How to sell Products Online through FBPay


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FBPay ( is built on top of Facebook Events, but that doesn't mean you can't sell products, services, or collect funds. This guide shows you step by step how to setup a product sale on FBPay.

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How to sell Products Online through FBPay

  1. 1. Setting Up a Product Sale January 27, 2014! Please do not share this document without prior approval from FBPay!
  2. 2. In this guide you will learn how to create and setup a product sale on FBPay Total  'me  to  complete         5  Mins   For the final products and a live buyer page see:! ! ! The example we used was a flash sale of two products. Keep products limited for best results. !
  3. 3. PreWork! ! To set up a product really fast on FBPay complete these steps first:! ! 1.  Have some great pictures of what your selling
 ! 2.  Post these images up on your page.
 Here we have an album created with our sale items 
 ( 1dIfqvS)" 1! 2!
  4. 4. Signup! Just a one time quick setup via FB ! ! 1.  SignUp/Login at
 ! 2.  Agree with Terms and Conditions and Connect with your FB account
 ! 3.  Accept both permissions. FBPay NEVER posts without asking you first. The requests are solely to be able to pull in your FB events" 1! 2! 3!
  5. 5. Create! Now its time to get the sale going!! ! 1.  After “Syncing with Facebook” you will see your Event Dashboard. Click Create Event**! ! 2.  Fill in the details to create your event sale (see next slide)! " **Currently FBPay is built on top of Facebook events. Therefore every sale also exists as an event that will live on your FB page or profile or group." 1! 2! Alterna'vely  you  can  first  set  up  the  event   on  Facebook  and  then  login  to  FBPay.  This   step  will  already  be  complete!    
  6. 6. Anatomy of a Event Sale! Be  sure  to  select  where  you  want  this  sale   categorized.  Is  it  your  Page  or  your  Profile  or  a   Group  you’re  a  part  of?  Most  common  is  a  Page   Will  become  the  'tle  of  the  Sale  so  keep  it  short  and   to  the  point     Details  should  give  everything  you  can  about  the   sale.  Keep  it  up  beat  and  with  lots  of  incen'ves  to   buy     Loca'on  is  op'onal  but  if  your  shipping  is  limited  to   a  certain  area  it  might  be  useful  to  indicate  here     The  FBPay  page  created  for  this  sale  will  exist  as   long  as  the  event  hasn’t  finished.  So  either  set  just  a   start  date  or  add  an  End  date.  Either  way  as  soon  as   the  later  one  has  passed  the  page  will  become   deac'vated.  The  start  date  must  be  set  tomorrow  or   later.     The  image  is  extremely  important,  take  'me  on  this   and  be  sure  to  op'mize  the  image  at  850px  width   and  315px  height       All  of  these  details  can  be  edited  on   Facebook  aUerward.  FBPay  will     automa'cally  sync  every  'me  you  log  in    
  7. 7. Setup (1)! Here’s the real FBPay part, get prices and data going! ! 1.  Create your buyer link by adding a relevant extension (be sure to click Save)
 ! 2.  Select “Multiple Price”
 ! 3.  Enter each product into the table (be sure to click Add)! ! We’ll be able to edit price details later if we want" 1! 2! 3!
  8. 8. Setup (1)! 4! Here’s the real FBPay part, get prices and data going! 4. Decide on whether the customer will pay the transaction fee or you will absorb it! ! 5. Add in custom details, all of this you will collect from your customer. Get creative but be sure to collect shipping address!! ! Custom Questions are editable after Setup, however Processing charges will not be" 5!
  9. 9. Setup (2)! Final bits to give the customer a little more detail about yourself! ! 1.  Be sure to select again who the page or profile will be in the Name field. Enter whatever you want for Email and Phone (only email will be shown to customers)
 ! 2.  Customize the receipt sent to every buyer by entering your own custom message
 ! 1! 2!
  10. 10. Setup (end) ! Review your details and Activate!
 After activation the following things can NOT be edited:! •  Shortlink text! •  Who pays the Processing Charge! ! ! ! ! ! NOTE: If you click Activate and you get a Facebook error popup please try again. On occasion this process may fault due to internet connection. !
  11. 11. ALL DONE! ! You now have an active sale. Details have already been posted to your FB Event. All sales will be driven to the link in the top right (circled in red) 
 ! Spread the link all over the web, to your website, twitter, instagram, emails, etc.
 ! Visit this Manage page anytime you want to see your sales in Real Time and make any edits. !
  12. 12. BUYER PAGE! Buyers  do  NOT  have  to  be  logged  into   Facebook  to  access  the  buyer  page.  Hence   you  can  send  the  link  anywhere!   Buyers can purchase extremely quickly by just selecting what item they want, entering personal info, and then paying by credit card/debit card/ net banking (not shown)!
  13. 13. On FB
 After an event is activated on FBPay you will see the following updates to the event on Facebook. 
 ! •  Get Tickets link added (only for events hosted by a page)! •  Description gets a payment link added as well! ! Now if you want to edit details like Description, Date, Title, Location, or the Image do this on FB via the Edit Event button. Then just log back into FBPay and the buyer page will be updated automatically!!
  14. 14. On FB
 Go back to those images you posted about the products being sold. Open the image and click EDIT. ! Update those images! Enter the buyer link in the details then click Done Editing!! !
  15. 15. Thanks!! ! Any questions email Copyright 2014!