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Hiring process Management


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Hiring process Management

  1. 1. For Hiring Managers Copyright Rohit Massey/
  2. 2. TheBasics Before you employ- Employ the Right Frame of Mind!!Copyright Rohit Massey/
  3. 3. Are you hiring because you were hired to hire!? Copyright Rohit Massey/
  4. 4. Growth of the business Expansion Plans Changing job roles Attrition Promotions Cost Cutting TheReasons Copyright Rohit Massey/
  5. 5. GetSet! …Is the required skill set for the vacant position? …kind you people do I need to fill up the place? Copyright Rohit Massey/
  6. 6. TheClearlyDefiningof…  The scope and limitations  The responsibilities and accountability structure  Requirements in terms of performance  Remuneration  Perks and rewards  The most suitable person  The level of education required  The degree of distinctive skills  Technical parameters  Behavioral parameters Copyright Rohit Massey/
  7. 7. Onyourmarks! How do I get people to… •Find out about the position •Apply for it and finally •Appear for the interview Copyright Rohit Massey/
  8. 8. TheProcessDefinition  Defining the process, it’s origin, it’s end point and all the middle phases.  Selection of media/ media mix  Publication of advertisement  What to show and what to hide  The transitioning  Delegating responsibilities  Co ordination with the various departments of the organisation Copyright Rohit Massey/
  9. 9. TheFinishline …Do I shortlist? …Do I interact? …Do I finally hire? Copyright Rohit Massey/
  10. 10. TheFinalSelection  Screening  Short listing  Interacting with potential employees  Evaluating on the basis of skills and compatibility  Financially negotiating  Reference checks  documentation Copyright Rohit Massey/
  11. 11. IsitaboutaPleasantPersonality? 7 out of 10 people are hired on the basis of their Social Representation Copyright Rohit Massey/
  12. 12. ThePermises Time Budget Resources Copyright Rohit Massey/
  13. 13. Thank you Instructors’manualavailableataminimalcost #999-777-4338 Copyright Rohit Massey/