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Anti Alcoholism Social Awareness Project


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Did this for my Social Awareness

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Anti Alcoholism Social Awareness Project

  1. 1. Subject: Behavioural ScienceFaculty: Ritu Sharma Ma’amTopic: Prevention OfAlcoholism (S.A.P.)Prepared and Presented by:Students of MJMC-1 , 2012-14
  2. 2. Compulsive and uncontrolled consumption ofalcoholic beverages.A disease or an addictive illness to be precise.People suffering from alcoholism are called alcoholics.Such people are considered unfit for the society.Alcoholics are dependant on alcohol and their health,social life and personal affairs are affected.
  4. 4. Genetic variations in about 51 chromosomescan be the reason for dependence on alcohol.At times, social elements often drive anindividual towards alcohol. Excessadvertising of pleasure drinking and that ofbenefits received through moderate drinkingcause people to start or continue drinking.Also, the emotional and psychologicalcondition of an individual pushes him or hertowards alcohol. Depression, stress, anger etc.Act as a catalyst.
  5. 5. SocialProblems Professional Problems Personal Problems
  6. 6.  The problems associated with alcohol abuse clearly outline the need for prevention of alcoholism. Luckily, there is something that one can do and get rid of this harmful habit.
  7. 7.  Learn to say ‘NO’ if you are surrounded by alcoholics. The word can do wonders if used properly. And no, it is not rude at all. If there’s a question, then you have every right to present ‘NO’ as the answer.
  8. 8.  Find a person you can look up to. This will help you by inspiring you to change. You can be your own role model and change things. Draw limits and lines, and live by them. If you have a younger brother or sister or some friend who drinks a lot. Become a role model for him or her and soon you’ll quit drinking in order to set a good example.
  9. 9. Raising awareness about alcoholism can botheducate and warn you about the ill effects ofalcohol abuse.One can simply start by sitting down with theirfriend(s) and telling them that you care.You can also join organizations, workshopsand camps related to the same.
  10. 10.  Sit down and define happiness for yourself. What is happiness for you? Getting drunk and loosing it all or staying strong and facing the challenges? Try to see beyond the obvious. Happiness comes to those who look for it. Happiness doesn’t mean that everything is perfect, it means that you have decided to look beyond imperfections.
  11. 11.  If anyone ever tells you, or your own self tries to tell you that it’s too late to start over, DON’T LISTEN. It’s never too late to set things right. Saying NO TO ALCOHOL from this very moment will always be more beneficial than submitting to it. So, say it out LOUD:
  12. 12. Thank You !! :-)