O J Quiz Club- Prelims by Rohit Nair


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Saturday Afternoon Fever- Quiz prelims set by Rohit for internal quizzing

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O J Quiz Club- Prelims by Rohit Nair

  1. 1. Welcome to The Business Quiz
  2. 2. Content by Rohit Nair - Quintessential Theory
  3. 3. QMs are allowed to copy content.. There will be no TM infringement. Mummy says its good to share knowledge
  4. 4. Enuf of talking.. Without further aDO, lets just DO...
  5. 5. Prelims - A shady affair
  6. 6. Inception: 1963 Official Address: No.51, 1st Cross, J C Road, Bangalore - 560 027 1
  7. 7. John Walker was an English chemist from Stockton-on-Tees, who in 1826 accidentally invented this widely used product by mixing potash and antimony. The first recorded sale from his store was 7 April 1827. He refused to patent his invention preferring instead to pursue his scientific studies. What’s the product? 2
  8. 8. This term is derived by shortening the Latin word which literally translates to ‘The document having been seen’. What term? 3
  9. 9. 4
  10. 10. The company's global headquarters are located at 1241 East Main Street in Stamford, Connecticut, with international offices in Los Angeles, New York City, London, and Toronto. The company was previously known as Titan Sports, Inc. before changing to its present one. What are we talking about? 5
  11. 11. The three dots on their box represent the first three stores of this famous food brand. The founder had planned to add another dot for each new restaurant that opened, but given the rapid rate at which he opened new stores, that quickly became impractical 6
  12. 12. This brand was founded in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb, on commission of the United States Air Force. In 1999, Bausch & Lomb sold the brand to the Italian Luxottica Group. Their most famous models are Aviator and Wayfarer. Which brand? 7
  13. 13. In 1833 Marcus Samuel opened a small shop in London, selling seashells to Victorian natural history enthusiasts. It soon became a thriving import-export business. On a visit to the Caspian Sea coast, Marcus’s son recognized a huge opportunity to export oil for lamps and cooking to the Far East. Which company’s history can be traced to the above incidents? 8
  14. 14. The literal translation of this brand/company is "Essence of Taste", used as a trademark for the company's monosodium glutamate (MSG). This company currently produces around 33% of the world's MSG. Which company? 9
  15. 15. Scorite, Matchcast, Startrek are all softwares by a Bangalore based company whose logo is given below. Which company/ who heads this company? 10
  16. 16. This production house recently/always in the news was founded in 1994 by a merger of television production companies owned by Joop van den Ende and John de Mol 11
  17. 17. Which high profile gentleman’s son Massimo runs an office in Bangalore which advises the Luxemberg based firm Clubinvest on business opportunities in India? 12
  18. 18. 13
  19. 19. What is the corporate significance of the precious stones Vaidurya (Cat's Eye), Hira (Diamond), Panna (Emerald), Gomedh (Hessonite), Neelam (Sapphire), Moti (Pearl), Pukhraj (Topaz), Manik (Ruby), and Munga (Red Coral)? 14
  20. 20. Amritsar- Saharsa was the first one to be rolled out. This has been followed by Nizamuddin- Chennai, Nizamuddin- Bandra and Nizamuddin- Patna. And now there are quite a handful. What are we talking about? 15
  21. 21. Available in 6 flavours ; Frito Lay’s decided to name which snack food brand the Hindi word for ‘Crunchy’? A Special Edition flavour, Jaljhalo Hit was released as a Pujo Special for Durga Puja last year. 16
  22. 22. 17
  23. 23. The way in which Frank Robinson wrote the name of a product was so elegant and original, it was decided to use his handwriting for the logo of the product. Name the product that even today uses Robinson’s script as its trademark. 18
  24. 24. The logo of this company symbolizes its desire to expand. The ovaloid shape indicates the company's global expansion and the slanted, stylized 'H' is symbolic of two people (specifically the company and customer) shaking hands . Which company's logo am I talking about? 19
  25. 25. 20
  26. 26. This Rs 8000 crore venture was described by some as ‘ India's largest surrogate advertising campaign ’ and had to receive a go-ahead from the Information and Broadcasting Ministry before it was launched. Name the venture 21
  27. 27. 22 Home  > Perceptions Vs Facts This is how the homepage of http:// www.askvishy.com / starts. Which company has launched this site?? (which obviously deals with comparing its performance with that of its competitor’s)
  28. 28. 23 This is my subtle way to make you laugh! If you haven’t got it et, lemme ask you to think ‘LATERAL’ Connect
  29. 29. Shadiness over.. Time for a bit of Sunlight! Go light your smoke.. 15 mins break. Stay for the finals.. Only cowards cant face defeat!!