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Mission 3 - Lets Get Eventful


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This was the third week task for the FBPay Ambassador Internship Program aka "Firestarters". Interns were asked to set up their own sale through FBPay and actively market it.

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Mission 3 - Lets Get Eventful

  2. 2. How eventful was last week? Time for YOU to spice things up with FBPay MISSION 3 - EVENTFUL!
  3. 3. This week is all about organizing your very own event, marketing it, and selling it... all to have fun with your friends. Alright alright, stop asking questions in your head, we have a full on plan ready for you! It’s just that you have to customize it according to what could suit you the best and what your friends love to do. You see, every product/service caters to the need of the market they are targeting at. Explore the Power of FBPay
  4. 4. How to Complete the Task Need a fun time with your friends? Let’s look at the possibilities of all that could be done! a) Event - An event like watching IPL match with your friends over at your place. Or perhaps a dinner. Or probably you recently downloaded 300 part 2 and your friends are dying to see that. Just call them over and have a fun time.
  5. 5. b. Workshop - Look through yourself, firestarters. What are you good at? What is the one thing in you for which your friends would only come to you and seek advice/suggestions. It could be with gadgets/technology like tricks and tips for android. Or if you know photoshop, you can help your friends to get started with it, or it could be just normal dance classes because you know your moves just right 4160 How to Complete the Task
  6. 6. c. Party - It could be a chiller scene or a proper party. Get your close friends to come at a nearby lounge/cafe. You probably can give a theme to your party, a theme you find the best, after all it’s your party, your rules. How to Complete the Task
  7. 7. d. Product- From a chillum (customized by you) to a piece of your own art (it’s ok, if isn’t that artsy) [Examples – chillum, battees] Once you have decided what you want to do, the next step would be to create your event’s page on facebook. #tip – Make it look exciting to your viewers. Put yourself in their shoes while creating the event. How to Complete the Task
  9. 9. This whole step is about setting up an event at I know most of you have done that as part of our secret mission but it’s our job to create a set of guidelines to make it a lot easier for all of you because yeah we love you! Set up an Event
  10. 10. 3. Setup your sale with payment options, watch this video for more - 1. Create an event on Facebook for whatever sale you want to run, be sure to add a cool image! Set up an Event 2. Login to FBPay and let it sync with your facebook account
  11. 11. a) Be sure to select the right type of payments, either multiple price for tickets or open payments for contributions b)Add all the questions you want to ask your customer while the payment. The questions which are already there in the table are compulsory Set up an Event
  12. 12. c) Add in your communication details. And in the box below create the content which the buyers would see in their confirmation email when they make payments d) The third segment is Review & Activate. Click activate to make your event live and to be able to start collecting payments! Set up an Event
  13. 13. Now your event is all set up on Facebook and FBPay. But the game isn’t over’s time to market your event/product! No matter what you’re doing, knowing how to sell and market something will be important in life, so pay attention! When we are talking about marketing, always think about the people who could be your potential customers and who is your target market. Set up an Event
  14. 14. So make a list of people whom you’d like to invite. Invite them from the facebook event page that you have created. Since they are your friends be a bit more personal, call them up and ask them to join. Create an exciting whatsapp message describing your event, give details about the timings and send it out in bulk to your friends. Use the same content and send it out via emails as well. Just keep spreading the word on any platform. Also, you can make your facebook status about it and tweet about it. Set up an Event
  15. 15. Optional : And we can help you in making it more interesting. Send us your designs requirements and we can come up with a fancy image that you can share it on different social media platforms. Set up an Event You just have to be extra creative for this, make use of the words that would best describe your event and make it look more interesting and exciting! Congrats in advance! Your event is about to be a success! All steps done and you guys are good to go. And we have something in store for you all as well.
  16. 16. PRIZE! PRIZE!
  17. 17. The most exciting event, well planned and marketed will get straight 2K from FBPay to make your event more a- happening!
  19. 19. And guess what you are not alone in this one. Even Dhruv, Rohit and I are organizing an event next week, and will be following the same steps. The well thought event, well marketed, so you can always look into what we are upto and hell yeah you all are invited for all the events!