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Why Obama Won: A Gallery Of Presidential Likeability

  1. Why Obama Won How Likeability Helped Decide The 2012 Presidential Campaign From Rohit Bhargava, the Author of the Marketing Best Seller Likeonomics
  2. This election was not about the facts.
  3. something. Because there weren’t any.
  4. But people still picked their sides.
  5. While politicians divided ... and blamed each other.
  6. Voters sought new ways to find the truth …
  7. But nearly everyone ended up with the same useless conclusion …
  8. Here’s the problem: Political “facts” are not reliable because they can be biased and focus too much on logic.
  9. “In politics, when reason and emotion collide, emoti on invariably wins.”
  10. The truth is … we do business, build relationships, and even vote for the people we like.
  11. Likeability inspires personal connection, which inspires action. It is why politicians still kiss babies and show up at rallies.
  12. And the “Likeability Gap” explains why some people are inspired to do more than others … THE LIKEABILITY GAP What people do because they What people do WANT to. because they HAVE to.
  13. In a very close election, the candidate who can inspire more people to ACT (and convince others to act) will always win.
  14. In 2012, Obama won the likeability battle – which drove voters to action. Here is a gallery of moments to explain why he succeeded while Romney failed …
  15. The Gallery of Presidential Likeability DEMOCRAT A Curated Collection of Images from the Media REPUBLICAN
  16. Romney watching election results … NO IMAGE FOUND ONLINE
  17. A Short Summary Likeability was a key factor in helping Obama win re-election in the 2012 Presidential Election … and this presentation shares a side by side comparison of the candidates’ likeability through the campaign.
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