48. KIIT School Of Management 48 | P a g e Chapter 3 Water purifier
  49. 49. KIIT School Of Management 49 | P a g e Latest Product added in company‟s portfolio.  RO water purifier Purafresh (6 ltr)  Power RO membrane : work till 2500ppm of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). 7 stage of purification S.A.F.E Filtration : Silver Antimicrobial Filtration Enhancer  WQA gold seal Dual water output Sleek Wall-mounted form Classic 65 (6.5 ltr)  Capacity – 6.5 ltr  5 Stage Purification  S.A.F.E filtration  WQA gold seal  Overflow protection  Water level indication
  50. 50. KIIT School Of Management 50 | P a g e UTS RO (15LTR)  High Capacity- 15ltr  High TDS Operation  High Filtration Capacity  Best in class certification  Faucet with chrome and gold styling.  Silver Impregnated post carbon filter.
  51. 51. KIIT School Of Management 51 | P a g e Chapter 4 Air Conditioner
  52. 52. KIIT School Of Management 52 | P a g e This segment which was introduced in last year has contributed least. Different category of Air conditioner:  Window Ac  Spilt Ac  Window Ac: Master mind / Deluxe  Available in 1T, 1.5T and 0.8T  6th sense Technology: Provide optimized best cooling performance and energy saving  A whirlpool design, super- efficient Japanese Compressor.  Power saver  Dehumidification mode: Reduce the moisture content in the room, maintaining the humidity, resulting comfort cooling.  MPFI Technology in Evaporator Provide high enhanced cooling capacity.
  53. 53. KIIT School Of Management 53 | P a g e  Spilt Ac FANTASIA  Available in 1.5T and 1T.  Invertor technology: Fast powerful and efficient, with 6th sense invertor technology with BDLC  20% extra cooling capacity initially for rapid cooling.  Active cooling: maintains the cooling extremely accurately to +_0.5 degree.  3D cooling Technology  Energy Saving  40% extra energy saving  Eco-friendly  Non Ozone depleting Available colours:  Gun metal
  54. 54. KIIT School Of Management 54 | P a g e 3D COOL  Available in 2T,1.5T and 1T  3D Cool Technology: Unique 3-way Air intake draws in more hot air than ordinary Acs and cools your world in 5 minutes.  Turbo cool Technology: superfast cooling , enhanced by advanced optimization of software and hardware.  MPFI Technology  Japanese compressor gives Ac longer life. Available in different colours: White, silver MAGICOOL  Available in 1.5T,1.2T and 1T  Fast Forward Cooling  6th sense Technology  Sense the temperature around you and intelligently adjusts the cooling to keep you comfortable always.  MPFI technology  Japanese Compressor. Available in different colours: Wine Red, Silver, White
  55. 55. KIIT School Of Management 55 | P a g e Chapter 5 Market Analysis
  56. 56. KIIT School Of Management 56 | P a g e 4p Approach  Product • Aesthetics (looks, color) are major considerations while purchasing Refrigerators so wide range of color should be available to fulfill the demand of maximum customers. • After Sales Service is the main attributes being looked while purchasing the product. • More features and maximum shelf space inside also looked while purchasing the refrigerator so more shelves to be provided in door side of the refrigerator so that more bottles can be kept inside it.  Price • All customers look for Value for Money. Mostly people are price conscious while purchasing the product. • Low price also acts as a social barrier as people consider low price refrigerator as a low quality product. • Price is not the major constraint if they are provided additional feature needed by the customers.  Place • Location of showrooms is not the most sought after criteria in the purchase decision because refrigerator is a high-involvement product and customers
  57. 57. KIIT School Of Management 57 | P a g e are ready to travel for purchasing refrigerators. But show room should be at such a place where other competitors are also available because people always want to make comparison. • Since India is very rich in its customs and traditions, a number of festivals are celebrated throughout the year. People prefer to do major purchases during festival and special occasions so marketer should take this as an opportunity and provide maximum range of the products.  Promotion  Focusing on the promotion element of the four Ps, good communication is the key to effective marketing. Potential customers go through a purchase cycle: pre-transactional (i.e. before a purchase), transactional (i.e. at the time of purchase) and post-transactional (i.e. after the purchase has been made). People were made aware about the complimentary gifts were given to grab their interest. .
  58. 58. KIIT School Of Management 58 | P a g e BCG Analysis Whirlpool The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix is a simple tool to assess a company‟s position in terms of its product range. It helps a company to think about its products and services and make decisions about which it should keep, which it should let go and which it should invest in further. If we look at the Whirlpool Company and analyze it with the help of the BCG matrix then we can understand the position. Question Marks Question marks are products that grow rapidly and as a result consume large amounts of cash, but because they have low market shares they don‟t generate much cash. The result is large net cash consumption. A question mark has the potential to gain market share and become a star, and eventually a cash cow when the market growth slows. If it doesn‟t become a market leader it will become a dog when market
  59. 59. KIIT School Of Management 59 | P a g e growth declines. Question marks need to be analyzed carefully to determine if they are worth the investment required to grow market share. Dogs have a low market share and a low growth rate and neither generates nor consumes a large amount of cash. However, dogs are cash traps because of the money tied up in a business that has little potential. Such businesses are candidates for divestiture. Cash Cows As leaders in a mature market, cash cows exhibit a return on assets that is greater than the market growth rate – so they generate more cash than they consume. These units should be “milked” extracting the profits and investing as little as possible. They provide the cash required to turn question marks into market leaders. Stars generate large sums of cash because of their strong relative market share, but also consume large amounts of cash because of their high growth rate. So the cash being spent and brought in approximately nets out. If a star can maintain its large market share it will become a cash cow when the market growth rate declines.  If we analyze the current position of Whirlpool we find that the market share is growing day by day. So, we can place whirlpool in the Star position. From this analysis we can understand that whirlpool needs more money to be invested in it for future growth and having a good market share to compete with others
  60. 60. KIIT School Of Management 60 | P a g e Porter’s Five Forces Model: Threat of New Entrants (Moderate):  Most current players are global players.  New entrants will need to invest in brand, technology, distribution. Power of Suppliers (Low):  Indigenous supply base limited – most raw materials are imported Power of Buyers (High):  Multiple of brands across price points-wide variety of choice for customers.
  61. 61. KIIT School Of Management 61 | P a g e Availability of Substitutes (High):  Unbranded products and cheaper imports could enter the market. Competitive Rivalry (High):  Number of well-established players like LG, Samsung  Good technological capability  Many untapped potential markets.
  62. 62. KIIT School Of Management 62 | P a g e SWOT Analysis SWOT analysis is a good tool to evaluate a product, from which we can understand what are the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of that particular product in the present market scenario. STRENGTH: that are- 6th sense technology, cooling gel, auto cooling, freshonizer, Crisp technology etc. WEAKNESS: , egment like LG. OPORTUNITY: market. In India the penetration level of white goods is lower as compared to other developing countries. . THREATS:
  63. 63. KIIT School Of Management 63 | P a g e STP Analysis: Segmentation Strategies Whirlpool has understood Indian Market very closely and has been launching products as per the requirement of the customer from different segments. Whirlpool segmented the market mainly on the basis of price and capacity. Price has been kept keeping the needs and wants of the customer and product is designed such that it is feasible to every customer. Whirlpool has segmented its refrigerators under three segments. They are:  Direct cool  Frost control  Frost free  Direct cool: It is the basic segment which covers almost all the features of this segment except for modular shelves, all metal door and single metallic sheet body. The capacity of the refrigerator in this segment ranges from 180 ltr to 230 ltr . Frost Free: This segment is known as the premier Segment. It has more features and more added values as compared to the basic segment- Direct cool. The refrigerators of this segment are more technically advanced and are aimed to reduce the frost formation in the refrigerator. The capacity of the refrigerators in this segment ranges from 180ltr to 310ltr. Frost Free: This segment is known as the Elite Segment. This is the most profitable segment from Whirlpool, which is evident from the
  64. 64. KIIT School Of Management 64 | P a g e number of models that has been introduced in this segment. The capacity of the refrigerators in this segment ranges from 220ltrs to 450ltrs .This is created for higher segment. Whirlpool introduced the technology to make the refrigerators frost free, 6th sense Tower Cooling Technology. Target customer Indian refrigerator market is valued at Rs 4000 crore. Refrigerators hold only 16% of consumer durable market that is valued at around Rs 20,000-25,000 crore in India. Its market is growing at the rate of 7-8% annually. Whirlpool‟s market target for “Direct Cool” segment is the consumers with requirement of not very big capacities i.e Households, Small Shopkeepers and Bachelors etc. Whirlpool‟s market target for “Frost control” segment is the middle class consumers who has average amount of income to dispose. The target for “Frost Free” segment is the upper class or high class consumers, which includes people with high income and also industries which requires storage capacity of more than 310 Ltrs. This is in terms of capacity and usage nature of the consumers. In terms of income capacity, whirlpool is focusing on Lower Middle class, Middle class and Higher Class segment of the society. Also Whirlpool through its advertisements has been trying to target the housewives, trying to portray as a partner in homemaking. Hence the prime target consumer for Whirlpool is Housewives.
  65. 65. KIIT School Of Management 65 | P a g e Positioning: Whirlpool has been trying to position itself as partner in homemaking. This has been pretty much evident from advertisements of Whirlpool. Whirlpool‟s advertising tagline is “Your magic is Homemaking.” This is Whirlpool‟s advertising tagline. Whirlpool‟s earlier tagline was “You & Whirlpool. The world‟s best homemakers.” It has been evolved to reflect the changed homemaker of today vs the yesteryears. Through Whirlpool‟s intensive consumer research whirlpool found that today‟s homemaker believe in having everything perfect at home and takes pride in having achieved it. She has begun to look for that something exceptional, something additional in all the brands she chooses to help her achieve that. Whirlpool, as the brand that partners to this demanding homemaker of today, call this quality of hers as „magic‟ and wish to be the home appliance brand that helps her create her “magic in homemaking”. Hence the new tagline “Yours magic in the homemaking”. Recently whirlpool India has appointed Contract Advertising to handle their business categories that are being identified for the next phase of the company‟s growth strategy. Whirlpool would be spending Rs 70 crore on advertising and promotion, around 40-45 % of this will be taken up by above the line advertising. FCB-Ulka has done path breaking work to build the whirlpool brand over the last decade. Positioning brand Whirlpool as a partner in homemaking and creating the concept of a homemaker as against a housewife, marked a shift in the depiction of women in Indian advertising.
  66. 66. KIIT School Of Management 66 | P a g e Ajay & Kajol are the brand ambassadors of whirlpool. The association came about two years back. According to whirlpool, they choose Ajay and Kajol as brand ambassadors because kajol represents what today‟s woman aspires to be- balance work and home beautifully. Her relationship with Ajay represents an ideal modern-day couple‟s aspired relationship- one of equality, love and romance. Thus, they embody the brand values whirlpool has stood for. They are an integral part of Whirlpool‟s strategy to take the brand positioning forward.
  67. 67. KIIT School Of Management 67 | P a g e Chapter 6 Whirlpool Bhubaneswar Project Analysis
  68. 68. KIIT School Of Management 68 | P a g e During Working in Shop Floor, I interacted with some customers and found out some data.  While purchasing consumer durable which parameter influences  Price  Product feature  Brand  Service  Durability Inference 1. 30% of customer gives importance to price. So it shows that Indian consumers are very price sensitive. They give more importance to price over the brand. 2. 26% give importance to brand. So price and Brand matter a lots for the costumers. And they are also want best brand in best price. Brand, 26% Product Feature, 19% Price, 30% Durability, 9% Service, 16%
  69. 69. KIIT School Of Management 69 | P a g e 3. 19% to product feature Service 16% and durability 9% Service is also a big factor for the customer they are less interested in the durability.  What made you to purchase consumer durable goods.  Attractive price  Service  Demonstration  Offers  Convenience Inference 1. Customers buy from showrooms because of the service and convenience. These are two main factors. 2. Customers are preferred to buy from the showroom because of they think that these convenient store may provide good after sell service. 3. Customer also thinks that there is more chance to bargain and they can get more discounts in these showrooms. Offers, 14% Attractive Price, 23% Demonstration , 14% Service, 27% Convenience, 22%
  70. 70. KIIT School Of Management 70 | P a g e 4. Price also a factor that attract the customer in these showrooms.  How frequently consumer change their brand  1-3 years  3-5 years  5-10 years  More than 10 years Inference 1. Customers prefer to change consumer durables within 5-10 years. In India people do not change consumer durable frequently. 2. 23% customers do not change their consumer durable within 10 year. 3. It represent that Indian consumer do not prefer to change their consumer durable frequently. 1-3 year, 4% 3-5 year, 19% 5-10year, 54% More than 10 year, 23%
  71. 71. KIIT School Of Management 71 | P a g e  Percentage of consumer prefer financial scheme  Yes  No Inference Majority of customers do not prefer any financial scheme.  Preferred brand in last purchase  Whirlpool-36%  Samsung-23%  Godrej-10%  Videocon-9%  LG-15%  Haier-7% yes, 43% No, 57%
  72. 72. KIIT School Of Management 72 | P a g e Shop floor survey 1. By calculating the display share I found that in most of store Whirlpool has 50% display share almost all categories. 2. By actual monthly sale of particular store I came to know the capacity of the store and how much product can they sale. 3. There is no problem after sale service as compared to other brands. 4. Whirlpool is no1 in DC, SA, and FA in Bhubaneswar market. 5. In Bhubaneswar there is high growth of sale in market due to booming in new technology and better service. 6. Word of mouth plays a vital role in awareness among customer. Thus is one factor, which can play a good role in promotion of products as well as demonstration given by shopkeeper also plays a vital role for customer. 7. Mop violation is still there, Dealer is selling their product below MOP price. 8. The Top competitor of Whirlpool in Bhubaneswar is LG and Samsung. 9. Festival offer play a major role to lure the customer.
  73. 73. KIIT School Of Management 73 | P a g e AIDA MODEL : The AIDA model encapsulates this sequence and can assist in the planning of any communications campaign: A – awareness/attention - Making the consumer aware of the product‟s offer and getting their attention. I had made people aware of the product offer which was only given by Whirlpool itself. I – interest – Generating interest in the product/service on offer. I had made people know about the new features and technology. D –desire – Through awareness and interest, I had created the customer desire for Direct cool refrigerator and Semi –automatic washing machine. A –action – Stimulating the target to purchase the product/service. Many customers have been impressed with the product and service offered and they have made their decision. I am able to sale 2 semi-automatic Whirlpool (ace 6.5kg,7kg) and 1 Fully automatic (Top Load) and 1 Neo i-chill.
  74. 74. KIIT School Of Management 74 | P a g e CONCLUSION Through this project I got to know many things that are related to the purchase of a refrigerator and washing machine, excepting this I got to know the various other brand home appliance products available in Hindustan electronics like washing machine, micro wave, and air conditioners etc. and I also got to know the customers and selling & marketing concept at Bhubaneswar city. Consumer acceptance on price of the product: In a country like India where every customers are price sensitive, it is not easy to give them price satisfaction specially when they buy a frost free 300ltr and above capacity refrigerators ,but they can be impressed by better product with better technologies. The entry of Whirlpool India Ltd is enabled with better technology like flexi chill, 6th sense technology, tower cooling etc. give them satisfaction about the product. However, the customers do comparison while purchasing double door Frost Free refrigerators. Example- NEO I-CHILL in the market which I would like to mention, those are as follows:  Whirlpool NEO IC255 TCG4 Capacity-242L, BEE rating- 4, Frost Free, Price- Rs20,900 , 6th sense Tower cooling, Deep freeze Technology, Quick Chill Beverage zone, Ice Twister.  Samsung RT26FAJSABX Capacity- 253L, Bee rating-5, Frost free, Price- Rs19,400,Cyclopentane Insulation, Digital Inverter Compressor, Moist Fresh Zone, Easy Slide Out, Multi Storage Basket, LED Light, 2nd Veg Box.  LG GL-255VTG5 Capacity-240L, Bee rating- 5,Frost Free, Price- Rs19,400, Cell Fresh Crisper, Anti Bacteria Gasket, Humidity Controller, Vogue Handle Type, Vogue Handle Type.
  75. 75. KIIT School Of Management 75 | P a g e Recommendations and Suggestions 1. Festival offer do not help to generate so much sells but they should be conducted regularly. This help in generating awareness regarding the product in customers which ultimately help in sales. 2. Display should be increased “JO DIKHTA HAI WO BIKTA HAI”. There is competitive marketing. LG, Samsung and Godrej all are doing aggressive promotion. 3. Company should focus on FF (Frost Free) and A/c segment. Branding and promotion should be done effectively as it creates a long lasting image in the mind of customers. 4. Company should try to improve service. No doubt the company products have technically edge over competitors but in long run it may hamper the company‟s profit. 5. Service arrangements need to be strengthen, still people thinks that because the company is having the foreign origin and it is new too, if they will purchase any product they will face service problem in future. Customers coming from rural areas are not aware of the service call center facilities and don‟t know how to do it. It needs to bring aware ness. 6. Any one accepts that as fully fledged brand, whirlpool can only compete with Korean giant Lg and Samsung. Product lines and variants in the refrigerators should be increased to give wider option to choose from to the customer because Whirlpool refrigerators could be proved as a benchmark product for whirlpool because of its unique differentiation with others.