Group 15 - Connection between SEO & SMM


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Connection between Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing

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Group 15 - Connection between SEO & SMM

  1. 1. 1 Group 15 Maitreyee Apte 13143 Vignesh Varadarajan 13188 Rohit Kalla 13365 Brahm Prakash Srivastav 13213 Booppathy Sundararaj 13317
  2. 2. Search Engine Optimization• Process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engines un-paid search results.• In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engines users• Basically improves a website’s interaction with search engines and hence users.
  3. 3. SEO & Social Media• Integration of social media ratings into their algorithms• Combination of content and recommendation• Social Media traffic – Strong indicator of relevance Useful Content Users Users Users UsersUnreachableCommunity Unreachable Community
  4. 4. The Connection Between SEO and Social Media 4
  5. 5. Integrating social media and SEO• Google confirms that social signals directly influence search results and Facebook and Bing entering a direct partnership. In other words, if a piece of content receives a lot of tweets, facebook likes and +1s, it’s likely to rank better for particular search queries.• Even more, social media content appears directly within specific search results. For example, when you search for “how to make cupcakes,” you can notice that 2 YouTube videos made it in the top five results
  6. 6. Ways to integrate social media and SEOHave a fully active social media presenceMake sure that you’re active on the social media channels, posting newand fresh content in the form of articles, videos, pictures, etc. on aconsistent basis.Link your website to your social media profiles•Linking to your social media channels directly from your website is agreat way to turn casual shoppers into fans and followers.•It is important that to see any SEO gains from your social efforts, you’llneed to have a captive audience to consume and share your content.•For instance, add links back to your website from each of your socialprofiles.
  7. 7. Ways to integrate social media and SEOMake it easy for people to find/share your content•If shares directly impact search results, getting more shares is the name ofthe game. This means that you need to make it as easy as possible forothers to share your content via social networks.•You can do so by adding social share buttons to your product pages andusing social plug-in on your blog
  8. 8. Ways to integrate social media and SEOEncourage people to share and engage with your content•Again, the idea here is to move people from just observing your content to actuallyinteracting with it. To do so, you can implement simple calls-to-action (CTAs) thatencourage people to like, tweet, share and discuss your content.•For example, after posting your latest YouTube video to Facebook, give users a CTAdirectly in your timeline message, like this:
  9. 9. Ways to integrate social media and SEOAdd your content to social bookmarking sitesSharing your content to social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon,Reddit and Pinterest presents an opportunity for a completely new set ofusers to see your work. This is a quick and easy way to drive traffic back toyour site and social channels while making your content much easier toshareCreate content that people actually want to shareNo matter how many tips and tricks you use, the key to a happy SEO andsocial media marriage revolves around quality, relevant content. In otherwords, no one will share your content just because you optimize it and add afew share features here and there. Instead, you need to create a variety ofcontent pieces that are of interest to your users. Doing so will naturally leadto more social shares and higher search rankings
  10. 10. Ways to integrate social media and SEOApply SEO insights to social media, and vice-versa• You can learn a lot about what people are interested in by diving into your Google Analytics. Namely, you’ll want to see which keywords are most popular in driving traffic to your site and identify long-tail keywords that are high converters. After that, you can create content that directly targets those keywords.• Or, if you’re looking to better optimize a piece of content, you can use keyword research tools (try Google’s Keyword Tool) to find additional keywords to target. For example, if you are writing a piece that focuses on “how to make cupcakes,” these keywords might also be useful to include in my post:
  11. 11. Facebook Graph Search – A Blend of SEO and Social11Media
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