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Ibs Bangalore Prelims Mitesh


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IBS Quiz Bowl Prelims Complete by Mitesh

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Ibs Bangalore Prelims Mitesh

  1. 1. ICFAI Business School Presents The Business Quiz PRELIMS ANSWERS Quizmaster – Mitesh Agarwal
  2. 2. Preliminary Round Format  36 Questions in the Prelims  Top 8 teams in the finals  Qn 29 is a Short Visual Connect  Prelims scored carried as is to the finals  Qns 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 are starred (to be used in case of a tie)  If a question has 2 parts – each part is worth 1 point & not half
  3. 3. In 1984, Richard Saul Wurman & his partner Henry Marks started this venture by including demos of the newly released Macintosh computer & Sony Compact Disc. However, since the venture never made any money, the person in the picture below (who is often mistaken to be another famous person in a similar field) took over as “curator”. Which “venture” ? 1
  4. 4. TED (TECHNOLOGY ENTERTAINMENT & DESIGN) now run by CHRIS ANDERSON (The Sapling Foundation). He is often confused with the other Chris Anderson famous for The Long Tail & being the editor of Wired Magazine. 1
  5. 5. It is believed that the 16 yr old son of King Hima was doomed to die on the fourth day of his marriage by a snake-bite. So, on that day, his worried wife lighted innumerable lamps all over the place. She also laid all the ornaments and lots of gold and silver coins in a big heap at the entrance of her husband's room. She went on telling stories and singing songs through the night. When Yama -arrived there in the guise of a Serpent, the dazzle of those brilliant lights blinded his eyes and he could not enter the Prince's chamber. So he climbed on the heap of the ornaments and coins and sat their whole night listening to the melodious songs. In the morning, he quietly went away. So what is celebrated as a result of this? 2
  6. 6. The wife saved her husband and since then this day of came to be known as the day of "Yamadeepdaan" and lamps are kept burning throughout the night in reverential adoration to Yama, the god of Death – Being the 13th day – it is called - Dhanteras 2
  7. 7. His job description is that of an IT Procurement Manager with the specialization "Statistical analysis and data reconfiguration", a job which he thoroughly loathed. Once jokingly called a transponster & an accountant, he coined a couple of office slang words "WENUS" (Weekly Estimated Net Usage Systems)and "ANUS" (Annual Net Usage Statistics). Finally managed to quit his job and worked as a freelance writer, specializing in comics. Who are we talking about? 3
  8. 8. Chandler Bing 3
  9. 9. What iconic brand was sold by General Motors to the Chinese company Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery for a paltry USD 150 million on Oct9, 2009? 4
  10. 10. Hummer 4
  11. 11. Dotted for your answering Pleasure! What is represented (2 word answer please)? 5
  12. 12. Bubble Sort procedure bubbleSort( A : list of sortable items ) defined as: do swapped := false for each i in 0 to length(A) - 1 inclusive do: if A[i] > A[i+1] then swap( A[i], A[i+1] ) swapped := true end if end for while swapped end procedure 5
  13. 13. 2 Parts (1 point each) Identify her and her most famous role? 6
  14. 14. Kavita Choudhry as Lalitaji 6
  15. 15. What purple & gold colored entity is named after this? 7
  16. 16. Golden Chariot named after the Stone Chariot in the Vithala Temple at Hampi. It is marketed by The Luxury Trains, whereas The Mapple Group handles the hospitality services on the train. The Golden Chariot offers accommodation in 44 cabins in 11 coaches that are named after dynasties that ruled the region: Kadamba, Hoysala, Rashtrakuta, Ganga, Chalukya, Bahamani, Adil Shahi, Sangama, Satavahana, Yadukula and Vijayanagar. The train offers a 7-day/8-night tour of Bangalore, Kabini, Mysore, Hassan, Hospet, Badami and Goa, before returning to Bangalore. 7
  17. 17. Known in India for a more eclectic brand of confectionary, which Italian confectionary giant owns the brands below? 8
  18. 18. Ferrero 8
  19. 19. Connect French for “FASHION NEWS” with the video. PrelimsVideoconnect.mp4 9
  20. 20. Depeche Mode means Fashion News or Fashion Update. Depeche Mode is named after the magazine and that name roughly translates as Fashion News. The video featured the band Depeche Mode 9
  21. 21. This song played extensively in 2005 thanks to a bitter dispute. What was this about? 10
  22. 22. PrelimsVideo-10Ans.mp4 10
  23. 23. ID or tell us the eponymous company? 11
  24. 24. Konosuke Matsushita 11
  25. 25. Written in a mock 19th-century style and illustrated with 19th-century engravings from Punch, a British humorous magazine, the book was an instant hit. The author’s corollary stated: …“The cream rises until it sours.” Although he applied the concept first to the educational world with which he was familiar, it was not long before industrial organizations realized that it applied just as well to many of them. Identify the book? 12
  26. 26. The Peter Principle – by Laurence J Peter & Raymond Hull. 12
  27. 27. This company once owned iconic brands like Burger King Pillsbury although they were in a different field of business. Their name is formed from the Latin word for day and the Greek world for World, symbolizing the use of the company's brands every day, everywhere. Which company? 13
  28. 28. Diageo Latin for Day – Dia Greek for World - World 13
  29. 29. Who came up with this ad & when? (no part points) 14
  30. 30. 14
  31. 31. This Indian entity named their second best known product after the Marathi word for ‘rabbit’. This was an ambitious attempt at brand extension considering their mascot for the more famous product was a rabbit. 15
  32. 32. Sri Mahila Gram Udyog famous for Lijjat Papad named SASA Detergent powder (their brand mascot is a Rabbit) 15
  33. 33. If it is Dalal Street for BSE, Wall Street for the NYSE, what is it for the London Stock Exchange? 16
  34. 34. Throgmorton Street 16
  35. 35. What portmanteau word is used when co-workers sit around trying to figure out who is at fault for a missed deadline or botched project. Example - “The client wasn’t happy. You know the boss will want to have a _____________________ session.” 17
  36. 36. Blamestorming (Blame + Brainstorming) 17
  37. 37. Bird & Company – a large shipping conglomerate (now part of the Orissa Mineral Development Corp) has decided to relist on the Calcutta Stock Exchange this year. When listed it will be the most valued stock on the exchange (Approx Rs. 20000/- per share). Which one time freight executive (circa 1967) was their most famous employee? 18
  38. 38. Amitabh Bacchan (Big B) 18
  39. 39. ‘The Impossible Project’ is a scheme to reinvent which iconic product in the world of photography after the company ceased its manufacture? 2 word answer please 19
  40. 40. The aim is to re-start production of analog instant film for vintage Polaroid cameras in 2010. Instant Cameras 19
  41. 41. Shown is the Highest denomination ever of currency note (100 million billion – i.e. 1020) published and put into circulation by which country? 20
  42. 42. Hungary Magyar is fine 20
  43. 43. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the smallest advertisement ever was of the size 100 micron X 100 micron placed on the knee-band of a bee in the year 2000. This was to launch a particular web site. Which one? 21
  44. 44. 21
  45. 45. This country became the first nation in the world to declare the Right to Broadband Internet as a basic constitutional right. Which country? 22
  46. 46. FINLAND 22
  47. 47. What idea now popular thanks to the advent of Linux/Wikipedia/Apache/Java etc was theoretically conceived by British scientist Francis Galton in 1906 at a country fair where approx 800 people were asked to guess the weight of an ox? All of them were off the mark but their average was just 1 pound lower than the correct answer. 23
  48. 48. Crowd Wisdom manifesting itself as Crowd Sourcing 23
  49. 49. Who is set to become the world’s first “Carbon Billionaire” by investing in green companies / green enablement companies like Silver Spring Networks? 24
  50. 50. Al Gore 24
  51. 51. Which institution was founded by William Patterson in July 1694 to bailout William & Queen Mary when they were loaned 1.2Million Pounds? 25
  52. 52. Bank of England 25
  53. 53. 2 Pointer. This was the first Ad thanks to a guy named Matt Harding who went around the world doing this dance step. Part A – Advertiser Part B- What was unique? Prelims Video-1.mp4 26
  54. 54. Part A – VISA Part B- First Youtube Video to become an ad Visa marketing executives saw this dance viral video on YouTube and invited Matt Harding to actual go around the world filming various people doing the dance step. This is considered one of Visa’s finest ad campaigns. 26
  55. 55. Logo design contest – The only criteria is - You have to use the rocket-ship! Prize - Get $500, a ticket to the Worldcon and signed Neil Gaiman books (American Gods,  Coraline , Fragile Things & A Study in Emerald) Judges are Neil Gaiman, Chip Kidd, Geri Sullivan and Irene Gallo (art-director for Tor). Logo for what? 27
  56. 56. Hugo Award Surprisingly uninspiring IMHO 27
  57. 57. When he switched to his eventual profession in 1955, he was India’s highest paid advertising creative director. As a visual desginer he designed covers for many books, including Jim Corbett's Maneaters of Kumaon, and Jawaharlal Nehru's Discovery of India. Who are we talking about? 28
  58. 58. Satyajit Ray 28
  59. 59. PRELIMS SVC 6 Visuals connected by a theme Not Exhaustive If you Guess in first 3 visuals, +2 (negative 2) If you Guess in next 3 visuals, +1 (negative 1) Please write the Theme in the box provided (Qn Number 29) Do not shout the answer out – The Theme is Written No need to identify the individual visuals 29
  60. 60. SVC1
  61. 61. SVC2
  62. 62. SVC3
  63. 63. Write you Guess for +2 (negative of 2 if u get it wrong) and call for a volunteer
  64. 64. SVC4
  65. 65. SVC5
  66. 66. SVC6
  67. 67. Write you Guess for +1 (negative of 1 if u get it wrong) and call for a volunteer
  68. 68. And the Theme is…
  69. 69. Many banks in post-Renaissance Europe issued small, porcelain "borrower's tiles" to their creditworthy customers. Like credit cards, these tiles were imprinted with the owner's name, his credit limit, and the name of the bank. Each time the customer wanted to borrow money, he had to present the tile to the bank teller, who would compare the imprinted credit limit with how much the customer had already borrowed. If the borrower were past the limit, the teller did something to ensure the status was updated. This practice led to a commonly used business word. Which term/word? 30
  70. 70. The teller "broke" the tile on the spot. Hence the usage of “Going Broke” 30
  71. 71. Originally started out as a tractor building company in the Italian village of Sant'Agata Bolognese. However, the founder‘s priorities changed when he went to meet Enzo Ferrari at the Ferrari factory to complain about the quality of the clutch in his Ferrari 250. It has been acquired by Chrysler and Megatech and is currently owned by Audi. Which brand? 31
  72. 72. Lamborghini 31
  73. 73. Their tagline for over a 100 years has been Note by Note quality Endorsed by legends like Marcus Robers, Harry Connick and Bill Charlap, it has 12000 parts, 115 different patents and needs atleast 450 people to assemble. Which brand/company? 32
  74. 74. Steinway Pianos 32
  75. 75. These are the 5 parameters for ? * The quality of the products * The mastery of flavor and cooking * The "personality" of the cuisine * The value for the money * The consistency between visits 33
  76. 76. Michelin Stars 33
  77. 77. Who has named his latest venture after the type of a multi-hulled country boat as used by the fishing community off the southern coast of Tamil Nadu? 2 parts – Name him & the venture? 34
  78. 78. NR Narayanamurthy – Catamaran Venture Capital 34
  79. 79. Identify the speaker. 35
  80. 80. Malcolm Gladwell 35
  81. 81. Identify this economist who had long predicted the US financial crisis. 36
  82. 82. Nouriel Roubini 36
  83. 83. Time for the Finals